HH promises to re-employ fired Police Officers in Sesheke when UPND comes to power

Hakainde Hichilema

United Part for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has assured all the civil servants that have lost their jobs due to the ruling Patriotic Front (PF)’s victimization will be given back their jobs once his party forms government.

Reacting to recent reports of the dismissal of senior police officers in Sesheke District, Mr Hichilema said that it was appalling to note how the PF had swiftly concluded that the officers broke the law when for months now no one has been found wanting over the death of a student at the University of Zambia. This is unfortunate.

Below is Mr Hichilema’s full post

We have noted the continued harassment and firing of civil servants performing their duties lawfully by the PF with dismay.

The recent being the firing of police officers who maintained law and order in the Sesheke parliamentary by-election.

It is appalling to note how the PF has swiftly concluded that the officers broke the law when for months now no one has been found wanting over the death of a student at the University of Zambia. This is unfortunate.

We are aware that young professionals working in government have not only suffered in terms of poor conditions of service but also physical attacks, unlawful dismissals from known PF officials including Mr Edgar Lungu himself as a beneficiary of lawlessness in the country.

However, we would like to assure all the civil servants and in this case men and women in uniform not to lose hope because once in government, we will give back your jobs.

There is nothing good as moving on with a clear conscience especially knowing too well that yours was to serve the country diligently and not a group of select corrupt few.

As a party we call on the country to unite against the PF’s continued lawlessness being funded by loans and corruption acquired at the expense of the majority poor.

We would also like to appeal to the Nation to remember that actions such as firing of professional civil servants for performing lawful duties such as deterring known PF unruly thugs has the potential to further create anarchy in a country whose economy is already on its knees.

This is because citizens will have no choice but to defend themselves whenever attacked by the PF corruption and loans funded thugs.

Lastly, we call the Nation to action that whenever attacked by the PF thugs, you must defend yourselves because the law and order enforcers have been made unimportant by the PF leadership. Self defence is a constitutional right that each and every citizen of our country enjoys and this is part of the people power which is your power to override the corrupt few in the PF led by Mr Edgar Lungu.



  1. HH, you need to create a long term vision for how you would govern. Just pointing out other leader’s problems is not enough. Silly little promises to reverse current leadership decisions is small stuff. Governing is much more difficult than criticising from a distance. You have plenty of time to do it if you know you are smart enough. Write some major articles of the type of leadership you would bring. Make sure it rymes with development methods proven elswhere. Include specific data. POtherwise you have no governing philosophy or plan or just want to be a “Me too/also president”.

    • Mister HH on the issue regarding the death of Vespers the UNZA student indeed we are expecting not only sackings but jail terms for all the officers junior and senior that gave the go ahead, even Kampyango must be charged if he gave the go ahead for the police to attack those female students in such a dangerous manner. Regarding the Sesheke incident I think it’s high time we learnt that Zambia Police should NOT be allowed to carry fire arms unless in very sensitive situations.

    • There goes the Delusional Dictator HH again. I thought one has to be voted in to be president. Am I missing something here? Word of advice to those that lost their jobs, “don’t hold your breath.”

    • Wasn’t this Delusional Dictator HH crying to the international media that he escaped being assassinated but now he is offering jobs to the same assassins?!
      Keep documenting your messages of anarchy. The internet does not forget. You will be the one to end up at The Hague instead of your nemesis!

    • It is evil to give false hopes to people who are in such a quagmire. Those discharged on National interest should never waste time listening to HH’s delusions. It would be wise to work with GRZ for possible pardon giving them some realistic chances of being reassigned. HH doesn’t know that where one has a dishonorable discharge record from the public service on public interest due to some probable cause of indiscipline, the same would never get reinstated in the public service ever not even after 30 years when Zambians out of Grave omission could risk the country with a fake populist.

    • HH is very okay. I am just about join UPND limbi kuti twapusuka, too much hunger in the country. HH please come and sort out this economy, abalipo teti bakwanishe. Kuwayawaya fye

    • PF thug cadres are now above police. Next by-elections expect pipo to be hacked while ZP stand by & helplessly watch.

