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7 Suspended UNZA students asks for forgiveness from President Lungu and the Public


Police in full riot gear keeping a watchful eye over rioting CBU students.The students earlier in the week took to the streets and blocked flow of traffic on Jambo-Drive where they placed stones and lit other objects like logs and tyres in protest against delayed meal allowances.

The seven suspended University of Zambia students that participated in a riot in June have asked for forgiveness from President Edgar Lungu.

The suspended student say they are repentant and regret their behaviour.

One of the students Richard Malambo who spoke on behalf of his colleagues also pleaded with the public to pardon them.

Mr. Malambo a fourth-year student has appealed that their suspension be lifted and promise that they will be better students.

And another student, Kakonde Muzungu said they have learnt a lot from the suspension.

And, Pillars of Peace National Youth Coordinator, Winfred Chilufya appealed to President Lungu and Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo to heed to the calls made by the students adding that their families depend on them.

The seven students include Lifuke Muyenga, Winner Mwiinga, Kerris Habwacha, Ben Muwela and Paul Mwauluka.


      My thought too. Only toongas causing troubles in the country and beyond. Either hh or upnd must be disbanded to save the shame on this tribe.
    • Ndanje Khakis
      It's a grave sin to misuse a fellow human being to achieve your ambition. All youth must learn to think of their own future instead of fulfilling other people's agenda. My brother in law died after riots on behalf of FTJ. At no time as president did FTJ ever mention my late brother in law.
  1. Kangwa
    you will never learn. In fact you need to be dismissed. Breaking cars for innocent people is unhuman. Lungu have these boys burned from UNZA
  2. Vimangeni
    Where does Lungu come in, go and make peace with the owners of the cars you stoned, who are very innocent. Its also not our fault that UNZA normally has some of the dullest students in the world.
  3. John Phiri
    Kusamwa Veeeery St.upid boys. Your Excellency just Expel them. On that material day, the Great East Road was closed and we had to start using short cuts to run away from these silly boys.
  4. Boko Haram
    Tongabezi!!!!!!!!!!!!Why are Tongas and related tribes always in problem with the Law.Do no give chance to these chaps to rule.Nkunku na Nkanga are all birds but visiyana behavior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. The great one
    To err is human, but to forgive is divine. But the bible also says that he who does not chastise his child with a rod hates that child. Let the suspension continue so that it serves as a deterrent to the would be offenders.
  6. Pinto
    Why apologize to Lungu? Is Lungu in the administration of the university of Zambia? Why is everything in zambia about Lungu? How does Lungu insert himself in every institution and its affairs? These are matters that the university must take care of. Who suspended these kids? What are they doing about the suspensions? UNZA also. The people who run it are like kindergarten teachers. Even kindergarten teachers are better.
  7. Muzungu
    Daddy Lungu forgive these beings as they thought their tribesman Hechie Hechie would come to their aid after he made them do what they did.
  8. Litinga
    What I don't understand is their suspension has to involve the president. Do we need to involve the president in such issues when the vice chancellor can handle this issue? Presidency is being lowered to handle this level of issues.
  9. Bululu
    I was a student in the early 2000s and even then I never participated in ANY riot which sometimes made some suspicious as to my identity. Those who rioted and stoned cars often reasoned that those who don't are spies (mmd spies at the time). I think STIFFER punishment should be imposed on riotous students. These should PAY for the repair of cars and any property they damaged and then they should be forgiven BUT be expelled should they ever riot again.
    Send those chaps away forever. They thought it would "cho chise" as they knew it. They thought by aligning themselves to their god leader of the known opposition political party they would get away unnoticed! Let them continue with their politics outside the University. Next time they would do something more than they did.

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