Harry Kalaba and Kelvin Fube given a 14 days ultimatum to exculpate themselves

Lusaka lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF)
CCPC Board Chairman Kelvin Fube
Lusaka lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF)
Lusaka lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF)

The Patriotic Front has given its Bahati Member of Parliament Harry Kalaba and Lusaka Lawyer Kelvin Fube a 14 days ultimatum to exculpate themselves over charges of alleged misconduct.

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila said the two party members have been working against the party and insulting the party leadership.

Mr. Mwila told Journalists that the disciplinary Committee will sit and the decision will be made before December 2018.

“We thought that time has come for us to make a decision, my job is to charge” Mr. Mwila said.

This comes barely a week after Mr. Fube wrote a letter to the Patriotic Front where he charged that the current PF leadership does not meet the standard set by PF Founding President Michael Sata.

Mr. Fube said in the letter that the current leadership does not share the values and beliefs which Mr. Sata stood for as their mindset does not meet the standard that was set by the founding father.


  1. this is what happens when you have corrupt leaders; Kalaba and Fube are against corruption; leave them alone; Zambians won’t be taken for a ride anymore;

    • What is the definition of insults please? To be candid and tell the truth is insults. SG, go back to school, it is never late.

    • Fube and Kalaba should stick to their principles as a matter of integrity and not be intimidated as though PF feeds them as they are self made politicians. The electorate are all they need to explain to! Never always forget that parliament will have independent representatives!

    • “@Misleading each other” you have raised a very good point. In fact Zambia’s colonial master, the UK has struck out the word “insult” from their public order act so that it is no longer abused or defined variously. YouTube has a very candid presentation by one Rowan Atkinson which is both hilarious and thought provoking.

    • Harry Kalaba is NOT against corruption because he is naive enough to believe that oath of secrecy he took includes covering up corruption. This alone disqualifies Kalaba from any serious public office.

  2. When did Kalaba’s principled stand against corruption become “working against the party??? This means the whole party approves corruption when Lungu’s GRZ is mired in graft.

  3. There is no road between mazabuka and kafue, sesheke and Livingston, mpika and nakonde etc. Instead of working Davie is busy wanting to charge those against corruption. Shame.

    • Point of up-dating diaspora ignorance!

      Mazabuka – Kafue road has been mended. Some sections have completely been re-built.

  4. We have Zambians using pit latrines ,kids in outdoor classrooms ,70% of Lusaka is slums and GRZ’s mountain of debt .What’s your priorities again ba PF?

  5. I thought these two hypocrites have already moved on with their tutemba parties. These two chaps are time wasters and are only interested in causing confusion. Expel them please

    This Guy was fully aware of Jona Chakolwa’s shortcomings as an embezzing Lawyer, & self confessed Visionless Gonga, BUT Fube was driven by GREED so let Fube enjoy the P.F unrelenting persecution, so let him tie an old 2 band ITT Supersonic radio to his waist, dance pellets, whilst Dununa Reverse blares in the background!!
    For sure BOLA NAIKOSA!!

  7. Tell us what really happened?
    UPND Kalulushi Candidate Evaristo Mwalilino’s driver revealed how Hakainde Hichilema and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba’s Kalulushi Constituency votes where concealed went viral after it was aired on Prime TV.
    In the video, Wanna Chiyanga is confessing that his boss Mwalilino was given K21000, K360 000 for 21,966 votes and dropping the election petition respectively.
    It was disclosed the former President Rupiah Banda, Information Minister Kapamba Mulenga and axed PF Deputy Chairperson for Elections Kelvin Fube Bwalya(KBF) and Mwalilino were heavily involved in the scheme of things.

  8. When Levy Mwanawasa was not happy with what was going on in MMD, he RESIGNED. These unprincipled politicians like KBF, Kambwili and Kalaba want to cling to their positions but call the PF corrupt. Why hang on to corruption?? Just expel the hypocrites, please!!

    • Why should they resign. They have to change that party to be better. Who says when you see something wrong in the party you have to resign. These two people believe in the PF manifesto, however they don’t believe in corruption. So why should they resign, PF is their party, and if it is called a democracy, people must talk about certain vices, both talking in public and private is okay, People are not in bondage please.

    • Mwanawasa cant be the standard for people to either resign or not. Kalaba and Fube should not resign but must work hard to expel Edgar, Davies Mwila and the other PF leadership who have ground Zambia to a halt economically. This PF failed project which has lamentably failed must be shown the door, I am PF myself and in very good standing with the party but bold to say we have lamentably failed, What do we have to show for?

