Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda addresses journalists at State House in Lusaka on Monday -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA

State House Spokesperson Amos Chanda has distanced State House from AXXEZ Media which is purported to be using the institution’s name in getting business.

Mr. Chanda says neither state house nor he has any dealings with the media company which deals in billboards.

He says the two company shareholders have no connection to him or state house but are reported to be bullying CEOs in councils in Kafue, Lusaka, and some councils on the Copperbelt purporting that they are being sent by state house.

Briefing the media in Lusaka today, Mr. Chanda warned that anyone dealing with them should do so in their own accord and not because they are alleged to have state house support.

He also expressed disappointment with the Lusaka City Council Chief Executive Officer for his complicity and acting with the company saying it is linked to him.

Mr. Chanda said this despite him having warned them about a year ago that he has nothing to do with the company.

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    • How can one from no where, go on to say am from state house, Amos you know your fellow thugs.


    • “Mr. Chanda said this despite him having warned them about a year ago that he has nothing to do with the company.”…….now this was a year ago and the company continues doing Billboard business. We know u all have benefited these are caders that had Miles Sampa, ECL and Mwanakatwe Billboards all over the place in Lusaka. They are untouchable Period!


  1. ACC and the police are complicit in these corrupt crimes, they know who the big fish are and are being bribed….


  2. You will just warn them and that’s it? ZPPA suspend the said company for disadvantaging other companies .


  3. Okay: Since you dont have any links with them, let us get them arrested and convicted of criminal acts: Misrepresentation and conman type of criminal acts. Then these guys will stop such acts in future. Do not just say you have no connections. Arrest them>



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