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KBF to Challenge President Lungu for the PF Presidency for the 2021elections

Headlines KBF to Challenge President Lungu for the PF Presidency for the...

Lawyer Kelvin Fube Bwalya
Lawyer Kelvin Fube Bwalya

Lusaka Lawyer Kelvin Fube Bwalya popularly known as KBF has announced he will challenge President Edgar Lungu for the PF Presidency for the 2021 General elections.

Speaking at a media briefing Mr. Fube challenged President Lungu to handover the Presidency to him saying he has done his part as President.

Mr. Fube said PF as a party in power has made its mistakes that have jeopardized the lives of the people and require a person like him to resolve.

He has on behalf of the PF apologised for the poor quality of life subjected to adding that the PF must accept that the quality of life for an average Zambian has dropped to unacceptable levels.

Mr. Fube said the current situation cannot be allowed to continue and President Lungu cannot be allowed to go beyond the 2021 general elections.

And Mr. Fube has extended an olive branch to PF members who left the party to come back and rejoin the party.


    • The challenge in the thinking of PF is that, like all the people, we only blame those who are alive. Yes, Lungu is blank, just like Sata was clueless. PF’s taking Zambia down the drain started with Sata who just focused on borrowing for infrastructure so that he can pocket the kick backs. Sata was in such a hurry because he knew he was dying. Lungu came in & saw Sata left a will in 3 years & so he went all out to beat his predecessors to the game. So PF has no policies to develop country economically, no matter who takes over. Tribalists in opposition will be worse

    • I don’t know who this guy is, and I careless…
      But one commendable point he raises is “behalf of the PF apologized for the poor quality of life subjected to adding that the PF must accept that the quality of life for an average Zambian has dropped to unacceptable levels”
      It shows that there is someone who is listening and seeing the misery the people of Zambia are undergoing.
      He is not just sipping a glass of champagne in his private USD 80mil jet, yet, government employees are not being paid, High education institutions stuff are not being paid, management stuff at UTH can steal meat meant for patients, etc…list goes on.

    • @Bongo Bongo, so rightly put brother. Lungu and every politician from HH, Kambwili to all opposition and PF are ruthlessly selfish. None of them cares about the poor, the peasant farmers, the unemployed, the nurses, teachers, retirees, marketeers, miners, mal-nourished childred, elderly, absolutely no poor is cared for by the politicians. Zambia needs a revolution, ushering in an educated poor oriented leader to be next president and all MPs shall also be from similar background.

    • Fube, you promise to recover K350 million from Mathani who has been evading taxes by resorting to transfer pricing. Look at his offices and residence in Proffesional insurance building on cairo road. he has never paid any rent, issued bogus Proffesional Travel bills for travel to Washington DC (by the way all similar bills he has claimed from Chimanga Changa Milling, Leasing Finance and then Finance Bank also), ZRA Transfer Pricing unit has done a rough estimate of K350 million due from Mathani’s proffessional insurance and K500 million from Leasing Finance. if you promise to recover this and send Mathani packing to Mumbwa maximum security prison then my chiefdom will vote for you.
      Chief Kambikambi

    • @Chief Kambikambi, tell us more. Is Bark at Ali also involved in money laundering in newly licensed financial institution? Who gave the license to known money launderers? Could not Bwalya Ngandu pick up a phone and talk to Reserve Bank of Malawi to find out the reasons for closure of Finance Bank in Malawi?

    • This guy stole my late brother’s money way back in 2002 wben his offices were still at EW Tarry building along cairo road…he is the worst crooked Lawyer….He lost his practising license and he briefly went to Canada….i know him very well….originally from Mufulira….its a pity now every jim and jack thinks he can be President even hardened bandits like this KBF…..just check with LAZ and you will find out how crooked this man is

    • I would say the most crooked Lawyer i have ever come across….i remember escorting my late brother to his office and we wanted to beat him up…..when found a group of retrenched miners at his offices whom he had also stolen money from and also they wanted to attack him physically…these miners travelled all the way from Mufulira…His secretary kept telling everyone who was coming to his office that he was not around but he was hiding in his office…me and my late brother waited for him from across Cairo at a Bakery…we saw him coming out from his office after 5pm and we chased him…he ran towards the main post office and jumped in a grey toyota camry…useless and very selfish bandit….my brother died a few years later in 2005 and he didn’t get his money

