PF administration under President Lungu has not sold a single company-Amos Chanda

Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations to the President Amos Chanda speaking to journalists on the conduct of the Cuban Ambassador to Zambia Nelson Pages Vilas at the media briefing at Pamodzi Hotel
Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations to the President Amos Chanda speaking to journalists on the conduct of the Cuban Ambassador to Zambia Nelson Pages Vilas at the media briefing at Pamodzi Hotel
Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations to the President Amos Chanda speaking to journalists on the conduct of the Cuban Ambassador to Zambia Nelson Pages Vilas at the media briefing at Pamodzi Hotel
Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations to the President Amos Chanda speaking to journalists on the conduct of the Cuban Ambassador to Zambia Nelson Pages Vilas at the media briefing at Pamodzi Hotel

State House says ZAFFICO has not been sold to a foreign investor as alleged by opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema, recently.

Presidential Spokesperson, Amos Chanda says contrary to the opposition leader’s assertion, ZAFFICO and other 32 parastatals was being considered for listing on the Lusaka Stock Exchange to make them financially viable.

“Government is just in the process of listing ZAFFICO and 32 other companies under the Industrial Development Centre (IDC) ( on the Lusaka Stock Exchange ) to enable them raise funds, “ he said..

He explained that the State under the Patriotic Front (PF) administration has not sold any single company apart from repossessing some which were sold by previous administration such as ZAMTEL.

Mr. Chanda told journalists in Ndola during a media briefing that President Edgar Lungu would not even entertain any ideas of selling a company which is doing so well.

The Presidential Spokesperson also noted some elements of criminality in the statement which has since resulted in some protests by workers at ZAFFICO and since implored the police to thoroughly investigate the matter.

Mr. Chanda further disclosed that President Lungu has ordered Copperbelt province Minister Japhen Mwakalombe to hold a meeting with the saw millers to ensure that the matter is resolved.

In his statement made on Sun FM radio in Ndola on Thursday last week, Mr. Hichilema said that government had sold ZAFFICO to private investor.

And Mr. Chanda has also urged the media to be responsible in what it is channelling out to the public.

He said there was some levels of irresponsibility by the media to allow the leader of the opposition to allegedly make such a reckless statement with intent to alarm the nation.


  1. We are sick and tired of this useless government and your style of governing! $4.5 for a toll gate? Obviously you sold the Zafico company way back. This is not even corruption, this is looting! Sad but true, only a black man can do this to his own country and people!

    • Why can’t these taling-heads on radio or TV challenge this empty suit, HH, to produce evidence when says something like that? How can some of these people even call themselves journalists if they can’t even press a guest (like a HH) to produce facts when discussing National issues.

      I have watched and listened to some interviews of HH on these fringe TV and Radio stations, all these so called PROGRAM HOSTS/PRESENTERS do is sit there and watch him rumble on and on…..spewing the the same tired conspiracy theories and grievances. And they NEVER challenge him.

      This is common across the board everytime a Politician of note appears on these programs…..Kambwili was treated the same way when he was Minister. And what you end up with is a freaking political monologue without…

    • Every week a new scandal of theft, of killing young students, of selling national assets to Chinese, of inflated costs for projects.

      Lungu & his PF00Ls need to seriously think about renovating prisons. Coz jail will be their new homes, not Dubai, Swaziland or Joburg or new kasama.

    • @Yambayamba

      Why is your ka president Lungu sleepingbin publuc and shying away from the media all the time.?

      There is no smoke without fire.

      ZESCO was privatised secretly and hiven to chinese as collateral. You and PF are still refusing. Fine.

      When Lungu is forced out the chinese will be kicked out with compensation because PF denied ever entering into sale witb chinese in public.

    • When HH said UNZA NRDC land has been sold. All PF minions screamed misingormation. What are the facts regarding UNZA and NRDC today? Sold to Chinese !

      HH just like me is a very thoughtful man and does not say anything from the point on ignorance. He is well connected to freinds abroad who are connected to thise same Chinese investors striking deals with PF in Zambia.

