The First ever Kidney transplant operation in Zambia being conducted at UTH-2018
The First ever Kidney transplant operation in Zambia being conducted at UTH-2018

University Teaching Hospital’s first Kidney transplant recipient has been discharged.

UTH Adult Hospital Medical Superintendent Clarence Chiluba says the kidney recipient has recovered and has since been discharged from the hospital.

Dr Chiluba however said that the recipient will continue to be monitored.

He has also stated that UTH will soon conduct more kidney transplants within this month.

He said this in an interview with ZNBC news in Lusaka.

And Dr. Chiluba has revealed that UTH managed to carry out 19 open and closed heart surgeries last week.

He however said one of the children died while the other is in a critical condition.

And Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Administration Kennedy Malama says some cases of Renal failure can be prevented if illnesses like malaria are treated in infancy.

Speaking when he commissioned the University Teaching Hospital Children’s Hospital Hemodialysis Unit, fitted with two Hemodialysis machines, Dr Malama urged health workers to address illnesses in their infancy stages to prevent severe health risks.

Dr Malama said the launch is a milestone in the provision of Renal treatment for children in the country.

Meanwhile Children’s Hospital Senior Medical Superintendent John Musuku thanked the Ministry of Health for the Hemodialysis machines at the children’s hospital saying they will go a long way in administering treatment to children with renal failure.

And Renal Ward Consultant Chisambo Mwaba appealed for a utility vehicle that would follow the patients to their homes for continued treatment because renal services are expensive for many families.

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    • Donor was discharged 8-10 days back. And the recipient is discharged yesterday. Both of them are very stable. Donor has already started going for work. Recipient has to be isolated for 3 months as per the transplant protocol to protect him from any infection. We have projected to do almost 100 kidney transplant in next 3 years in Zambia.



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