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Chitotela has been arrested because of his Presidential ambitions and not corruption-GBM

Headlines Chitotela has been arrested because of his Presidential ambitions and not corruption-GBM

UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba delivers his remarks during the UPND 20th anniversary dinner on Friday night
UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba delivers his remarks during the UPND 20th anniversary dinner on Friday night

UPND Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba says the arrest of Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Ronald Chitotela by the Anti-Corruption Commission has nothing to do with the fight against corruption but is a fight against anyone ambitious enough to challenge President Edgar Lungu’s hold onto the Presidency.

Speaking at a media briefing this morning, Mr. Mwamba said Mr. Chitotela’s corrupt activities were well known and documented even at the time he was being appointed into cabinet in 2016 as he had earlier been fired by the late President Michael Sata for similar offences in 2013.

“Late President Michael Sata fired Chitotela from his ministerial position for corruption. Even at the time of re-appointment by Edgar Lungu, it was already a well-known fact that the man was corrupt and it beat any sensible reason as to why the man was appointed to such a sensitive ministry despite his background. We take it the administration stood to benefit from his corruption. But unfortunately, the man has become too ambitious to wanting to challenge his boss through Luapula United grouping hence falling out of favor of the appointing authority,” Mr. Mwamba said.

The UPND Vice President said the war within the Patriotic Front is becoming fierce with both Muchinga and Luapula provinces positioning themselves for either the Presidency or running mate for the 2021 election thus making Edgar and his associates jittery knowing that the two groupings were too powerful to be ignored.

“It is likely that the arrest on Chitotela was sanctioned and we expect more ambitious people especially in his cabinet to arrested on ‘corruption charges’. Luapula united is very serious on its ambitions and now those in Muchinga are also positioning themselves for the challenge under the Muchinga united front. Its war in there and Chitotela has been merely sacrificed for being too ambitious, just like NDC Consultant Chishimba Kambwili was investigated and questioned by ACC for being in possession of money believed to be proceeds of crime.” said Mr. Mwamba.

He said Edgar should know that Zambians hold the key to statehouse constitutionally and they are watching with keen interest and will not allow Edgar Lungu’s government beyond 2021 because of corruption which has led to poverty and hunger as experienced by majority of Zambians across the country.

“What I can tell the nation is that this arrest whether genuine or a mere public relations stunt aimed at giving credence to Chitotela’s eventual dismissal is long overdue because the whole country knows how corrupt the Infrastructure minister is coupled with his Presidential ambitions. PF thrives on corruption but his ending will be bad as it will be engineered from within the PF by the same corrupt elements he appointed into government”, Mr. Mwamba further said.

Mr. Chitotela 47, has been charged with two counts of concealing property suspected of being proceeds of crime contrary to section 71 (1) of the Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime Act number 19 of 2010.

Mr. Mwamba said this is the same Chitotela who in 2013, was fired by late President Michael Chilufya Sata from his ministerial position together with his Mwansabombwe counterpart Rodgers Mwewa after the ACC launched corruption investigations against him.

Calls for President Lungu to fire Chitotela who has since been released on bond have intensified to allow for smooth investigations and prosecution of the matter.

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  1. GBM is delusional. Chitotela’s own wife and family members would not have voted for him. To actually know that GBM is the vice president of Zambia’s largest opposition party is disheartening. One he is a non repentant wife batterer, a crook that was only minister because his uncle was president of Zambia. Mister Michael Sata. Let our investigative branches and courts handle matters you have no knowledge of mister Mwamba.

    • @Alibe Nzelu.

      Personal attacks on opposition is not good when facts speak for themselves.

      This Chitotela was fired by Sata. In fact, a lot of people that Sata fired have been hired by Lungu.

      With Lungu in charge, Zambia will continue backsliding.

      Lungu and corruption are synonymous.

    • GBM wrote so well about how corrupt police constable Chitotela is.
      But giving some credit as “presidential candidate” is too low thinking.
      What useless political party can adopt Chitotela as president, only PF.

      GVBM is equally hyper corrupt. Have you forgotten about all those contracts you used to award yourself when you were at the MoD? MCS didn’t fire you but fired Chitotela because you helped him win the 2011 polls. Look who is talking. If the ACC is passive ati iyo iyo tababomba. When they work ati persecution. If the POTROZ intervenes, ati iyo iyo wako ni wako. Chitotela is innocent until proven guilty, alright. CK was fired then the ACC was unleashed on him. On this one, either CK or GBVM tipped the ACC.

    • The POTROZ ECL must handle this issue cautiously because apparently there is a lot in the UPNDEAD’s playbook to disorient the PF. Moles could be created or planted in the ACC to instigate the disruptive process in Government. Chitotela could be doing a remarkable job at the Ministry. With this view Chitotela must stand his ground. GBVM has just managed to send mixed messages. I am changing my view on this. Like the likes of Nkandu luo and the Mwanakatwes, he must not resign until we figure out what’s going down. Bad people messing up good people like Mmembe character assassinated the innocents.

    • @Ndobo, not same village. But we all meet at Mansa hotel, I remember him as a police officer. Not a good guy to drink with at all.
      Kano chimudala Chi SG Davies Mwila, he is nice mu bar, with good advice to fibena Chitotela NOT to steal or engage in Witchcraft.

    • Geeees! GBM has used his mind to make a political stament on Chitotela.

      His is one of the most Wrong Footed and Waste of Space in the Political Arena. He can not articulate a damn thing.

      He is just sitting his ass* waiting to be VP of Zambia and offer himself government contracts.