      But the pipo wont vote for u bcoz of how skilled u are with pangas, but how u better their livelihood.

      Lungu is the Alpha & Omega of political violence.

    • #International One, you are flogging a dead horse. This horse has failed to articulate his 10 point plan, what article can he write. All he is good at is making noise like an empty tin. some of his pronouncements on economic matters makes you wonder if he indeed he went through school.

      If one takes this guy’s article word by word, you have cause to believe that he is getting out of hand and the law and different institutions are turning blind eyes to his dangerous rhetoric. The ” firing of police officers who maintained law and order in the Sesheke parliamentary by-election” statement is rather shocking isn’t it? In the eyes of this disgraced leader, there was order in Shesheke. Really double h? You call that order? Chaos is order?
      The numbness of Government and law-enforcer to watch this disgraced gang leader incite people in the twist of his venomous tongue should send warning signals them. The call to action is for…

    • … Government institutions is to regulate individuals who use unpalatable language when addressing the nation in inciting citizens. Is it a pass as usual? A warn and caution needs to be taken on this disgraced perpetual loser.
      One loser can abd should not be allowed to make the entire nation fail.

    • The same police who wanted to kill you now they’re angels and you want to hire them back. Ba hh muleke bufi bakalamba that means no one wanted to kill you, you’re just seeking attention. Why should hire back same police officers who wanted to kill you? I thought you’re to thank the government for firing them. Just because you won the election everything is good if you had lost today we will be talking about law suits and things like that. Please tell me why l should vote for you with this kind of double standard. Your katuka was calling the arrest of your MP as witch hunt but the arrest of corrupt PF ministers as justified. What kind of a party are you? No proper checks and balances. If it’s PF everything is evil, if it’s Upnd everything is good. Really?

    • HH is a selfish cunning thug of Lusaka. For money and power he will do anything. He has been a conduit of the Boers to skim Zambia off the cream. He has been involved in all his ventures in Transfer Pricing, undervaluing and negotiating deals to get his foothold in all Boers ventures in Zambia to enrich himself. Sanlam Life and Africa Life where he along with his economic mafia Valentine Chitalu and Muna Hantuba are partners has been externalising millions of Kwacha every year. He will create jobs? What kind of jobs?

  2. Just wondering why Upnd was busy complaining about police brutality in Sesheke and when the same brutal police are fired, they support them….!!!

    • We call this ambivalence. Chitotela is arrested, they say he’s a victim, Chitotela is not fired it becomes an issue, Mubika Mubika is arrested it’s witch hunting.

  3. Government is not a Kantemba. The first thing a responsible person must ask about the Sesheke fracas, who was supposed to ensure that no violence took place? The defending of the unfortunate sacking of the officers is an indication that Hakainde loved what happened. Police should not wait for violence to break out then act. They should ensure nobody steps out of line especially the imported cadres. The case involving the student is different. ….and I see some tangible progress has been made. …establish and identify the particular policeman who released that lethal cannister, arrest him, interview him on his unsafe action, convict him together with whoever gave the instructions. It will be a long wait for those officers, so why not employ them in your company?

    • He always misfires analogously. Isn’t he dull? He is not coherent. He is highly inconsistent and biased.
      I can’t comprehend double h. After ECL let it be anybody but the likes of this mental disordered serpent.

  4. Wajimona stop thinking like animals in a bush.is he the one who fired them? he just want to bring unity in zambia.zambian do those people in statehouse think well?

    • What unity? The man in his bloody quest to become president has polarized the country. Never before have Zambians been butchered just because they are from a different part of the country. My father used to visit Namwala to buy fish and not at any time did he complain about anything there. But today people from other provinces have to think twice before venturing there. To you the attack on the ” foreigners ” in Namwala was ok…so long it’s in favor of Upnd. Thanks to one child born Chitombwa aka Hakainde Hichilema.

  5. Double standards double hh.

    I agree with above comments. Here is some who kept complaining about what he called PF cadres in ZP brutalising people.