    • I would rather vote for HH any day than this selfish bandit KBF…..if he is reading this he probably knows and remembers who I am….worst thieving Lawyer ever……

    • I will look for all the supporting documents showing that this man stole money from my late brother……and am ready to expose him as a bandit…..unfortunately these are the kind of Politicians we have now….just looking for opportunities to loot tax payers money

    • His secretary was a Law student from UNZA (i believe he was screwiiiing her)….she kept on telling everyone he went to Court but i could clearly hear him talking in his office…..master of all bandit Lawyers….and at one time I wanted to slap her too because she kept on lying to everyone and she asked us to leave the office

    • @Anon, thanks for sharing that tea! Otherwise his background, morals, values would have been an enigma to easily cheated young democrats at poll time.

  1. PF thugs will scare him to change his mind and apologise to Lungu like they scared GBM such that he had to go back to his vomit, bakabolala !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just watch the space

  2. Could this be the same KBF who was busy lobbying ECL to make him SG of PF. Go through KFB track record as a lawyer and you will see how many times he has appeared before the disciplinary committee of LAZ for shady deals .

    • At least he did not steal from a widow as was done by His Excellency the dictator of Zambia. Tinpot dictator.

    • @4 Mwine muzi,if at all he lobbied for SG it was for him to create ground to become the President not knowing that Lungu had another plan of staying on beyond 2021 hence Lungu’s resistance to even give him any appointment despite the work he did for him in 2016 elections.

  3. June 2016
    PF deputy elections Chairperson Kelvin Bwalya Fube their presidential candidate Edgar Lungu is unbeatable as he is the only saleable candidate in this year’s presidential race.
    Could it be that KFB is angling for a position within the party as he feels ECL overlooked him.

  4. Let’s see where the PF tribalists stand on this

    …..lungu should watch his back, his surname does not sound right.

    • @6Spaka,we know PF has a lot of political hooliganism but the question of the “name” which is regionalism is not pronounced that is despite having more support among Bemba speakers,the President(Lungu) and the Vice ( Mana Inonge Wina) come from non-Bemba regions.Nothing about tribe (name),the Tribalists left to join tribal parties and are unfortunately going back to PF!!


  6. I congratulate you for displaying courage in challenge lungu

    However you seen to contradict yourself. You are ready to challenge lungu at convention on the other hand you are asking him to hand over power to you, then why go for convention.

    In short you have chosen yourself already undemocratically

    As a lawyer with fine brains your statement doesn’t tally sir

  7. This is good for Democracy! I will also start the process to challenge HH! I want to agitate for a Convention which is longoverdue!
    Public Administration is for serving citizens and not politicians!

  8. 01 JULY 2016 WATCHDOG

    Hi editor,

    My cousin, a police officer and his colleague have really suffered at the hands and due to the crookedness of PF Vice Chairperson for Elections and well known crooked Lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube, known as KBF (Kawalala By Far).

    Imagine they have been in and out of court since 2007 on a tramped up charge of extortion by threats. The state entered a nolle in 2014 and now this crooked lawyer is asking for K100,000 from each of them.
    This is despite the fact that he abandoned them as soon as the initial deposit of K8M he had asked them to pay finished.
    The case came up before the retired justice Naboth Mwanza in 2008.A few witnesses testified before the judge retired. Then the case had…

  9. Well done KBF.Our democracy requires that unlike in UPND where nobody is allowed to challenge WAMUYAYAYA HH!!!
    Please PF leaders welcome KBF’s move and let the best win at the PF convention in 2020!!

    • @Njimbu, you trust Zambian conventions that much?? Believe me this will end up with someone picking a “bloody nose”. The stage has already been set for ECL

  10. KBF is the one who asked GBM to rejoine PF so that KBF can be President and GBM Vice…………….You can see the press briefing for GBM there were no Big Dogs from PF to wellcomme GBM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. As PF we have lamentably failed. Go in compounds and villages and check what is happening. Lamentable failure

  12. KBF sounds intelligent and focused but Lets just cross check if in his law profession, nobody was swindled by him, that’s the starting point

  13. At least something. Not where MPs are afraid even to use the same road as the Republican president because the small god will expell them from their party.

