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Chilufya Tayali summoned to Court for Defaming HH

Headlines Chilufya Tayali summoned to Court for Defaming HH

HH accompanied by his lawyer Jackie Mwiimbu making a formal complaint at Woodlands Police Station against Chilufya Tayali.
HH accompanied by his lawyer Jackie Mwiimbu making a formal complaint at Woodlands Police Station against Chilufya Tayali.
Economic and Equity Party Leader Chilufya Tayali has been summoned by the Lusaka magistrates court to answer to a complaint of publishing defamatory against UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr Hichilema on October 9 reported Mr Tayali to Woodlands Police Station for criminal libel, an offence he said he considerd serious.

Mr. Hichilema said that this was in view of Mr. Tayali’s continued libelous statements in total defamation of his standing reputation both as an individual and President of the biggest political opposition party in Zambia, the UPND.

The UPND Leader charged that Mr. Tayali made unwarranted and unsubstantiated claims against him for a long time now.

“Citizens will agree with me that I have been very tolerant of him despite the many defamatory statements he had made against me for simply taking a stand on things and my political beliefs. In the latest libel, Mr. Tayali has been publishing and uttering public statements to the effect that I am responsible for the death of our beloved daughter, Vespers Shimuzhila who died in a police operation at University of Zambia, ” he UPND leader said.

But Economic and Equity Party Leader Chilufya Tayali has urged the Police not to waste time but arrest Mr. Hichilema because he is guilty of inciting people to rise against government.

“Mr. Hichilema is guilty of the crime including the recent one where a Student even died at the University of Zambia. That’s why he has even gone to the police to report me, ” he said.

Mr. Tayali added that Mr. Hichilema wanted to take over Government through dubious means.

According to the summons filed before the Lusaka magistrates court the EEP Leader is alleged to have unlawfully published defamatory statements concerning Mr Hichilema with intent to injure his reputation by exposing him to hatred, contempt and ridicule and to damage him in his profession, trade and standing in society.

Mr Tayali is expected to appear before the the court on October 17 at 11:30 hours.

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    • I hope all these pf dweebs peddling falsehoods against him will remove their vimbuza dancer masks and join tayali, ba njimbu, thorn in the a.. and Sharon aka shiwang’andu rep.

      I want to remind HH and his supporters that, I may not have money (since I have not stolen from privatization), but I am not pushover and I am still daring them to take me to court.

      A lot of UPND supporters were jubilating when some overzealous lawyers tried to intimidate me with a lawsuit when they have not done their homework.

      For your own information, I have a powerful team behind me which work in research and resource mobilizing, In case you you have forgotten, it was revealed in Court that HH is a Freemason, so don’t accuse me of creating falsehood, I never engage in peddling lies.

      Chomba told the Lusaka High court judge Mwila Chitabo that opposition UPND…

    • … Leader Hakainde Hichilema the satanic cult in April, 1999 and was initiated from Eagle Lodge Number 7232EC which is the Grand Lodge for Freemasons in Zambia.

      Chomba disclosed that Hichilema still a congregant of the Masons Temple located in Cha Cha Cha road, next to the Zambezi River Authority building in Lusaka.

      Chomba stated that Hichilema appears on both the local and international register of the Freemasons and members of the public could find this information freely on the Freemasons Register.

      The former Bishop has maintained that Mr Hakainde’s membership is confirmed by the list and register of the freemasons in Zambia.

      Anderson Mazoka founded the UPND and used the Freemason’s symbol-the hand- as the party’s symbol.

      Mazoka later renounced his membership from the…

    • …cult and changed his Christian congregation and died a Catholic.

      Meanwhile, I am waiting for the summons so that I can go and query HH on this, because for me all I do is ask questions which are supposed to be answered, not threatening me with lawsuits, you will come back from court with your pants down.

    • Am no HH fun… but this is wonderful news

      Zambia is no home of clowns neither is it animal farm.

      This included *****s buying presidential jets when the country still has children with inadequate classes learning under a tree.

      So you really think you shall be president forever???

      My other problem is HH… why did you get involved in privatisation… you’d have been the best fit the country!!


      Tayali threatens.

      Now this could be another revealer. We wanna know how double h hand touched the deceased young student. How chilling! Double h, are you going that route? Good luck, but let the truth be told. I will attend those sessions in person.

    • What about those who defame the president daily? I will watch and wait till this Privatization Mischief goes to court as well for defaming Zambia.

    • @Thorn in the fresh you are proving that you are a coward. State your actual physical address or contact address if you are worth a pound of salt.

