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UPND leader urges the PF Government to prepare for possible El Niño recurrence,


UPND President Hakainde Hichilema

Government has been called upon to prepare for possible recurrence of El Niño in view of the latest update from the World Meteorological Organization(WMO). The WMO has forecast a 70% chance of an El Niño weather condition developing by the end of this year.

Opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says this latest WMO update is warning for Zambia to make adequate mitigatory measures to counter the effects of the El Niño weather conditions.

Mr. Hichilema said that the UPND is therefore urging government to take practical steps in an event that Zambia experiences the recurrence of this weather conditions.

He suggested that government mops up all excess and uncollected maize and other crops around the country, at attractive prices to the farmers, and place them as strategic reserves.

In a statement Mr. Hichilema has also advised government against falling into any temptation of exporting maize and other crops as this may affect the strategic food security reserves.

Mr. Hichilema has further observed the need for Zambia to invest in better weather monitoring technology and improve collaboration with weather experts.

He says government needs to equally actively and continuously engage citizens and equip them in advance with the knowledge and consequences of such adverse weather conditions

Mr. Hichilema notes that people in the Country, on their part, should consider stocking up enough food, especially maize at household level and only sell that which is really in excess.

He has also urged them to consider venturing into drought resistance crops like millet, sorghum and cassava and diversifying their farming to livestock rearing.

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      He is now trying hard to imitate sinkamba because we've been appreciating green party's stance as opposition party. Hh you're a broken reckord already who has passed his shelf life. Just retire than to wait for another lose. Is losing election sweet to you.
    • Pharaoh's Braggadocio
      People of the land HEED. Has double h been studying METEOROLOGY or is it the reincarnation of Joseph's interpretation spirit of bwana pharaohs dream. From whose authority speaker thou double h? Once upon a time in GENESIS 41. "Now therefore let Pharaoh select a discerning and wise man, and set him over the land of Egypt. V34 Let Pharaoh proceed to appoint overseers over the land and take one-fifth of the produce of the land[b] of Egypt during the seven plentiful years. V35 And let them gather all the food of these good years that are coming and store up grain under the authority of Pharaoh for food in the cities, and let them keep it. V36 That food shall be a reserve for the land against the seven years of famine that are to occur in the land of Egypt, so that the land may not perish...
    • maloza
      PF00Ls are reaping the fruits of voting/rigging for their visionless swindler. HH warned you not to vote/rig for PF & visionless humble thief whose agenda is stealing through over-priced contracts, whilst indebting the nation with $-Billions & selling the country to Chinese. Kikikikikiki. Vipuba vina gulisa ziko ku tu ma Chinese.
    • IndigoTyrol
      HH is indeed finished. How sad that he has fallen to this level. Meanwhile, Lungu was not happy that he was the second richest man in Zambia. He has since then put that right. No one can come close to him now. Thanks to the Euro bonds and Chinese loans! Now he is dancing to dunana reverse, while eating unwashed mangoes with dirty hands.
  1. The Trumpet
    hh does it mean your business in life is to tell people that "I told you" you were not brought out well my brother hh, your heart is dark with demons
  2. Young Millionaire
    Even if you hate someone, this advice should be taken serious. I can't see anything political about this statement for people to resort to insults.
    • kci
      I would be surprised if HH starts a Church and starts talking to god using a mobile phone. He is a failed politician indeed.
    • Sharon
      Anything political, you can't see because it is hidden. UPND worshipers cannot not see through deceit, most of the time and all the time.
    • Kabu
      No, the problem is that he already the minister in Zimbabwe who announced about the possibility of elnino this coming season and then Hh wants to sound like he is the originator of the message. The man lacks originality in his messages.
  3. One Zambian
    I think Hakainde is born again He is giving advice. One can take or leave. I wonder what he thought when he heard about this El Nino (sounds like Italian food) I only heard of El Nino! By the way, there is a difference between prophesy and forecast. One is from God the other is from the natural realm. I'm a PF cadre, by the way, in case...
  4. Jay Jay
    HH continue providing checks and balances. We are behind you. The Pathetic Fools (pf) can continue hating and hurting coz they wil never reach your level.
  5. Ndanje Khakis
    Mmm that's how a citizen should behave. Having said I hasten to add that HH is playing to the gallery because government has got enough technical people to look into this. His aim is if the government controls the situation, he will turn around and say "I am glad the government heeded my advice " If the government fails he'll simply say I told them but they stubbornly refused to accept my warning.
  6. Geofrey Simpelwe
  7. kci
    So HH is the only Zambian that has heard about the WMO forecast. I am sure government has institutions in place that officially receive such forecast like the Meteorological department. The prophet of doom is just trying to prepare grounds to come and "I warned the PF" even when WMO's forecast was not public enough. HI the god of the tribe party have been vindicated Hagain.
  8. kci
    King Solomon once employed a servant whose job was to whisper in his hears whenever people praised him what a great King he was whisper "they only men, they are only men". President Mwanawasa had a body guard who will distract him whenever he off the speech. HH should employ a servant whisper "they are only tongas"!
  9. As A Zambian
    Ndanje Khakis, you should have stopped with the first sentence "Mmm that’s how a citizen should behave." Obviously the reputation of the man as a naysayer precedes him. But for once his advice MUST be heeded. To Double H, I say that is the way to go badala, we may just accept you on board, pa bwato!
  10. IndigoTyrol
    Meanwhile, Lungu was not happy that he was the second richest man in Zambia. He has since then put that right. No one can come close to him now. Thanks to the Euro bonds and Chinese loans! Now he is dancing to dunana reverse, while eating unwashed mangoes with dirty hands.
  11. pungwa
    Ba John chimfwine naimwe. Have you just resurrected or you are also recovering from a mental disorder like our slay-queen mama Sharon? Wake up..!! Kikikikiki
  12. EIB Capital
    I see nothing wrong with H.H concern, its not politically related. His just being a Zambian like all of us. Nothing for nothing if this news about the El nino is hard to swallow, just imagine you roll modern is the one updating you. Stay Safe Zambia...
  13. Advisor
    This is what we expect from an opposition leader. Offering checks and balances to the government. This must be the most mature and organized advise from HH. I even wonder why he wasted so much time destroying his name through unrealistic issues. At least now we can see that for once he cannot talk about ECL or Petition and the courts with his right to be head. Zambia has potential to grow to higher heights if we are able to put our heads together. Good advise Mr HH. That is what we call patriotism. If you continue in this way, we shall support you not to live your life as sadist, life is short.

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