  14. All well-meaning PF members should support Fube. We can not have Lungu stand again after the problems he has brought to our great nation. Lungu has given favours to former MMD members and inexperienced ministers.
    The problem Fube has is that he has never held public office, so has no experience, but then again Lungu had no experience and it shows.

  15. Kambwili is coming up so well.I’m just scared of alliance with UPND.UPND wants to use Kambwili just to send HH to state house.They can’t be trusted. Please we are loving u kambwili the way u’re.I will vote for u kambwili but if he goes with HH forget ba Kambwli.These chaps in UPND are not genuine with their party.The agenda is tribal.Please don’t be a running mate otherwise pipo won’t vote for u.

  16. I wish Sata was alive to see the comedy he left behind. Whatever people saw in Sata i shall never understand, now look at his members busy sinking the nation,totally clueless and hopeless characters

  17. President Lungu has been on record stating that competition from contenders is welcomed.

    However, for Mr Fubu, he already is a loser because apart from this rant, he does not have a track record of Leadership, worse still, he says he is part of PF; and for that reason, Zambias’ problems shooting from the PF period, is a corporate not personal responsibility tagged on President Lungu. Worse still, is Mr Fubu’s knowledge on democracy and how it actually works! He challenges quote, ‘ Speaking at a media briefing Mr. Fube challenged President Lungu to handover the Presidency to him.’. Um, er….actually, it’s the citizens who confer that honour at elections, not President Lungu ‘giving’ you it. I already dislike him. Let’s be honest, it’s irrefutable that His Excellency,…

    • Let’s be honest, it’s irrefutable that His Excellency, President Lungu is and has been the most hardworking President of ALL times in Zambia. He has managed to deliver the best development plan of infrastructural development, rebuilding Zambias’ ability to entice Investor groups, making Zambia a desirable destination for investing.

      He has done this all, in a background of disruptive, ignorant, opposition and undisciplined corrupt politicians pulling the PF side down. He has Massaged. Pummelled, Stroked, savages in the political environment of Zambia today, always moving forward decidedly, importing grass skirted opposition savages to JOIN in building Zambia up!

    • ***SHOULD READ….always moving forward decidedly, IMPLORING grass skirted opposition savages to JOIN in building Zambia up!

      There is only one EL, God given to Zambia, showing God’s spiritual gifts by being mild and slow to anger. GOD BLESS OUR PRESIDENT!

  18. KBF,
    Be strong and exercise your human right to aspire for presidency. You are more charismatic, humble, and intelligent.
    What is your vision for Zambia? ECL has none, so he told us.
    Best wishes.

  19. Hey Guys,
    I think you are right, no wonder he was so in league ECL. They were playing the same game with EL in LAZ. He is the same guy who was used to remove Mtembo Nchito by Lungu in 2010. As a PF lawyer he lead crooked lawyers that wanted to impeach Linda Kasonde. Now that says alot. check for this url it will lead you to this ccase of 2010. The case below was an appeal to Ndola High Court after his certificate was suspended by laz. He lost this appeal at the Ndola High Court. It involved substantial amounts in ZK. Not all that glitters is Gold!! Take care guys, he is just one of them
    Bwalya v Law Association of Zambia (2013/HP/0838) [2014] ZMSC 24 (24 April 2014);

  20. #1.2 kanene, you must be the most useless of all trib.als, and even the rest of the trib.als clan must be ashamed of you….. kikikikiki…. they don’t come any worse than this!

  21. So a well meaning member of the PF expresses his opinion and then some big fishes start shooting him down, question, can’t the president be challenged, is he God? If it’s truly democracy, people shouldn’t criticise KBF for his move, in fact, we need people like this in a democratic environment, and if we discourage this, then it means that we are benefiting from the current system. Let’s not be resilient to good change.

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