    The day these overzealous cops were fired the same hh says he will re instate them.

    The good news for Zambia is that he will never rule Zambia. We have been saying this for 12yrs.

    We told him that in spite of the mammoth support in Mukomba he can NOT win. Eastern province has not shifted to upendi.

    For those that were born in 2015 Mukomba was previously held by upendi councillor who deserted upendi.

    We all want change. What we dont want is hh. Period.

  6. This is cheap promise HH you will be encouraging indiscipline among security agencies
    Those cops are foolish and exhibited partisan conduct favouring HH .AND upnd.
    if that oc wakunguma studied security studies as he claims , he could have avoided the heavy handed decision he made to brutalize those defenceless boys like he was dealing with an animal.
    UPND camp confessed and acknowledged that PF and their cadres were peaceful they were no fights and clashes. in that BY election.
    To promise that he will re instate them into the police is a cheap way of sympathising with indiscipilne in the security wing no guarranty that HH will make it as president, many zambians do not trust HH

  7. If he was a national leader why didn’t he convey his condolences when someone died frm lightening

    Why did he show concern for bees that attacked selectively.

    And let us NOT use Vespers for political gain. That death was a blow to the national and govt must take full responsibility. Its not a political rally issue

    • He was also busy running from the bullets. The man is just speaking sense. Who were those thugs representing with those pangas which everyone has seen? And those dismissed have not given their part of the story. Let us be fair. Those have families and other responsibilities. Why transport people all the way from Lusaka and Copperbelt to cause confusion in Sesheke? Sesheke Police did not know those thugs so they acted accordingly. May be they were going to be spared in Copperbelt and Lusaka where they are known. Police had been trying very had to stop the violence for close to a month but it never ended. The police are trained to identify the cause of confusion and they did. Writing as someone who visited Sesheke during that period, there were a lot of strange characters never seen in…

  8. There is no guaranty that HH WILL BE PRESIDENT IN 2021 SECURTY OFFICERS dont fall for his cheap propaganda protect your families from loss of employmen o bey lawful orders.
    HH has money and his family is save

  9. Is this the Zambia that our forefathers fought hard for? The 4 police officers in Sesheke have been fired for doing their job and doing it right. Next is Bahati by-election. I cannot even imagine how UPND will be treated there given the fact that PF must have spent very huge sums of money in Sesheke but miserably lost.PF is a wounded buffalo right now, where even the Head of State made 2 campaign trips to Sesheke but lost terribly! The wind of change is blowing and there’s nothing anyone can do to reverse it.My advice to UPND is that if you decide to contest the Bahati seat be very, very careful.

  10. The victory in Sesheke has proved to us that people of western province are true patriots who can never be bought. Bravo to Romeo Kangombe who refused to be bought. I just hope people from other regions emulate their western counterparts

  11. All the PF individuals paid to post and condemn HH on this blogg are not making sense as usual. I am not UPND but the man is just saying he will employ the fired Police officers once he assumes leadership, Chaipa nichani pamene apa. Why is PF always in a panic mode, listen to advice from your own Maxwell Chongu. You lost the Sesheke seat , move on, and stop chifukushi on innocent Police Officers

    • And who has paid you to insult the intelligence of other people. If don’t make sense to you it’s either you’re biased or simply dull.

    • you just lost period why not accept defeat and move on. fighting people will cost you big time and those are votes you have lost already. if you promoted those guys for doing that good job you could have earned 4 votes in 2021.

    • ha-Tatiana its the double standards that we are condemning which is typical in your party, one wonders weather this kind of reasoning is just tribal or just pretense.

  12. Tatiana people are not condemning HH, but his double standards, today he condemns the police, tomorrow he supports them. A normal person can not behave like that(police brutality). It means HH is not stable, and we cannot have such a president who has no principles. You have heard what people have said about him, i don’t need to elaborate more.

    • he supports them when they do things right and condemns them when they are wrong and thats how a normal person should be. hes not like you pf cadres who always supports wrong things for the sake of your pockets.