    • According to my vasy knowledge in Financal management, publicly listing of any company means selling the control of that company to the highest bidder. If the highest bidder controls the most shares then he vitually owns the company by assuming more voting rights

      PF is afraid of telling people straight it is privatising state owned companies secretly. MMD did it but in better and transparent way although the money was then stolen after Penza was killed.

      What PF is doing is privatising state companies in secret. These actions will come to haunt them later.

    • @Wanzelu

      I like to deal in FACTS and not FICTION! So far there have been too much SMOKE without FIRE. Provide me with unadulterated facts and I will be with.

      What you HH sychophants are paddling is akin to what Chiluba said about all the crimes and corruptly acquired wealth of KK. When time came to prove it, Chiluba had nothing to show for it…..ALL SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE. He even brought in the UK’s Scotland Yard to try and dig up some dirt on KK but found nothing. All the mansions and hotels we were told KK owned abroad went up in SMOKE….right @Wanzelu? So I advise you to trade in FACTS and not what you people DREAM up at WD.

      You are in danger of falling into the same Chiluba mindset if you don’t change this “group think” imwe ba UPND and your small god, HH!

    • @Yambayamba

      Do know what it means to publicly list a company?

      Do you understand why companies are publicly listed?

      Do you know that one of the best ways to privatise is to publicly list state owned companies?

      UK and many countries follow this step. But PF just does it without transparent valuations. The fact that these transactions are shrouded in secrecy is the reason why people like me have to speak up and liken Lungu’actions to theft by a public servant. Ba bisa chaani. Bayopa chaani to tell the truth.

      Amose Chanda has just admitted that Lungu has approved the sell of 33 state owned companies secretly by way of public auction via the financial market. This is what public listing means

      Yambayamba I know you are intelligent but please stop compromising your…

    • Amos your job is not to fight the opposition. Leave HH to be devoured by fellow politicians. Leave politics to the politicians not you as a civil servant. Lungu alitemwa Sana ukukusakisha ngalingali akabwa kakwe. That’s not your job. It’s Mwila and Mumbi Phiri who should fight UPND

    • Happiness is relative, one ought to be happy if he/she is part to benefiting in the falling purchase power parity of of currency. For the common man, that may not be the case, it is actually Dununa Reverse.


  3. He has been preaching hatred against chinese. Inciting hatred. Preaching tribalism against chinese

    Gbm even said if hh wins they will grab all land sold to Chinese.

    Hh and gbm have nothing in common apart from crookedness.

    Hh is so self centred to work with anyone. The reason he adopt gbm is just for his own personal interest. Thats why gbm can’t even act as upendi president.

    But then if hh dies why HH is in power gbm will be president of ZAMBIA. A ruthless illiterate like idi Amin.

    If you dont know idi amin. Google youtube and type IDI AMIN.

    When you vote for hh you are voting for gbm as president of ZAMBIA

    • HH has never preached hatred agaibst Chinese. All he has is to ask Lungu why he is entering into secret deals and borrowing secretly?

      The late Sata is the one who openly insulted the Chinese.

      Please try and get your facts right.

  4. ..continued . Go to Ministry of Defence. Thus GBM was the major supplier to the ministry when he was Minister. Even the Zambia watch told reported GBM firing an accountant for saying there is no money to your company sir

    Ati iwe chik***la te ndalama sha noko .

    Hh has no problem with such character because they are bedfellows in CRIME.

    Why did gbm dota lose right in kasama where he claims to be popular

    Hh and are axis of economic evil.

    Am a non partisan political.

    And a patriot who loves this country.

  5. Zaffico has been and is still a major supplier of timber to the construction industry.It is an important company. It is better kept as a parastatal to ensure suffient supplies to the local market. Government has done well to clarify that zaffico is not for sale .


