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Is Asking $300 Million out of $5 Billion Business Unreasonable?

Columns Is Asking $300 Million out of $5 Billion Business Unreasonable?

By Sunday Chilufya Chanda_

We join the multitudes of citizens across the country and the Copperbelt in particular, in rejoicing over President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s leadership on KCM.

The Patriotic Front government, under the people-centred leadership of President Lungu, is a listening government with the interestsIs asking $300 million out of $5 billion business unreasonable? of Zambians at heart because after all, the minerals belong to the people.

Moreover, because the mineral resources belong to the people, only the people can dictate when one can stop mining them.

The PF Government has created an enabling environment by even providing VAT refunds that were abused by some players in the mining sector.

In February Zambia recorded a trade surplus. The Country exported more than it imported. However, shockingly, Zambians were that told some mines are not producing. Yet the nation is aware of certain people scheming with politicians to paint a picture that the PF government is not reasonable.

Is asking $300 million out of $5 billion business unreasonable?

Zambians have asked how it is that PF can be said to be unreasonable when all it is asking from a 5bn dollar industry by way of the tax regime is only $300m, yet certain insincere elements, especially in the Opposition, want to paint a picture that PF and Zambians are not pro-business!

The costs of labour and electricity which are primarily local inputs in the mining sector have significantly reduced because of Kwacha depreciation, but these same people want to lie to Zambians that the cost of production in the mining sector is going up.

PF in Government has invested heavily in road infrastructure to ensure that mining companies and other investors easily export goods, especially minerals. We continue to subsidise electricity to the Mines, and we support their fuel. However, alas, what does Zambia get in return? Threats of job losses, care and maintenance, among others!

Zambians have been taken for a ride; Zambians are tired of being taken for granted by these some of these unscrupulous elements.

There’s hope

There is hope! President Lungu has listened to the cries of the mine workers and their unions; he has heard the calls of contractors and suppliers; the President has responded to the pain of our mothers. Enough is enough! It’s time for tough decisions. Zambia is ready for worthy and credible investors.

As the PF Government fixes the KCM mess, Zambians will never forget how we found ourselves in this mess. Our people carry the painful memory of who caused this mess in the first place; and who created the desperation that caused the current the KCM “investors” to come on board in the first place.

How we got here

Zambians remember that Anglo American Corporation was the previous owner of KCM.

What did Anglo do after UPND lost in 2001?

Memories are still fresh regarding how UPND founding President the Late Anderson Kambela Mazoka worked as Chief Executive Officer for Anglo American in Zambia before he retired and joined active politics to form UPND. It has not been forgotten how Anglo American Corporation was said to support Mazoka and UPND and how the UPND founder and his promoters were so confident of Mazoka’s victory in the 2001 Presidential elections.

It is still a fresh and painful memory in many a Zambian miners mind how when Mazoka lost to Mwanawasa in 2001, Anglo American Corporation suddenly pulled out of Zambia without warning, leaving thousands of miners to a life of misery.

Levy Mwanawasa’s back against the wall

Left with the burden of jobless mine workers and the prospect of ghost towns on the Copperbelt, late President Mwanawasa’s back was against the wall and he was pressured to sell KCM for a paltry USD25 million to its current owners that have made life miserable for the Zambia miners, contractors, suppliers and all our people on the Copperbelt.

Zambians painfully recall a video of Anil Agarwal speaking in March 2014 revealing how he bought KCM for just $25 million.

Agarwal claimed KCM was giving him $500 million every year in profit, plus an extra $1 billion. Meanwhile, Vedanta had continued to claim that they were making a loss or a minimal gain at KCM.

In the same video, Agarwal mocked Mwanawasa for selling KCM to him for a song. The mess has its origins in UPND’s collusion with the previous investor who abandoned the mine workers.

I’ll bring back Anglo, says Hichilema

Campaigning in Chingola on 25th August 2016, Hichilema promised the people of Chingola that he would bring back Anglo American to replace KCM if voted into power by 2016 general elections.

It is not surprising that more recently, Mazoka’s successor Hakainde Hichilema declared that his UPND government would “hand over” some mines to Anglo American Corporation (the same people who suddenly abandoned Zambian mine workers).

Zambians also recall Hakainde boasting that some mining giants cannot wait for him to occupy State House.

The sad history of KCM speaks for itself; it shows Hichilema’s UPND is culpable. It demonstrates Hichilema’s vulnerability when he vows to bring back Anglo. Isn’t this is the same “HH” who rejoiced over looming 21000 mining job losses?

Hichilema’s remarks on the economy confirm his insincerity. Is the economic sabotage triggered by his constant flow of propaganda and false claims circulated by his sleazy online media outfits and his party (which is aimed at hurting the country for Hichilema’s benefit) the work of opposition with Zambia’s interests at heart?


The mess that was initially caused by the greed of UPND is now being fixed by the caring Patriotic Front Government of President Lungu.

The people of Zambia through the majority driven Patriotic Front Government will not succumb to the whims of a rogue investor; nor will we tolerate the malicious manoeuvrings of wayward and selfish politicians who do not have the interests of Zambians at heart.

Yes, there will be aftershocks after this that may sting, but specific measures ought to be taken.

Enough is enough!

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  1. It is for a country like Zambia where people survive on less than $2 a day.

    Mr puppet master shut your Pie hole



    • Another good article which exposes the UPND and Akainde for what they are. Elitist, uncaring capitalists with nothing but greed on their mind.

    • Mining is NOT for sissies, stingy pipo (vedanta) or broke entities (Zambian govt).
      Vedanta are good at smelting, Agarwal started off as scrap metal dealer. