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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Pharmaceutical Society of Zambia saddened by the redeployment of Dr. Aaron Mujajati

Health Pharmaceutical Society of Zambia saddened by the redeployment of Dr. Aaron Mujajati

Health Professions Council of Zambia Chief Executive Officer Dr. Aaron Mujajati delivering the speech whilst Health Professions Council of Zambia Chief operations Officer Kolala Mulenga (l) and Assistant Registrar-Registration Health Professions Council of Zambia Bwembya Bwalya (r) listens during Health Professions Council of Zambia press briefing at there offices
Health Professions Council of Zambia Chief Executive Officer Dr. Aaron Mujajati delivering the speech whilst Health Professions Council of Zambia Chief operations Officer Kolala Mulenga (l) and Assistant Registrar-Registration Health Professions Council of Zambia Bwembya Bwalya (r) listens during Health Professions Council of Zambia press briefing at there offices

The Pharmaceutical Society of Zambia is saddened by the redeployment of Dr. Aaron Mujajati from the Health Professions Council of Zambia to Ndola Teaching hospital.

Society President Jerome Kanyika said Dr. Mujajati brought some sanity in the health professions Council of Zambia with his energy and dedication to work.

Mr. Kanyika noted that within a short period of time, Dr. Mujajati was at HPCZ, there has been increased compliance by all the stakeholders such as the training institutions, the health workers and the health facilities.

He said there has also been the introduction of the much need LEX exams for the first time in the history of Zambia, expansion of health professions Council offices from only Lusaka to other parts of Zambia, Introduction of the continuous professions development points for health workers, introduction of online registration of health workers by the council, student indexing for all the health institutions and protection of the general public from any health worker misconduct and a lot of other good things.

Mr. Kanyika said the Pharmaceutical Society of Zambia would love to continue working with Dr. Mujajati as the registrar of health professions Council because of the brightness and effectiveness they have seen in the way he has been executing his duty for the benefit of the Zambian people.

“Since the registrar has been redeployed we want to put it on record that the profession body is ready to work with the new person the minister of health will appoint as the registrar and offer support and professional advices on the pharmaceutical matters”, he added.

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  1. Professionalism being exterminated by cadreism. If you fail to paddle the canoe in line with the powers that be,you are given the boot. There is too much cadreism such that professionals fail to execute their duties. The only people who survive are bootlickers. The time you start showing your skills as a profession,you end up being in conflict with the appointing authority. Cadreism has taken centre stage in all spheres of life. Professionals face the vice of cadreism in all their endeavors. There is conflict between professionalism and cadreism. Corporate governance is thrown on the alter of cadreism. That is why am against politicians appointing professionals.There should be an independent body of appointing professionals. Politicians have conflict of interest in their appointments.

    • Mujajati is a performer and when you are doing your job very well you will make those lowlife dull cretins pretending to be leaders as they galavant in their luxury SUVs look like what they really are useless and a waste of resources hence our brother has indeed made enemies within the system. If we had 10 like minded Zambians as Mujajati in govt cabinet and only 1000 in various govt civil service institutions plus only 50 in parliament I tell you that this country would be a well run country with no cholera, no potholed roads in urban areas of our so called cities, no funny roadblocks, no poor prison conditions, no outdated legal system that represses the poor, no grade 12 leavers who can’t read etc etc Let us empower the likes of Mujajati not suppress them.

    • Problem was Mujajati closing CBU and clinics, looked like he was above Chitalu.
      Mujajati will be Minister of health in next government.

    • The tenets of Corporate Governance does not authorize appointment of professionals by individuals. That is why,as a nation,all strategic institutions have been infiltrated with mediocre characters. We need to have a Board of Directors assembled by parliament to look into the issue of professional appointments. Professionals fail to execute their jobs owing to phobia of reprisals. An erring professional should be accountable to an independent board. Our institutions are filled up with cadres who are appointed on partisanship and appeasement. If an individual wants to apply himself or herself, he or she is removed unceremoniously. This has resulted in poor deliverance of service to the citizenry. Otherwise, nothing will be achieved in an environment of intimidation to professionals.

    • What professionalism are you talking about naimwe ba Pompwe? Mujajati is not HPCZ and HPCZ is not Mujajati! Running Institutions is not the job of an individual! It’s is teamwork! There were real brains behind Mujajati doing the good work. Unfortunately, like all bad CEOs do, he claims all the glory even for other people’s initiative! Doctors are not well prepared for Public Administration! From now on, people must be well qualified for such sensitive position! He goes down in HPCZ history as the first failed HPCZ Registrar!

