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Artiste of the week: T-Low


Amos Chipasha popularly known as T-low was born on 2nd August 1992 in the friendly city of Ndola.

T-Low kicked off his music career in the year of 2012, In 2014 he cultivated a desire to compose his own music as he felt the passion to write music became more of an addiction than an interest and this gave birth to his professional career as an artist.

T-Low’s music can be described as mid tempo ,upbeat R&B. He feels in as much as sad moments will always be a part of life, relatable and danceable music helps to rid one’s soul of loneliness and sorrow. He has steadily been gaining momentum over the years and has worked with some of Zambia’s best producers, and artists.

His song that featured Mumba yachi, titled ‘Because of you’ was a mega hit. Other hit songs include ‘Ponya Ntole’ and ‘Icishinka’. T-Low is currently signed to Gwap Music Africa.

T-low released a 9-Track EP titled THE MELODY MAN in 2018, later that year he was nominated in two categories of the second edition of the Kwacha Music Award; Best Copperbelt Male and Best R&B Song which saw him win BEST R&B SONG OF 2018

T-Low is currently working on his first Debut album called ‘Affection for favour’.


Ici Shinka ft Sir Jones

Because of you Ft Mumba Yachi




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  1. Ichishinka is the one that sounds original. Keep that direction. Forget the copycatisms. You can make it if you focus inwards



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