  13. Retirement in national interest really means they have no case against you.To the retired officers move fast and process your process your papers.Your package is waiting for you.When you get invest it wisely.All they want is to give jobs to their people period.Its an opportunity to conduct ethnic cleansing.Keep the faith

    • PF cadres don’t know what retirement in national interest mean, these guys will get their pension benefits just like any retiree, it’s not like bazachokapo che manjamanja.

    • We don’t want them to suffer but realize that their actions were a disservice and not in the best interest of the nation at large and the wonderful people of Sesheke in particular. They would have set very awkward precedence to our democracy were they left unchecked.

  14. Point of correction Mr you have companies why can’t you just employ this fired guys to ur firm as they wait for the 2021,cuz Wat are they going to be eating next year up to 2021 and how sure are u ,u will be president dats the only problem wit Zambian leaders u Lyk lying to pipo talking abt 2021 Wen the time to act iz nw.

  15. HH cried on that day that the policemen “PF cadres” clad in police uniforms wanted top assassinate him, now that the ruling government has fired them he has turned back and promised to reinstate them in 2021.
    This indeed is mind boggling, how can a sensible person forget so easily what he said in that bush condemning the same fired police officers for siding with PF in trying to eliminate him. Now that they are in the streets he has twisted his sentiments and his busy supporting them.

    • point of correction mr observer. those officers are not retired because there was an assassination attempt. Infact pf was very happy with their brutality on innocent people because thats their culture. the only reason of retiring these officers is the loss and beating of those panga wielding thugs. why do you people support wrong things. So you cant see that you are destroying this country?

    • @ observer, have you proof that it was ZP THAT FIRED THE LIVE AMUNITION OR WAS IT CADRES IN ZP UNIFORMS? The IG needs to step down in support of his men being fired for carrying out their duties. What were those Lusaka thugs doing in Sesheke? Who paid for their guest house. who ferried them with their pangas? all these questions need answers. We are all Zambians and want our country to be peaceful and not kill each other for having divergent views or affiliations. Those officers fired should sue for wrongful dismissal

    • if he said i will employ them you could have been the same person to condemn him again. Do you have morals or you just hate people for nothing?

    • Pipo let’s think b4 we talk ,pf has already failed to 4fill their boza promises. Let’s see some tax’s now its almost everything paying .when u mu shoprites,spars PEPs if buy tropical

      s u need buying a plastic, if u don’t have coin ya plastic , u will your plastic as if ndiwe kawalala.

  16. This is a very fo0lish promise coming from a desperate tribal creature!!!So what would happen to these fired civil servants if HH’s UPND loses once more in 2021?kkkkkkkkkkk……THE BEST KAINDE COULD HAVE DONE IS TO ASK THE RULING PF TO FORGIVE THESE OFFICERS OR GIVE THEM JOBS AT HIS NAMWALA FARM SINCE HE CLAIMS TO BE RICH!!!An hungry stomach cannot wait for 2021 which is just too far!!!Moreover,i forsee HH committing suicide after 2021 general elections because these elections will be his last.It is like Kainde has not learnt anything since 2006 because he rarely visits voters 6.5 provinces!!!I SIMPLY CANT SEE HH’S UPND BEATING PF IN LUAPULA,NORTHERN,MUCHINGA,EASTERN,CB&LSK URBAN IN 2021!!!So how will Kainde win?THESE FIRED OFFICERS WILL WAIT FOREVER SHOULD THEY PUT THEIR HOPES ON HH!!!

  17. I think he is talking about those police offers who dealt with the PF thugs in Shesheke. He is right on this one; I support him 100%. Yes, they did a good job, we cannot allow lawlessness and violence to prevail becoz nobody is above the law – These PF cadres feel and behave like they are above the law. Even the By-airs during UNIP days are better than these Cadres, who are busy hacking and maiming innocent people (including attacking people in churches with pangas). Follow after peace — to hunt it, seek it, pursue it — with all men. God bless Zambia!

