Freedom Fighters body encourages Zambia to maintain relationship with China

Zambian Provincial Ministers in China
FILE: Zambian Provincial Ministers in China

Zambian Provincial Ministers in China
FILE: Zambian Provincial Ministers in China

The Zambia United National Freedom Fighters Association (ZUNFFA) has implored government to maintain its long standing relationship with China, and not get destructed by the negative talks from some sections of society.

Association Co-Patron Sikota Wina says China supported Zambia in its liberation struggle, adding that freedom fighters made several trips to China for consultations before attaining independence, hence creating good relations which should be cherished.

Mr. Wina explained that there are no indications suggesting that that China wants to colonise Africa.

He said those making allegations are just ignorant and lack knowledge on what China did for Zambia in the post independent era.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka today, Mr. Wina said Zambia has seen a lot of infrastructure development through the involvement of the Chinese government which should be appreciated by all well-meaning Zambians.

He also appreciated President Edgar Lungu’s stance on infrastructure development, noting that it has changed the face of the country.

And Mr. Wina has called on government to continue improving the welfare of freedom fighters in the country.

He explained that most freedom fighters live in abject poverty as they have no source of income to sustain their lives.

He noted that this is why there is need for government to consider including a social fund for freedom fighters in the 2019 national budget.

He also commended government for being the first government to recognise the freedom fighters association and further pledging to work with them.

Mr Wina however, disclosed that the research and validation process to take stock of freedom fighters in the country, as directed by President Edgar Lungu has not been concluded due to lack of funds.

He noted that the association resolved to approach government through cabinet office to provide funds for the process which has not been done.

He stated that to this effect the process has only be done on the Copperbelt Province hence the need for the President to intervene in the matter for the betterment of freedom fighters.


  1. What do these old people know about current debt levels this government has incurred? You fought for political Independence, now let your grandchildren fight for Independence from debt.

    • These dinosaurs are desperate to be paid retirement money.

      That is why they are saying these things.

      That social fund you are talking about is already gone. Stolen. No more.

      This government will not help you so you might as well just say what is really really on your minds.

      Only in Zambia.

      I do not know whether to cry, or laugh!

    • So these Freedom fighters we’re fighting to take Zambia from British and sell it to Chinese?
      “Zambia praise to theee… All one strong and Free”. Even free from Chinese and Social Cash.

    • Sikota is a well known traitor in the political circles. After independence, he betrayed Barotse people in exchange for a cabinet position. He urged KK to trash the Barotse agreement. In the 80s he fell out of favour with KK & was arrested for drug trafficking & fled the country. He was arrested at Lusaka Airport trying to enter the country under a false Sudanese passport.

      Today this traitor thinks he can sell our country to tu ma Chinese in exchange for 30 pieces of silver.

    • It’s a shame that in Africa the so called freedom fighters allow themselves to speaker for the current oppressors of the people. They speak for those who limit people’s freedom to to assemble and association. And the only reason they do so is to ask Government to look after the plight of the freedom fighters. Do they mean after independence they had no jobs or anything to do in order to secure the later years? No one will take these guys seriously if the only thing they do is sing praises and ask for food from their governments but not speak for the majority of the people suffering.

  2. Noone is against the relationship with China…do not be used by PF media team you bootlickers …we are concerned about the mounting debt!!

    • No matter how much HH and his tribal union poops in public Zambia will continue to develop and CHINA is here to stay! “Scratch my backside and I will scratch yours,” is going nowhere! He is going into retirement in 2021! Watch this space. You will replace him with GBM. Kekekeke! I have touched the tribal painful side of Gay Jay!

    • I’m disappointed by these so called freedom fighters. The debt burden is too much and it has destabilised the Zambian economy yet they see nothing wrong with that. Shame on them

  3. They have lived their useful days and no longer add any value. I’m really sorry to say this. Any relationship is based on martial respect and understanding. Current happenings have raised eyebrows and alarm bells are ringing loudly.

    • Can these dinosaurs even talk, or think coherently?

      They are begging for crumbs.

      The money they are after has already been stolen, do they not see that?

    • Develop what?

      Lungu’s mansions in Swaziland and Uganda?

      It will end up in Jail.


      The common thief.

      The dirty douche bag.

  4. agony is fighting for independence only to become re-colonised by china and on top of that to have your own leaders stealing such that you become reliant on kaloba. You fought for freedom but this country is not economically free. wafya.

  5. Ubulimi bwakale, tabatalalikila umwana. We appreciate their fight for political independence which they achieved but they have outlived their usefulness. It’s our time to fight economical independence. To hell with China. I wish we were colonized again by Britain not choncholi.

  6. When KK gave Kalengwa Mine to the Chinese as payment in kind, it was the beginning of his serious differences with Simon Kapwepwe. UNIP tried to downplay this fact and even went to the extent of accusing Kapwepwe of being a violent tribalist. To date no one knows how much copper was mined. Kalengwa Mine still remains a disused structure, may be we should just consider to dispose nuclear waste from the Russian Nuclear Plant that will be built in Chongwe. That’s what Chinese debt can do

  7. Freedom Fighters, don’t make me laugh, my chest already hurting. I didn’t know Zambia has freedom fighters. They should call them self freedom Geriatrics fighting for the last bottle of Metamucil.

  8. Dear Freedom fighters,
    We are forever indebted for the hardships you endured for our liberation. But Ambuya, the same beloved Zambia you fought valiantly for is being sold from under our feet. Please do not soil the respect and goodwill you have earned by asking us to stand idly while we are slowly auctioned into tetiary slavery.

  9. The issue of China and its relation with other foreign countries is political and global. For example, some countries are not happy with China giving loans to countries of the Pacific ocean ( Islanders), they feel threatened because China is growing stronger and stronger economically. These Islanders are very happy with the loans. Some rich countries condemn, look at how many goods they import from China. Their shops are full of goods from China. Those condemning Chinese will be the first people to invite them to the state house. These are international politics and you will be wasting your energies. Think about how to better yourselves and how to feed your families

  10. i will read later; no one is against maintaining relation with China; we are against corruption with Chinese companies and too many unskilled Chinese migration; some are now driving taxis;

    • Most Zambians are corrupt by nature, don’t blame the Chinese but yourselves for not regulating or having proper checks and balances. If you have opposition parties who form parallel governments rather than ensuring we have good legislation and regulations then the outcome is lawlessness. People with money thrive in these conditions because when you are busy fighting each other, it makes it very easy to take whatever they want and do as they please. So please don’t demonise China because of your own incompetence.

  11. You will do well to respect Sikota Wina. Who are you to insult this gallant Soldier of our freedom? What has IMF, World bank brought to Zambia? While Chiluba begged for their loans which came at the cost of Structural Adjustment programs, Mwanawasa, Sata and Lungu looked to China. The result has been the building of hundreds of hospitals, schools, roads, bridges and all sorts of developments.
    China wants what we have. We want what China has, the money. Haters of Zambia and its development are the ones who are making noise. we have seen results.
    By the way, even Zimbabwe pays salaries to its freedom fighters. how come Zambia’s freedom fighters are getting nothing? thats a shame

  12. Who is suppose to be a taxi driver?Is it Zambian
    citizen or permanent resident ?If yes .Can a foreign become a Zambian citizen or a permanent resident? if yes.Are Chinese taxi drivers Zambian citizens or permanent residents ? If no , some thing is wrong.If yes,case closed

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