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Zambia to be industrialised by 2030 -Yaluma

Minister of Commerce Christopher Yaluma Delivers the welcoming speech to World Export Development Forum Delegates during the Gala Dinner at Pamodzi Hotel

Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Christopher Yaluma says government is working tireless to ensure that the country is industrialised by 2030.

Mr. Yaluma assured would be investors that government will continue creating an enabling environment that supports the thriving of the industrial sector.

He was speaking last night during the World Export Development Forum Gala held in honour of the participants attending the three days forum which commenced on Monday 10th to Wednesday 13th September 2018.

Mr. Yaluma said Zambia is looking for investors who can work with government closely in industrialising the country.

He said for a long time, the country has been depending on copper mining hence, the need to diversify.

Mr. Yaluma said government wants to use the industrialisation agenda to promote diversification.

And Minister of Commerce Trade and Industry Christopher Yaluma says he is impressed with the high level of talks at the on-going World Export Development Forum (WEDF).

Speaking shortly after a breakfast meeting on facilitating trade and Investment for Development Mr. Yaluma said the country is headed for growth.

Mr. Yaluma said the breakfast meeting was worthwhile to attend for the Zambian delegation as it has given an insight on how to go about international trade.

He said the meeting has also opened up ideas on how to increase trade and facilitate the movement of goods and services.

Mr. Yaluma said the meeting focused on trade facilitation and on ways on how to improve levels of investment for the country.

He said it is important to ensure that trade facilitation and investment facilitation increase the volume for investment in the country.

Mr. Yaluma said both trade and investment facilitation cannot be delinked from the growth of entrepreneurship in the country.

He said enough has been said about trade and investment, what is now required is to put in place regulatory frameworks that will spearhead its growth.

Mr. Yaluma said government is also in the process of putting up controls on the policy and ensure that there is transparency in the way things are being handled.

He however, said the country is moving in the right track and most local entrepreneurs just need a little push to get it right.

Minister of Commerce Christopher Yaluma and Permanent Secretary Kayula Siame having a light moment during World Export Development Forum Gala Dinner at Pamodzi Hotel
Delegates from the different part of the world attending the World Export Development Forum Gala Dinner at Pamodzi Hotel
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    • Sharon
      Luubishhi I heard this story before that "When HH becomes president, he will stop building roads," and he has NOT become president yet! It is just in your heads and his small mind.
    • Nostradamus
      That's only 9 years from 2021 elections. Ba Yaluma balamitukilamo naimwe. It's like Sata "within 90 days", I enjoyed that slogan.
    • Yaluma
      That's what happens if you are planning on someone else's pocket. Chinese money is going to your heads. Develop Zambia with your own capacity and harness China not get their money half of which remains in your pockets to develop.
  1. Keleni Mutaware a sumbule!
    BA K0LW3' BALANDILE' * Remember 500,000 jobs, & Mulungushi textiles being in operation soon after Chakolwa Kaiser, & Cahvula tampered with General Election results? * Remember more money in your pockets,& less taxes? *Remember Cheap Saudi Oil /Petroleum fuel? * Remember less foreign travel, as we making austerity measures? * Remember there are "a few Corrupt individuals in my P.F Government, & I will weed them out, as there will be no sacred cows"?? Today only Big neck Kambwili has been disciplined. What happened to the "other few"? I could go on forever, but will stop. Moral of the story is one can tell a P.F official is telling porkies coz his or her lips begin to move.
    • Keleni Mutaware a sumbule!
      Must include this one surely cant omit this, as was "THE MOTHER OF ALL P.F. LIES TOLD BY MICHAEL CHILUFYA SATA THE P.F GODFATHER HIMSELF, CREATOR OF THE PROBLEMS WE HAVE IN ZAMBIA TODAY! Quote; "When I'm elected to office, I will make sure I deal with the Chinese INFESTORS, who are giving us a raw deal, & ruining Zambia" Today the lies & wheels set in motion by that Old dem.ag.Ogue Chilufya Sata are there for all to see. Now the Chinese leader states "We will kick off the process of buying Africa starting with Zambia" That's the lies Chilufya, & his evil spawn P.F have gifted us, & it will take 200 years to undo, while the old demag.0gue rests in Embassy Park, which may also soon be part of Chinese real estate.
    ''......country is moving in the right track and most local entrepreneurs just need a little push to get it right.'' A little push??????? ITS MORE LIKE A DEEP STAB IN THE BACK to let in the Chinese to harvest every contract of any value. YALUMA LIER!

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