    • Am die hard PF but i agree with HH on this one….HH deserves respect….Tayali is just a silly wankeer and attention seeker. HH really has been very tolerant and this cockroach Tayali should be thrown in jail so that he can become someone’s wife

    • How did Tayali vs Kanganja case end? What about Tayali vs Mmembe?
      – can Tayali go to jail for defaming HH?
      – Can Tayali find money worth value to HH?

  1. Tayali is used to free money from the likes of GBM but then HH is not giving him money he has not worked for. My brother work for money. How do people trust you with government treasury when your behavior is that of a typical begger who has no shame.

    • The boy was given money by 4ntonia Mw4nza recently …he thought declaring that he received money from Mw4nza on his page makes it good practice and he is making a declaration. The boy is as useless as they come…its good that he doesn’t drink ..he has no integrity and a side show for even PF leaders.

    • The boy was given money by 4ntonia [email protected] recently …he thought declaring that he received money from Mwanza on his page makes it good practice and he is making a declaration. The boy is as useless as they come…its good that he doesn’t drink ..he has no integrity and a side show for even PF leaders.

  2. Under 5s, raepists and hooligans playing in kindergarten. Meanwhile 2021 is fast approaching while they are politicking only to release a last minute cheap song “Belo yalila ngili ngili”

    Little do you know that professional artists are busy compiling the next Hit song to take PF to State House in 2021.

    • What has your dununa reverse song contributed to the economy? You danced your pants away and forgot that you need to work.

    • @Divide and Spaka,

      The essence in my post is very clear, opposition Fukcers like Under 5 Kaponya (HH) should stop politicking. Surely they need to do something differently between now and the next election?

      Our hit songs have taken us to State House since 2011, “Belo yalila ngili ngili” failed to take (HH) to Plot 1.

  3. No body takes this tayalii clown seriously and am surprised why hh would go to that length

    Hh must grow up and convince us he has emotions equal to head of state

    The country has broken down. Lungu is in his own world, money which he never dreamt of has turned him mad. People are looking for a leader.

    Let Zambian s judge between hh and tayali , not courts. Grow up hh please

    • @Kapu ti,

      whether it’s Lungu, Under 5 or Muliokela in Plot 1 I’ll still eat healthily and ‘quietly’ as you put it. The politicians in power or opposition cannot determine my well being. You UPND!cks on the other hand think that Under 5 and his cuunt of a wife will put food on your plates.

  4. Tayali has Political Rabies!
    He needs to be dealt with!
    Criminal Slander is dangerous and must be condemned by all patriots!

    The risk of PF believing his lies against an innocent person are quite high especially when PF feels power slipping off their bl00d-stained hands!

    • Tayali has gone to far and has to be stopped. Tayali’s accusations against HH are extremely serious. Tayali is whistle blowing and accussing of having committed Treason. Tayali must prove his allegations in Court including the Privatisation slander. Its very serious to incite the State to charge an Individual for have killed an innocent UNZA Student. Tayali must produce evidence for these accusations. Period.

  5. Kainde is a lost chap!!!Chilufya Tayali will damage HH’s weak image further!!!Any wise Zambians know that Kainde is a causer of several evil activities in Zambia because of his desperation for state house.HH behaves like a dog which has seen a bone lying on the floor!!!Kainde does not sleep as he dreams about plot one day and night.I WONDER WHO LIED TO KAINDE THAT US ZAMBIANS OWE HIM THE PRESIDENCY AT ALL COST!!
    Today,HH thinks that once ECL leaves state house then it will be time for Kainde to take over-kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…..how?only him and his fellow tongas know it!!!PLEASE KAINDE-NOTE THAT NOBODY IN THE WORLD KNOWS WHO WILL BE ZAMBIA’S 7TH PRESIDENT,SO RELAX!!!

    • Take your mask, go and help your mental mentor tayali. Go to court and show your njimbu face, and bring out that data you claim to have madam.

    • If Tayali has some beans, let him spill it so that we can see who is telling the truth. Truth be told, double h has been dragging his friends to court and guess what? He has never won a single case.

    • You should go back to school and do another research on the see where you are my dear. Let God help you and open your eyes.

  6. Mr Hichilema on October 9 reported Mr Tayali to Woodlands Police Station for criminal libel, an offence he said he considerd serious.
    Only HH considers this case to be serious, otherwise we the citizens of Zambia we don’t take that case seriously. Its just a misunderstanding between HH and Chilufya Tayali which can be sorted out amicably without wasting the court’s time

  7. The parasitic boy spends at least one day in a week attending one of his numerious court session…he thinks thats keeping busy.
    Really laughable..He will be left hold his @#=£ like he was at Civic Centre.