  18. As person who was also relieved of duties in the name of national interest what our way forward keeping in mind that its not only those police officers fired bit a lot of other govt worker and spamming us to a point where our professional position have been replaced by even some unquantified carders or relatives ? Should be become professional unemployed specialist?

  19. Shapa Wakunguma and company, please don’t be deceived by this tribal monster that he is going to employ you back in the police because he will never become President of this country no matter who he stands against. I can assure the people of this country that the next president after PF exits in 2036 will be Harry Kalaba if God keeps him up to that time. There will never be any tonga president except a ZAMBIAN PRESIDENT. So UPND who have been looking forward to a tonga president you are wasting your time.

  20. MOST DARING!! I was looking forward to a point where he slipped from number 2 at the polls to number 3. That would put him in his place.
    His language is armageddon like. Chaotic. Rebellious. Ungovernable. Satanic. Thuggery.
    His detention has not changed him positively. The effect was rather negative or stable. He is asking for more detention terms. If inciting people to rise against a democratically ushered in Government is cool, this guy should be allowed to become this careless otherwise he needs a proper treat. Inciting people in plain sight is not in the vocabulary of freedom of speech. Government needs to appreciate that. Kampyongo should not allow this guy to stray to extremely dangerous levels to caution him. A warning is better than incarceration. Act wisely, both of you.

  21. Is that the type of solace he can give when people want help now? So what will become of them before 2021 and how sure is he that he will be around or will be president? With due respect that is myopic thinking. Those people want help now and not 2021. I wonder how he makes his money.

  22. I hate future tenses I don’t know why. Can he HH rewrite your statement and begin with, for the time being, the fired officers will……… And end with, to sustain their lives

  23. Some comments made by some bloggers appear suspicious. I may not be wrong that some people have just been assigned to counteract whatever HH says on this platform. We have seen this happen many times not forgetting the many characters who were paraded to speak in favor of PF regarding the failed dialogue process by maligning the Church. But let me tell such vuvuzelas that you can not suppress the truth because “Cream will always come to the top”. Some comments being made above do not add any value at all clearly if the above is the wisdom Zambia has then we are in trouble. Lets write things that will add value to our Nation, lets speak the truth always. This is not a place to vent your anger or exhibit tribalism. This is not a place to show hatred or attack one another. How I wish…

    • He defies simple logic.

      He a billionaire. Let him employ them at his ranches as game rangers. They will definitely be converting criminal s into pulp

    • Definitely not a podium to recruit anarchy and anarchists. Everytime some people practically side with double h they end up incarcerated or dead or fired while he remains capitalizing on their misfortunes. That makes me ask what kind of a leader he is. What has he touched. Is he diabolical? Don’t his blind followers reckon. He continues to use the unsuspecting citizens.

  24. People employed in Government should not play politics in their profession hoping to be rewarded by politicians if they win in future. General Elections are less than 3 years from now, once you expose yourselves as anti government the current system will not spare you but abort you. Never trust opposition politicians promises you don’t know how long they will remain in opposition. It’s God that appoints leaders and authority. Only His Will is done in appointing leaders in Authority. Read Romans 13 in the Bible before you gamble your hard earned and hard to come by careers away.

  25. If the assualted cadres were upendi and govt fired them would hh say he will re employ them

    Those images would have reached Hague.

    Double standards guru. Good news is that he will never rule Zambia.

  26. HH forget it.PF will do anything including setting this country on fire just to stop you from ascending to power

    • HH will do anything to become president. Honestly have you ever heard HH condemn violence committed by Upnd cadres? In Monze during some by election members of the PF were hacked by Upnd HH never condemn it including the Namwala genocide.

  27. Comment:Am only seeing three individuals commenting on this article.Zambia is too vast to be represented by you. I am just passing.

  28. HH should not think about giving the jobs back to the people fired but bring back the money he store during privatization. He was not merciful when he was stealing during privatization that people will suffer and thinking that he will win the 2021election is wishful thinking and living in a fools Paradise. HH please pay back the money you are hiding in offshore accounts, evil man.

