Foot and Mouth disease (FMD) has broken out in Chisamba district in Central Province affecting about 150 animals so far.

Central Province Veterinary Officer (PVO), Allan Lianzambi, confirmed the outbreak of the disease at the Zambia Ranching and Cropping (ZRC) commercial farm.

Dr. Lianzambi said about 150 cattle have been infected with the disease and no death has been recorded at the farm so far.

ZANIS reports that Dr. Lianzambi said the commercial farm has since been cordoned and ring vaccination was ongoing.

He said more than 11,000 cattle have already been vaccinated to prevent more animals from being infected.

Dr. Lianzambi has since imposed restriction on the movement of animals to and from ZRC to prevent the disease from spreading to other farms in the district and the province at large.

A delegation comprising Central Province Minister Sydney Mushanga, Provincial Permanent Secretary, Bernard Chomba and Chisamba District Commissioner, Martin Chowa, who wanted to visit the farm, could not be allowed entry.

Mr. Mushanga thanked the Provincial Veterinary Officer and his team for their quick action to prevent loss of animals and spread of the disease to other areas.

He has since promised Dr. Lianzambi and the District Commissioner that he was going to immediately get in touch with his counterpart in the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, Kampamba Chewe to quickly move in and curb the situation.

Last year, Foot and Mouth disease infected and killed many animals in Central Province.

A task force was formed to enhance quick treatment and prevent further spread of the disease.

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