  6. HH is a sadist that’s why he will die a painful death because he’s hoodwinked his supporters who are in group think mentality. HH is a privatisation crook who has hidden the privatisation loot in the paradise papers and this is a fact. HH is too small to start a trade war with China by accusing the government of selling Parastatals to China by spreading fake news to dull radio stations. HH is treading on dangerous waters with China and when he’s hit hard using technology which even the developed world he should not complain this privatisation crook

    • Stop cursing death on HH. If you curse death on him, it is you who will die miserable, poor and bankrupt.
      Your hatred is what has closed your eyes. Was HH the one who sold all private companies and mines in Zambia or he was only an employee of a company given a tender to audit some companies. The comp[anies were sold by MM govt. Don’t blame it on HH. Sata, Nawakwi were all part of the MMD govt. Ask them why they sold the companies and later stole the money.
      Don’t use your skull to think.

    • @ Katana where were you when your Supreme leader HH of the UPND under -valued the companies when Grant Thornton which was given the tender did insider dealing and HH grabbed that house in Kabulonga where he used to live in. Katana you must be a juvenile probably into group think mentality. Like every one else HH will one day die just like he wished President Sata to die and celebrated when he died that’s how it will be with him.People like you Katana think HH will not die how dull can some people be.What we want is the privatisation crook to repent his evil sins of greedy.

    • @ Mwape HH has money and rich from the privatisation loot which he’s hidden in the paradise papers but he has no piece of mind and that’s the painful death I’m talking about because that money will remain and the western world will get it so this is the greedy part of this dude who cannot even assist even the poor relatives in his village let alone the entire clan

  7. HH is not opposition anymore. He is a danger to the very existence of the peace of this Country. This mentality is very similar to that Savimbi. This guy is Chintombwa the son to Chintombwa, the cattle rastler who originated from Angola.

  8. Amos Chanda has to yap yap yap and defend lots of Lungu administration’s nonsense all the time to be seen as relevant.

  9. When Sata lost in 2008 and a group of supporters wanted to come to Lusaka to cause mayhem, he stopped them in interest of the nation. Today’s oppostion, hh in the forefront, don’t mind setting the nation alight using lies and innuendos. What would these characters do if they had power??

  10. Most gullible and ignorant Zambians are being fed on a diet of misinformation by disgruntled politicians. In her budget address, the Minister of Finance actually indicated that there were plans to list ZAFFICO on the Lusaka Stock Exchange. Listing ZAFFICO on LUSE is not the same thing as selling the company to the Chinese. It simply means any Zambian will be free to buy shares in the company and thus become a shareholder in the company. How can any enlightened Zambian oppose such a move?

    • And I am sure HH knows that that is exactly what Govt’s intentions and plans are. But he is such a cynical human being such that he is willing to exploit the ignorance of the masses, majority of whom can’t tell or understand the difference between listing a company in a stock exchange and selling it, in order to further his political career. It is the waste kind of cynicism any political leader can have…..the sort that says: BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY or THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS. It is hideous, immoral and dangerous!

    • I bet you AVIC will buy 80% shares. What Zambian has money to waste on buying shares that give minuscule dividends when they have to struggle to find money to put food on their table? Listing ZAFFICO is a way to give the Chinese control without it being an outright sell that would enrage Zambians.

    • With what money will Zambian`s buy these shares, you mean the elite only, because a man in the street can not even meet day to day living and you expect them to buy shares, the majority of Zambians work for govt which is your biggest employer, the same govt that does not pay salaries on time if you are lucky, most of them just don’t get paid period, so you expect them to save from nothing to buy shares, PF full of dander heads with no IQ, it is simple maths and you danders heads cant even see sh!t if it hit in you in the face…..morons

  11. Tame akainde before he sets this country on fire. This humbleness Mr President will lead us into amargedon. Time to act is now.

  12. When Sata was in opposition, he spoke facts that kept Levy on his toes; So much so, Levy thanked him for the checks and balances he provided. Kambela Mazoka had a shadow cabinet which made statements based on facts which equally kept the govt of the day on its toes. Today we have opposition that would rather spread lies to gain political mileage, is that what we have been reduced to?? When you get drunk and shower innuendos on your wife and children, do you think those kids will have respect for you when they grow up?? hh is creating a political scenario he will fail to control!!!