  29. Policemen like soldiers have sworn to uphold and protect the constitution of Zambia and promising discharged officers jobs is tantamount to inciting them to rise against government. In short what would stop these officers from organizing themselves to cause havoc so that they can get their jobs back and not wait the normal way of changing government? People should not be so careless with statements. If anything the affected person can contest the retirement or dismissal through established channels. Not through Upnd.

  30. HH becoming the president of Zambia can be the biggest Joke of the millennium and him thinking that he will win the 2021 election is utter madness and wishful thinking. Please HH pay back the money you store during privatization and bring back the money you are keeping in offshore accounts.

  31. Having a TONGA as president, HH in particular ,can be the worst thing to happen to this beautiful country Zambia

  32. Bloggers. Let us learn to respect quality leadership. ECL and HH are exceptionaly capable people.
    Firstly, they are both graduates for which many of you blogging have failed even to reach a trades school.
    Secondly they are both Presidents. One is republican President, the other of the political party.
    Thirdly, they are both respected by the international community. Most of you bloggers are not even known by your own communities.
    Fourth, they are rich. Genuinely obtained money, if it was not they could have been arrested a long time ago. How come an MP has been arrested recently.
    Fifth, they live in good mansions, you guys who hate these two leaders are languishing in poverty without even sufficient talk time.
    The common thing about these two great guys is that they both went…

  33. Someone earlier commented that lets read between the lines and i 100% totally with him. What does HH mean when he says ” all the civil servants that have lost their jobs due to the ruling Patriotic Front (PF)’s victimization will be given back their jobs once his party forms government”. Cant the Government realize that this man is basically instigating and advocating violence in the aftermath of 2021 elections? HH and UPND have scanned the environment, they know they stand NO chance to win the general elections hence all the these desperate measures they have taken such as duping and corrupting the Church Mother Bodies in the Dialogue process, the impeachment trash, the Concourt appeal, the electoral violence, the coercing of opposition parties to support UPND in the disguise of and…

  34. HH leaves much to be desired especially for Presidency. He has simply become the exact opposite of the PF rule. Had he lost the election he would have used the battering of cadres as an excuse for loosing. Now that he was the winner, it is ok for men in uniform to beat others.

  35. HH and UPND have scanned the environment, they know they stand NO chance to win the general elections hence all the these desperate measures they have taken such as duping and corrupting the Church Mother Bodies in the Dialogue process, the impeachment trash, the Concourt appeal, the electoral violence, the coercing of opposition parties to support UPND in the disguise of and Opposition Alliance, the inciting of innocent students, etc… the list is endless and we hope the PF Government is taking record of these desperate, poor strategies. Zambians must not take lightly because his aim is to cause mayhem and chaos in the country, the signs are too grave to ignore. We have and shall continue to reject HH and this he knows hence his tukafilila munsenga!

  36. Ati UPND will reemploy the officers government has just fired. l totally agree with him really. Their is nothing wrong having a pipe dream. That is in 2063 if not 2065.

  37. Okay friends, you have addressed everything that I wanted to say about this trib.al Hacks.
    Only thing left for me is to correct trib.al’s language and protocol: “President Lungu” not “Mr Edgar Lungu”, if you still want dialogue. Otherwise we will not allow The President of Zambia to attend any meeting with such disrespectful trib.als in attendance.

  38. Point of correction. The ZP in sesheke was divided. One regiment came from Lusaka with a bunch of cadres. This team was doing things on its own without enganging the Officer Commanding. Reckless teargassing and harrassement of UPND supportters was done by this team. This teams reckless actions were sanctioned by someone in Lusaka. There were High level cadres in team-Lusaka who actually over stretched to an extent of overlooking and starting to instruct the Sesheke Command. The problem here was first lack of cordination between the host Command with local knowledge and the highly cadre infiltrated Reinforcement from Lusaka. The Lusaka reinforcement did things on their own with cadres mishandling a lot of operations. When the host command got tyred of the mess, they decided to start doing…

  39. HH is not principled, he doesn’t know what he’s talks about, he just speaks what comes in the mouth without evaluating. Does such leaders have place in Zambia politics?

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