    • Mwanawasa is a standard for politicians in Zambia. He had strong moral standing and firmly believed in it. This is what even made FTJ respect him so much and brought him back to lead the MMD. Kalaba, KBF and Kambwili are pathetic excuses of politicians who are riding on falsehoods and public sympathy to gain political capital. Kalaba’s greed and lust for power is what alienated him from PF top leadership, same as KBF who has been craving for a top leadership post. They are scum!!

    • Mwanawasa did not resign from the party he resigned from his government position and thats what Kalaba has done. Levy was still MMD member and thats how he was hand picked by FJT. Levy is over praised.

    • You have lamentably failed to outsmart them now you wish the death of a fellow Zambian…even with appalling leadership and mismanagement. I mean you have a President who even goes on holiday when there is trouble he knows you are toothless busy foooools.
      You are a sad little man…dont think that your party is the alternative all you have to do is sit there and wait.
      Grow up little man!!

  9. Fube and Tutwa Ngulube are still mourning for what happened in Mulungushi Rock in Kabwe. During that time of confusion in PF , They were among the Inonge Wina factions. They supported Candidature of ECL in 2014. They had assurances of themselves that if ECL becomes republican president both of them would have given ministerial posts. Unfortunately, they were not granted their hoped-posts.As a result of that, they were frustrated,giving them positions of PF legal experts is not enough.
    Tutwa restored his conscience. Fube not yet.

  10. I don’t follow. Really, if we are in a democracy, you expect to get attacked even by party members. It would only have been such a concern had Kalaba still been in the cabinet.

  11. It a shame looking at comments here.
    Every organization has policies,procedures and guidelines to ensure discipline.
    If a member is deemed to have contravened the rules,certain procedures are activated.
    The two have been charged full stop.If proven guilty,appropriate disciplinary measures will be meted out.
    If you decide to fight an organization from within,make sure you observe the rules.
    If you can’t fight from with resign.

  12. By the way,the intra party democracy in PF is light years ahead of the UPND essentially because the UPND is not a party but a tribe.

  13. Davis the ARV`s have gone to his head and not doing the job they are supposed to do” Ati my job is to charge” fi PF are all dull that the problem here.

  14. Ba Davis Mwila please dont waste your time because Harry Kalaba and Kelvin Bwalya Fube are no longer PF nembers!!!These two with Kambwili are rebels and gone from the party.They are finishing themselves like rebel PF MPs led by Fustina Sinyangwe during Mr Sata’s team.Most of these politicians are dull and do not learn from history.In Zambia no UPND MP or Member can be a rebel and hope to win in 3 provinces (Southern,Western and N/Western).Same nobody can insult PF and hope to win in 6.5 provinces-never!!!!IF BY ELECTIONS ARE TO BE HELD IN ROAN & BAHATI TODAY,PF WOULD 100% RETAIN THOSE TWO SEATS!!!!
    Anyway,let Kalaba and Kambwili join the jobless guys such as Mwenya Musenge,Mucheleka,Charles Kakoma,GBM,Masebo,etc in 2021!!!!

  15. “The Patriotic Front has given its Bahati Member of Parliament Harry Kalaba and Lusaka Lawyer Kelvin Fube a 14 days ultimatum to exculpate themselves over charges of alleged misconduct.”

    If you want PF to survive show restrain.

  16. What of Chishimba Kambwilu? Shouldn’t this ultimatum start from there? BA PF, clearly you are failures and will go down in the history of Zambia as the worst bunch of Hyenas even worse than those in the wild led by a rat mu mpoto

  17. Maweeee! So the job of this political CEO is to CHARGE!? What a waste of space. Dissent = Indiscipline; that is the Zambian way. What a shame.

  18. KBF and Harry Kalaba your time in PF is over, my suggestion to both of you is to move out of the party because the likes of Davies Mwila wont forgive you unless you do a Miles Sampa, lose all dignity and respect and crawl back and beg for forgiveness.

  19. I don’t understand why KBF has been left in the cold by ECL his fellow lawyer. I think it’s just crazy that we have a Justice Minister who has an agriculture college diploma when the likes of KBF and Tutwa Ngulube are trained lawyers and are mere MPs, you people like Kelvin Sampa also left out in the cold, why aren’t these talented individuals in ministerial positions?
    I am not PF but ECL is not fair on this one. The following should never have got PF government positions;
    Dora Siliya
    Felix Mutati
    Vincent Mwale (Althought this guy is actually a good choice and potential President)
    Margaret Mwanakatwe

  20. You wonder what freedom of expression is. Kalaba and KBF have been merely highlighting their opinion about the way the PF has allegedly digressed from the values and beliefs as espoused by its late leader, and the PF SG says they have been insulting the party. So, Kalaba and KBF will be crucified just for having a divergent view from the SG’s. For SG, he just wants praise singers and not those who are objective about the well-being of their party PF. This makes for very sad reading in a democratic dispensation such as ours. Those are signs of tyranny, “kumulu Lesa panshi PF”.

