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Three Companies allowed to import GMOs into Zambia

Headlines Three Companies allowed to import GMOs into Zambia

The National Biosafety Authority (NBA) has granted three distributors new permits to import products that may contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

The three applicants are Cold Chain, Horizon and Innscor who were among 12 retailers, wholesalers and Distributors that applied for new and renewal permits.

NBA Chief Executive officer, Lackson Tonga says the decision was arrived at after a risk assessment was conducted by the scientific advisory committee.

Mr. Tonga told Journalists at a media briefing in Lusaka today that the committee recommended to the board for permits and that the various products are SAFE for human, animal and the environment.

He explained that of the permits granted, a named distributor will ONLY import about 80 percent of the products that they initially applied for, while the other 20 percent have been rejected.

Mr. Tonga said this is because they may contain genetically modified SOYABEAN product, which is believed to have been made through newly developed technologies which are NOT covered by the Biosafety Act.

He said the Authority has continued its spot and compliance checks and during the operations one distributor and four retailers have been asked to remove all the Genetically modified products from the shelves.

But in a statement to ZNBC News, Zambia National Farmers Union -ZNFU- President Jervis Zimba said the Union will not subscribe to GMOs and rejects the process that seeks to bring into the country Genetically Modified Foods on the market.

Mr. Zimba said the agriculture sector will be hurt the most if GMOs are allowed and will affect farmers worst affected.

He said ZNFU will fight and thwart all efforts bent on legitimizing GMOs.


    • The PF leadership can never refuse extra-thick brown envelopes.

      Zambia has always reject GMO based farming for good reasons. It is not yet proven, and is prone to abuse.

      These are signs that this government has compromised the integrity of our country.

      All this for a few pieces of silver.

  1. This should not be permitted, this is why they are so many allegations of corruption against Government, clearly someone or a group of people have been compromised by a bribe to go against a firm national stance. This decision should be reversed.

  2. It’s very difficult to dismiss corruption allegations in our country with this kind inconsistencies. How can someone proudly support our leaders when their actions are so so unpredictable. How can the well known stance on GMO be changed over night just like that as if nobody knows the background to the issue? Very disquieting turn events!

  3. Remember their names and faces… When as a nation we are forced to watch our children and families suffer through kidney failure, tumours, the daily listening to loved ones screaming in pain, remember who did this to us. We lived through the Aids episode with no medicine this will be worse because medicine will just prolong the suffering. If it’s safe for human consumption they and their families must start eating it daily first-class leadership by example and what not.

  4. Well this comes as no surprise except this information has been made public this time. There are many companies and foreigners including local travellers bringing in GMO food substances that now even being grown in the country without the knowledge of anybody. We have been careless and negligent in the manner we are dealing with GMOs. Government on the other hand should understand that this is a wrong move and many countries would like to move away from these GMO food substances instead of indorsing the importation. We can actually learn a lot if we invested in addressing this issue openly. This is just about to kill the local farmers and products alike.

  5. And they wonder why people are dying of cancer ..the foodchain is flooded with GMOs…plus your Chink friends dont care about approvals.

  6. Such a fundamental decision cannot be taken by a quango. This ought to be a ministerial or collective cabinet decision. PF please provide leadership here. GMO for a country like Zambia spells disaster in so many areas!

  7. What authority does this NBA have to issue import permits when government and the republic have already rejected this GMO junk food? This is very sad development. Today it’s 3 companies, tomorrow it will be the entire market.

  8. Those are all PF affiliated companies, as usual some one got a bribe and approved this sh!t food for our people, previous govt have always rejected GMO`s but with this lot is it ok. As long as they can afford proper food, they really don`t care about the masses

  9. These are the issues the opposition should be marching against. Not increment of salaries, which their MPs also voted for. kikikiki. Zambians, this is one time we should forgo politics and band as one to fight this vice.

  10. Zambian Citizens have power to undo this. REFUSE TO BUY OR PATRONISE THOSE COMPANIES. If they have no market they will go away on their own accord.

  11. ….my rule is: if you can’t control your car, don’t overspeed….so ba Board fimo-fimo, don’t introduce products in Zambia which you have no ability to monitor.

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