  8. flag Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    HH needs to grow a thicker skin and ignore nobodies like Tayali. What is it to gain from this? HH needs to concentrate on Lungu qnd his minions numskulls who are rap!ng this country of its resources and auctioning it off to the Chinese for few pieces of silver. His energy should be focused on that… talk about lack of priorities. We need men and women who can mobilize the citizens and kick these thieves out of power, like now! Mount some peaceful civil unrest that will paralyze their pretend governance until they either give in or start being accountable to the people. Waiting until 2021 to mobilize will be too late… now ia thw right time to go strong. Tayali is a paid PF cadre like Mushota, Sharon, Kudos and their like on this blog (he may actually be one of these).

    • Tayali is inciting the Police to arrest HH for committing Treason. If HH didn’t sue Tayali People would assume that Tayali’s allegations are true when they are false. Its time Tayali proved these very serious allegations in Court.

  9. The whole Country has rurned into a fcuken joke,u have !doits running the country with no clue if what’s gong on, just busy deinking and s!ting then selves every…. On the other hand comes the !diots advisers who le ro the fcuker, behaving like they know all when they all just peaces of sh!t with no clue, then u have cunts like Tiyali Njimbu and the likes of Sharon who them selves r lower than sh!t and just follow the lost cunts of leaders hoping they will one day jump on a $ 50 million plan that the imbacile has aquired, in all this sh!t and turmoil u lose track and just fcuken get tired

  10. The Tongas think that after Lungu its HH.


    He should be ashamed of dragging Tayali to court.

    His Tonga people do child like politics insulting citizens in 6.5 provinces everyday YET want the same 6.5 to support a Tonga tribal agenda.

    Its NOT going to happen under that high priest of tribalism HH.

  11. And they are busy insulting anyone who doesn’t support their tribalistic agenda. How can Zambians in 6.5 Provinces support HH when you are busy insulting ECL the person they love and voted for ??. Sometimes it is better to think before you insult.

  12. I may not be a UPND supporter but i feel that this PF cadre should be able to realize that this world is guided by rules.

    • You’re a frustrated UPND sycophant and pretending otherwise. You can only hoodwink your fellow UPND danderheads who are in the group think mentality

  13. Is it the first time HH has dragged my good friend Tayali to court? No. This is the third time in my recollection and at every turn, HH fails to prove his claims against Tayali. HH knowns that Tayali has so much information on him. He knows Tayali can reveal so much dirt on HH that even those that hold HH as their god will be leaving him in droves.

  14. Tayali has taken his homework quite well , He knows HH very well in in terms of his temperament and thinking no wonder, Tayali has taken a serious stance on following HH in every single move. This is not the first time for Tayali to taunt HH , I think this can be a political league between them.

    Am sure Tayali is ready to dig out and play with HH’s retarded psychology political judgment that is characterized by imperialists influence.Tayali is not stupid. HE KNOWS THE WEAKNESSES OF HH ….

  15. Mungule do not expose your ignorance. Which case has been ruled against hh. All the cases he has taken to court are still active and non has been disposed. Even if you hate someone learn to tell the truth.

    • Who is ignorant between you and I? Tell me what came out of the tribalism accusation Tayali claimed against HH. That was serious as Tayali claimed he had audio evidence against your man. He took Tayali to court. Didn’t he? What became of that case? Recently, HH dragged Tayali to cour in Livingstone! Remember? You might be suffering from amnesia but not all of us do my friend.

    • @20.1, what Jumbo is saying is that the cases you are mentioning are still before the courts of law, and the readership on this forum want to hear from you is what the judgement was, if there was any.

  16. Mr. P Chanda Chimba did the same to MCS for a long time because the MMD under RB supported him. What happened in the end. This Tayalis’ ending will be very sad. Look at what he did to Kambwili. He should find a different way of earning a living and please do cheer instead feel sorry for him.


  18. If Mr Kudos is a microcosm of our society, this country is going down the drain.How do you vote based on meaning less words in a campaign song.

  19. Tayali is like a small bird (honey guide)which if followed may lead either to a deadly snake or lion.

  20. It’s criminal libel and there is nothing like compensation at the end of the day and your sponsors will not be there with you.

  21. Why is HH making Tayali seem more important than he is? The line between positive and negative publicity is very thin in politics. Badala, you may be contributing to marketing Tayali freely. Concentrate on matters that will advance your political career. This is not one of them.

  22. Never mind this Tayali thing all his speeches are paid for by a named political party…let’s see how long it lm take him
    He’s a muzungu wanga guy… ..


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