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ZCID pulls out of National Dialogue

Headlines ZCID pulls out of National Dialogue

File picture:ZCID Meeting with Church leaders

The Zambia Center for Inter Party Dialogue ZCID and its political parties will not attend the launch of the National Dialogue Process organized by the three church mother bodies.

ZCID Board chairperson Nathen Mulonga said this is because of the unresolved impasse between ZCID and the three church mother bodies.

Mr Mulonga said the three Church mother bodies have refused to sign an MoU with the ZCID and their refusal to agree on the agenda and road map of the dialogue process.

He said this is contrary to what was agreed with ZCID and the church and that the decision to withdraw was arrived at after meeting with 31 political parties.

He said ZCID will pursue its own dialogue agenda and that a new date for Presidents’ summit will be announced soon.

Mr Mulonga said this at a media briefing in Lusaka.

However, the Patriots for Economic Progress Party President Sean Tembo Mr. Tembo said the ZCID in its current form is a highly compromised institution for the simple reason that the Board Members of ZCID eat off the palm of the PF, either indirectly through nominations to Parliament or directly through regular bribes that are disguised as Board sitting allowances.

“Given that the majority of these ZCID Board Members are jobless and on the verge of destitution, these regular PF bribes that are disbursed on a monthly basis through the Ministry of Justice, and disguised as Board sitting allowances, are the main sources of income for them”, he said.

Mr. Tembo said on this basis, it cannot be reasonably expected that ZCID can act in an impartial and independent manner to fairly and equitably represent the interests of all political parties in Zambia.

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  1. “after meeting with 31 political parties”
    Who are these parties?Besides who needs the ZCID and its surrogate PF parties.
    Everybody knows the PF wants the status quo to remain and believe its their ticket to winning in 2021.
    They will be surprised.

      1. Nothing to reconcile on. You are beaten at the ballots, swallow you pride, stop being tribal, use a round table and strategise.
      2. Dialogue doesn’t change electoral laws, reform POA or any thing of that nature.
      So, that’s why it’s even hard for the agenda of the meeting to be formulated. No agenda no talking points. Iwe hetch hetch stop wasting our time. Iwe ECL, concentrate on what matters in the country.
      Dialogue my foot. When you’re politically whacked stop the n.o.n.s.e.n.s.e .
      Dialogue my cracked foot. Cracked so much so that you can even hide a 1 kwacha coin in it. Damn, I can’t stand time wasters.

    • Who these ZCID think they’re? They think they have balls to form government of National Unity?
      HH & Edgar have no problem. What do they have in common??
      It’s like forcing Green Eagles fans to befriend Nkana fans. Nothing in common.

    • They have had a brown envelop from the PF that is why they are showing off . Kaloba from the china at work here .

    • Let the go we don’t care afterall their presence is undesirable. Its good news to have Nakachinda and the team away from this important dialogue.

  2. Ati PIONEERS OF DIALOGUE FAIL TO DIALOGUE. hehehe. Thats what happens when you political consultants causing confusion

    Whoever is entertaining this guy in there ranks is just courtin confusion. When and after confusion is done he will simply say he was sent by DEMONS and ask for forgiveness

  3. There are only two key people to this process the rest are just escorting them to eat and for allowances. The 31 can hang as long as the two can agree then this acrimony can die down.

  4. Cry babies. I think everyone wants to get fame out of this so called dialogue , they just don’t know how some of us fill about this dialogue idea. Let them just live this mess called dialogue and concentrate on what they know better, dirty politics and save our tax payers money.

  5. The three church mother bodies will lose the little trust remaining by engaging in party politics let them concentrate on saving souls as their primary role because it’s difficult to serve two masters at the same time, that is party politics and serving God, Amen.

  6. Waste of resources which can go towards other needy areas. It is a platform of talkers and jokers. The problem in Zambia is that people talk from sunrise to sunset. They are very good speakers of the Queen’s language, but luck implementation. Great talkers, are in most cases, great are great liars. Political dialogue is sheer waste of time and financial resources. This nation needs people who will work more and talk less. It is a big shame that politicians are fighting each other over dialogue. This nation is not on civil war. This dialogue,nonsense, is just there for political expedience and appeasement. This is taking the citizenry for a ride.