  2. He has become a victim of a political witch hunt after he condemned some medical schools and clinics .PF is keen on painting a picture that they have created a medical school this medical school that when in fact the services they provide are substandard .It is right to say this is the more reason why PF politicians have taken over the decision making process as to who needs sending to South Africa for treatment . These decisions are supposed to be done on merit and by professionals in the field not politicians

  3. He washing dirty linen in public

    How do you fight your own govt publicly to a point of going to court when both of you are represented by the same attorney General.

    When you are a civil servant you must understand rules of engagement.

    Don’t be over zealous no matter how right you are.

  4. And Hpcz must stop considering medical doctors for the top job at the institution.

    Someone that has Masters in public administration can head any institution.

  5. When someone is hardworking just know there are some people in the background just waiting to bring that person down. This is more like a demotion. Instead of promoting him they demote him. This doctor can work anywhere he wants but he chooses to be here. Dr Mujajati go where you’ll be appreciated. In Zambia they don’t appreciate professionals or anyone who’s doing good. Email me I’ll assist you in your endeavors.

  6. ZED Loves mediocre, sad reading indeed. All the health institutions who were training assassin doctors will be back.

    • Especially Mediocre unqualified Public Administrators like Mujajati! Let him go and study Public Administration, then he will appreciate how wrong his approach to running HPCZ was! You need patience and the spirit of persuasion to succeed in public administrator role! As he reflects over his down fall, let him enrol for a management course. He will understand he was doing the right things the wrong way!


  8. He is a big cader himself and he needed to realise that you dont oppose what feeds you. Its called Chimbwi afwile intangallala! If you think you got better ideas intelligent and sharp people discuss ideas quietly and find solutions. Heroism isnt anything but a fuss.

    • Is he the only capable doctor in Zambia? That is how Africans end up with dictators because you believe in individuals more than in institutions! HPCZ is an institution that became personalized and abused by Mujajati! That is how it became so dysfunctional! If you think Mujajati’s Standards were high, then you have fallen for the lie! Go to Botswana and learn what high standards mean. Most people who have never seen real standards will think closing clinics is standards! These chaps closed my friend’s clinic then came back asking for “donations” to settle out of court. Is that standards?


  10. When his colleagues were being retired in national interest,transferred,demoted in Ministry of Health etc as ZMA president he stood and watched and happily benefited by the appointment as HPCZ CEO.
    There are no adverts for these positions these as people are appointed by decree and so he was appointed.We have extreme mistreatment of officers especially those from Southern Province.Strangely Mujajati stood akimbo for so long and may be he enjoyed what he saw.My advise to him be strong,and reflect.You can begin a new chapter from here

  11. We are having the last laugh over Mujajati the He goat! We are not done with him yet! He as former CEO still has the fiduciary duty to explain the deaths his team caused because of the acrimonious manner in which they went about closing health institutions! You can call yourself a doctor in the head and on paper but if you can be so heartless as to throw out critical patients from facilities because you want to show your tuma powers is not only unprofessional but criminal! We want answers over those deaths! Your friends in other countries are using real ISO standards and you should have known that improving standards is a continuous improvement process not the money-making venture you reduced it to! As for Pharmaceutical society, please concentrate on your Viagra-laced power drinks!…

  12. Shocking how people are happy when someone who tries to instill professionalism is got rid of. You cannot even connect a lack of professionalism to your continuous battles to access quality services.

    And for some, it is about rent-seeking, backward allegiances and a pseudo actualization of mediocrity as the norm.

    • He caused the deaths of many innocent patients caught up in his bl00dy crossfire with Private Health Institutions which he was interested in milking. It is easy for some of you who never lost relatives to in this fracas not to see the downside to Mujajati’s barbaric approach! No one is saying we should not aim to improve standards and that is where most are missing the point! Management of the change (MOC) process is a gradual process and you must be wise to get buy-in from all stakeholders of which Private practitioners are! How do you order a patient on oxygen out of the facility because you want to close a facility immediately? You don’t even arrange an Ambulance and expect relatives to be the ones to do that? Are these the standards we want? We are still mourning our loved one we…

  13. We are still mourning our loved one we lost and in due course, Mujajati will have to face the Law!

  14. A Good Medical Doctor knows that he or she must “Do No Harm!” If Mujajati’s actions of closing institutions without due care to the plight of critical patients resulted in mortalities, then I am afraid Mujajati is in $h1t! The aggrieved relatives have the right to sue for their losses! It hurts to lose loves ones, especially at the hands of one who is entrusted to save lives! Doing the right thing the wrong way is wrong!

  15. No one is indispensable in Zambia. If he becomes big headed, he can be replaced.

    Never bite the finger that feed you just b3cause you think you are the only one with a genuine PhD

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