      It’s all about Show Me The Money……

  2. It is disheartening to know that GBM is vice president of Zambia’s largest opposition party. Chitotela’s own family would never have voted for him kikikiki. GBM is still unrepentant for wife abuse. He just had to chime in, let Zambia’s law branches do their jobs.

  3. Well said GBM. Someone really wanted to be close to this corrupt and certified thief for a reason. To gain big time. We all knew that Chito was a thief and got surprised how he became minister in Jona’s government. Yes its all about ambitions and not corruption to begin with. Why appoint someone as minister with a corrupt background if we mean well to Zambians.????
    Its clear that Jona’s time is numbered.
    What a disaster!!!!!

  4. Luapula United Vs Muchinga Province. It’s like two football teams! In any case whatever the background it’s good to rid the party of a repeat offender.

    Allow the ACC to do its job. As for President Lungu ridding himself of potential opponents why not? It’s ABC of self survival!

  5. That is upendi.

    They are now preparing safety net for a criminal.

    We have said it a million times

    HH will never rule Zambia because his brainwashed followers defy logic

  6. Just wait and see


    These are upendi heavy weight

    Nawakwi has rightly put it. As long as we live hh will never rule Zambia.

    Let him stand as an mp in monze if he wants a voteable position is social or a mayor in Livingston

    • *Or stand as mayor in Livingston*

      He isia a dark cloud on zambia politics

      Instead of giving hope he is giving night mares

  7. How can a corrupt man like GBM lecture us on corruption some things are best left without a comment.Explain to us what you did at ministry of Defence when you where a minister there and the zesco poles and why the late Michael Sata asked Wynter to sort you out over your dealings.

  8. It’s sad that a UPND senior member is saying this. Saying this is similar to saying Chitotela is being framed. He may have fallen out of favour with Chagwa, it doesn’t mean he’s clean.

    • Exactly my point. GBVM’s post has opened my eyes. His narrative cannot be corroborated. Chitotela is innocent. Investigate that ACC mole.
      UPNDEAD has reached dangerous levels.

  9. 100% correct, how Dare the ACC arrest a sitting Minister, this has never happened any where in Africa. Arrests usually happen when the Minister has left the office.

  10. Just because Chitotela has been caught doesn’t mean he’s the only thief, even Hichilema hasn’t accounted for a lot of Party funds, even Garry Nkombo and Katuka have failed to explain where the 2 metres that was released for the Kasenengwa campaigns was used, the candidate was given peanuts. In Zambia most politicians are not honest, so it doesn’t give you any mileage to laugh at another. You always complain that ACC isn’t working now that they arrest somebody you say it’s not corruption but succession war. What do you people really want? You need crocodile skin to be President in Zambia. Let’s not crucify Chitotela, he’s going to have his day in court

  11. Look who is talking! Honestly, what value doe GBM bring to the party to hold a position of vice-president, only in a scattered and voiceless, oppressive party like UPND led by ka dictator called HH.

  12. Dog eat dog politics ,politics of personal destruction ,politics of tribe and Lungu’s politics of sycophancy .That’s Zambia for you ,no wonder we’ve wasted 54yrs not developing like Singapore.

  13. Constable Chitotela and Ngwangwaza Kampyongo must be thoroughly investigated by competent uncompromised security wings they must explain their wealth. Kampyongo was carrying bag of cassava from the bush until kuchibobo now rich. We were neighbours in chinsali the only wealth they had was one dog with one eye.

    • ….coming from the degenerates who want to convince the population that PF has destroyed the country?? ConCourt is corrupt, ECZ is corrupt, Judiciary is corrupt now ACC is also an extension of PF??

  14. There we go again. So every corrupt minister that may be arrested has presidential ambition? Even GBM must be arrested for his presidential hopes. If Chitotela is not arrested, he’s being protected by Lungu , if he’s arrested then he’s a threat LUNGU. My take is that with the apparent fight against corruption, people like GBM will be deprived of anything to discuss .

    • Its clear upnd’s plans are falling apart. Sesheke is not looking good. Then their leader rushes to RSA to try and embarrass grz but ends up being humiliated at the event. The Chitotela arrest signifies the start of the independence of the judiciary and the institutionalization of the corruption fight. This sends huge tremors in the upnd propaganda plan as the PF plans look like they are working. GBMs statement is clear chipante pante thinking from a party of chimbwis with no plan!!!

  15. I said it…..that Chitotela will be celebrated in certain circles as long as he is perceived to be anti government and anti PF.

    Whether Chitotela has presidential ambitions or not is not what he was arrested for. Chitotela like GBM and many others both in government and opposition are riff ruffs and crooks not to be celebrated or considered as leaders fit for any office.

    As long as we see such misfits as leaders, and keep them in power or vote them into office, this country will continue to face the same problems.

  16. That is the vice president of upnd talking,and you expect to win a general election with such a vice president.Shame!

  17. Ba Great Bag of Maize use your medulla oblongata for once! Luapula United Muchinga United and then you have backed Bantustan United….so its a three horse race? And since Kumawa has had two Presidents the goal is not to give them a third term…that means who can win it? Bantustan doesn’t have the number and Luapula needs Kasama, Muchinga will unit with Umodzi na Kumawa…..and you are backing the right horse Great Bag of Maize???


  19. Okay. Whatever happened. set up or no set up. He shouldn’t have kept lots, lots of money in the house. its sad reading and example of the ruling party.

  20. iwe Mwamba stop politicising. let’s all support the president for draining the swamp. corrupt elements have to go to jail. Chitotela you are going to jail.

  21. Ba GBM ichasa kanua, you when serving as Minister of Defense and Winter Kabimba as Minister of Justice you were investigated by ACC on 22 October, 2012. A lot of lies have been told about our leaders, its time we wait for truth nothing but truth only.

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