  7. When the church bites too much into the political territory, you got them quietly announcing election results thus putting the nation under serious situation like in the Congo DR where the electoral body’s voice lingers in detrimental credibility question, making the POTROZ bwana ECL refind the chance of his travel expedition rekindled. Church, put it out to me in plain English, What’s the so called dialogue ABOUT? I am honestly in the dark.

  8. These were stooges who came to the table to throw spanners in the works to benefit their masters whose interests they serve. They know how PF stole the last election and will push the PF agenda at the talks. Edgar Lungu playing holier than thou over the DRC election when he is guilty of the same offence! What a hypocrite! Who is fooling who??

  9. The dialogue was taken over by squabbling Party’s fighting amongst themselves. It was building up into an unpleasant prospect.

    Trouble is some political folks think overtaking every public process is forging their cause. As for Tembo his unjust allegations are plainly unpleasant. There was not much dialogue as Tower of Babel.

  10. The word Dialogue can be a Verb or a Noun. In this case it is a noun and defined as “a conversation or discussion to resolve a problem”. Now what is the problem, Is it Electoral law? such gatherings have no mandate to change them. Is it the POA? Such gathering have no mandate to do anything about it apart from yapping. The moment dialogue was loudly called with an agenda, I immediately called it a circus and it has degenerated into a pure circus as things stand. IT IS JUST A WASTE OF TIME. The Church has disgraced itself here. I wonder how they lead sinners to Heaven if they fail such a simple task.

  11. I take it the falling out of the ZCID is the first achievement of the dialogue process. The Church Mother body is not naive just proving that they mean well for the whole nation. They understand the tricks of ZCID as such they don’t want to be soiled by the mud ridden hands. I hope PF won’t use this development as a scapegoat for shunning the dialogue process.

  12. Do we really need dialogue? For What? We know the problems and what we need is resolving them without spending more money in paying dialogue attendees. We know there is an issue with POA etc

  13. Please lets shelve this dialogue for now for nothing is reasonably expected to come out of this meeting. Each time we have the national day of prayer, repentance and RECONCILIATION, immediately after, these political leaders from both the ruling and opposition parties are at each other throats, so what will this particular dialogue bring about. Infact, lets just order gloves and give them, I am just tired with all these chaps you call our leaders on both sides

  14. I wish the PF leadership will not attend to this nonsense meeting for tomorrow.

    We need to organise a dialogue for ZCID and the Church first.

    PF continue working and doing what people voted you for.

  15. WHILE OUR President is in Ethiopia right now resolving Congo DR issues, you are here at home failing to make your country good. What impression are you creating for the President there? You have no heart for this country to say the least

  16. This dialogue will never take place. PF is not interested in any dialogue and they will keep using other surrogate parties as well as ZCID to give flimsy excuses to always postpone the process.

  17. My president is in Ethiopia attending to important issues not wasting time to listen to Kambwili trying to make himself relevant after being fired for being the most corrupt minister.

  18. When ZCID was headed by UPND stooges , UPND praised them ,now that the entity is headed by FDD and MMD members, of course, UPND is castigating it.

    The CHURCH MOTHER bodies members, some members playing in the background by leaking their intended plans .The Church is DIVIDED.some support PF,some support UPND


  19. This dialogue is about the people of Zambia and for service ,then why should be people get annoyed and pull out.This is not about a personal farm please be mature.About service continue discussing and if a member is tired resign.

  20. Last hour pull out of national dialogue!!!! If PF don’t show up, will be clear evidence that the Zambia Center for Inter Party Dialogue (ZCID) is a PF remote controlled organisation.

  21. PF does not lose anything by showing up or not to this meeting. They are already crushing the opposition in their own strongholds. By 2021, they will probably take Choma or Livingstone.


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