  21. iwe @OJames does anyone in upnd criticise your Ka god HH in public when he loses elections ?? 5 times actually. They follow the party rules. Equally PF as a party has rules those who don’t want to follow the rules are free to resign

    • What party rules. Party rules do not entail gaggling of individual rights. they have the right to voice out. Belonging to a party does not entail peoples rights being trampled on, some of the members voicing out started with internal processes. To show how thick you are, here you are calling HH ka God. I am PF but I will never sink so low to demean somebody’s name because of politics. My brain works!

  22. Let’s not cheat ourselves that KBF or Kalaba can challenge ECL in PF just like No one can unseat HH in UPND. And in UPND it’s not even a subject for debate despite the chap losing a record 5 times

    • He can loose even 18 times, it is called democracy. Have you just come in. I wont demonise for loosing 50 times, it is not an offence, it is not a sin, it is legal. So problem ili pati

  23. Not sure why you are outdoing each other here. Both PF and UPND are the late. We need to wait for some serious party that can challenge these two joker parties

  24. @Joyce clearly you are not PF have you heard the insults ECL recieved from UPND cadres??. I repeat your ka god HH is perfect in your Dundumwezl eyes and brains

  25. LT debates need moderation.

    We can’t have dundumwezi eyes trying to look at National issues.

    dundumwezi eyes are keeping HH illegally as UPND president due to the huge campaign nkongole…

    no wonder sa seka…his facial expression is that one he had pa malilo ya Vespers every where he goes

  26. PF, the party that rewards and glorifies the corrupt and looks to punish those that expose their sickening corruption to which they are oblivious. They have deserved being in government.

  27. Kabala and KBF has accused PFof bin corrupt but are stil in a corruption party. Y? We need private members bill 2 avoid pipo working in govt and ministries 2 win contracts bcoz all pipo pf of bin corrupt hav lost them or mining licenses.Zambian praise and worship corruption by opposition parties core issure is who won contracts in govt and is a ministry and we need laws not noise

  28. @Mambwe. If you are very objective, you will realise that Kalaba and KBF mean well for the party. They have not insulted the party, they just have a different opinion on party matters which should not be the reason they should be axed from the party. The wise say that if a bulb finishes in a house, that should not be the reason for you to move out and shift to another house. You should just fix the bulb by buying a new one – that way you solve the problem. Moral of the saying – PF should not just expel anyone because of minor misunderstandings. They should allow for new new ideas and accept the truth as part of reality. This way, they will change for the better. I cannot talk about HH and his party because they are not a factor here.

  29. @James that’s why I say you are not a PF member.. So you are happy with KBF and Kalaba scandalising the party in public ??.One thing I admire about UPND is that party rules are observed I have never heard a member scandalise HH in public even after he has lost 5 times. If PF is corrupt why dont they just resign

  30. The biggest misconception I am noticing currently in Zambia is that some people are still thinking something good can come out of PF under lungu & his fellow jokers of the like of Davies mwila. It is time we smelt the coffee & accepted the undeniable fact that we are in the era of the most incompetent president & party to ever rule Zambia. If anything, what Zambia should be pondering on is whether we can afford another 2 years of Lungu at the helm. From where I am standing- lungu & Davies mwila must go Asap. They have nothing to offer Zambia. I voted for Lungu but boy am disappointed!!! I can bet you 3 out of 4 PF members are in the same boat as me

  31. I fail to understand the type of democracy people are suggesting to be practiced in PF when Kalaba has come out that will stand as president for a particular party in 2021. Really even if it is fear of losing patronage discipline is cardinal. HK and CK are hiding in the law they are cowards. KBF yes is worried of his party leadership style. Unless there is something that he does in the dark corners which if found wanting need to be disciplined. He is a lawyer so must understand. The problem we have in this country is that people use emotions. Be sober and courageous enough to face your own decisions. LPM resigned and kept quiet that is what true leadership all about. Ethics. Whether people like it or not you will never have saints in politics. It’s all about propaganda and sharp ones use…

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