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US approves funds towards expansion of access to HIV/ AIDS services for the people in Zambia

United States Ambassador To Zambia Daniel Foote

The United States government says it has approved funding which will help to reinvigorated the HIV target of having 1.1 million people living with HIV on Anti-Retroviral Treatment in the country by 2020 run from October 2018 to September 2019

Speaking during the launch of the 2018 Country Operating Plan (COP18) and the commissioning of the Kantolomba health Centre in Ndola, American Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote said the funds worth 385 million United States Dollars is meant to expand access to HIV/ AIDS services for the people in Zambia from October 2018 to September 2019.

The funds will help to facilitate bringing ART services closer to the people and also reduce on distances that people travel to access health care services and also to decongest some health facilities in the country.

Mr. Foote said that he is optimistic that the HIV epidemic will be reduced as services will be brought closer to the people as possible.

And Health minister Chitalu Chilufya thanked the US government for the support towards the fight against the HIV AIDS pandemic to the Zambian government.

“ The funding will escalate interventions in priority populations such as children, adolescent girls and young woman between the aged 15 to 24 years and men aged 24 to 35 years, “ said the minister.

Mr. Chilufya added that there is need to invest in innovations that will ensure that the underserviced population have access to HIV testing services such as self-testing, index testing and geographic focus on areas with high prevalence incidences.

The COP18 will bring about the establishment of HIV incidences surveillance systems among people newly diagnosed with HIV as this will help focus in the prevention services on specific populations thus reducing new infections and achieving epidemic control.

Meanwhile US Deputy Global coordinator Mamadi Yilla said the Presidents’ Emergency Plan for aids Relief (PEPFAR) will contribute to achieving the 90-90-90 epidemic control by scaling up successful and higher yield testing approaches in prioritised areas.


    When the World is Coming to Sub-Saharan Africa and the Us the United States appears to be leaving that is not the strategy We need more of these life Changing long-term sustainable Investments in Zambia from the US equally matching the Chinese this how it should be DISTANCING AD LEAVING A VACUUM WILL NOT HELP It will simply make the US closed up when the rest of the world is coming to sub sahara in trade and Financing keep it up ambassador F to support those many Zambians living with HIV if the outlays can be upped ad more areas of coperations are forged
  2. IndigoTyrol
    Just give that money directly to Lungu, he knows what to do with it. Now that the roofing in Swaziland is done, swimming pool is next.
    us$385million WOW ZANGENA More than what chinese gave us ku FOCAC CHONCHOLIS only gave US$60MILLION, 30 FOR MULUNGUSHI 30 FOR ELECTRICITY, US Continue then we shall chase CHINESE IN ZAMBIA as per satas campaign message
    That is not the thinking mutual partnership with respect for Investments and colors above Geopolitics and Zambia driving the sit
  5. kci
    These Bazungus should just bring back the money that they have been stealing from Africa in form of slave they got for cheap labor that developed their land. The money the been getting from the mineral and the Ivory and natural resources the stole from Africa.
  6. Victorialfalls
    Its high time Africans had sustainable solutions to its problems. Malaria is a perfect example of over funded project with little results. We have more nets than humans costing millions of dollars and still have plenty of malaria. The cost of adverts by David Berkam all that forms part of the cost despite having fake statistics. We can have many testing kits and more medication that only promote more money in pharmacist pockects. Africa we need to invest in research.
  7. Yuri
    Thanks to the us,and shame to those unpatriotic zambians who had advocated for the withdrawal of us funding after tendai biti was sent back to zimbabwe.

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