  13. Amos Chanda is Financially illiterate. Listing a Company on the Stock Exchange doesn’t make it viable. Listing a Company on a Stock Exchange means selling shares of that Company to Domestic and Foreign Investors including the Chinese.

    • And so, how does companies raise money in order to expand and grow, hence making them viable? In fact, if they can do it, most Companies prefer this route than taking out loans.

      By the way, if South African Investors also buy shares in ZAFICO once listed on LuSE, who will have bought the Company (ZAFICO), the Chinese or South African? See, this is how rediculous people like HH and some of you sound.

    • @Yambayamba

      There you go. So it is true that ZAFFICO and 32 other companies are up for sale.

      If thats the case whats wrong with some one mentioning the obvious.

      So you PF supporters are just allergic to the truth,are you not? When you try to hide the sale of companies and then some one tells the public what you are actually doing you hate him why?

      Probably Kitwean would not have protested at the news that ZAFFICO is on sale or has been sold if you lot were upfront with the people so that agreement is thrushed out in the interest of workers first But no Lungu chose to hide and still denying the sale ever took place but why?

      Is it because some embezzling is going on that people will uncover?

      PF has gone too far taking Zambians for granted.

      Infact its not HH who said…

  14. This is not about HH, these fcuks have just failed, they thought running a country is like getting drunk and peeing yourself after free whiskey. By the time you lot are done with the country there will be nothing left……Morons

  15. Negativity, vacuousness and general mediocrity has gripped this nation mainly due to deficient leadership in the political set up. I am not saying the ruling party is perfect but the situation has been exacerbated by the worst opposition and civil society organizations in our history. Even a komboni illiterate can understand that a company being listed on LuSE is not being sold but the leader of the largest opposition goes public, with an economics degree and vast financial experience in hand, to lie to the nation so that his diehards can riot and cause confusion?? We are at our lowest in terms of leadership.

    • We start every week arguing over obvious matters. Instead of politicians raising issues that will develop our governance systems (remember upnd controls 35% of parliament; EFF with a smaller percentage are on record of pushing through important legislation like Land Expropriation!!), our politicians spend time on smear campains and lies using sponsored media. For two years we have been discussing rubbish while important national matters like how we can benefit from our natural resources better like Botswana are left to govt alone.

  16. Google: Gbm is corrupt. You will read a flashblack story about how connel zulu and sakala were fired at ministry of defence for resisting gbm

    This gbm had about 21 companies under different names with full knowledge of sata supplying the ministry

    He one day just walked in accountants office and said . Pay fast Te ndalama shanoko ch***la

    Thats is running mate for hh.
    Voting for hh means voting for gbm in state house.

    Am a non partisan political consultant.

    • Thank you for that history lesson. The brainwashed upnd supporters will learn something about the calibre of leaders they expect to run this country.

  17. Amos your job is not to fight the opposition. Leave HH to be devoured by fellow politicians. Leave politics to the politicians not you as a civil servant. Lungu alitemwa Sana ukukusakisha ngalingali akabwa kakwe. That’s not your job. It’s Mwila and Mumbi Phiri who should fight UPND Amos your job is not to fight the opposition. Leave HH to be devoured by fellow politicians. Leave politics to the politicians not you as a civil servant. Lungu alitemwa Sana ukukusakisha ngalingali akabwa kakwe. That’s not your job. It’s Mwila and Mumbi Phiri who should fight UPND l

  18. Where is police in Zambia, why do we allow people to misinform the nation and we are just watching.

    You need to be told to act…

  19. If i was president, i will have all those people misinforming nation behind bars. They need to provlduce evindence.

  20. HH is a danger to humanity. We haven’t even forgotten about UNZA riot he organized/funded which resulted in loss of life, he runs to copperbelt to cause more confusion. This man was on the center stage of destroying ZCCM and never advised the government on the impact of selling the economic hub of Zambia. This man will set Zambia on fire one day because he enjoys blood shed. Innocent people suffers more when bad things happen. Zambia is bigger than you HH, mpombo wibilima, ababilima tabaya.

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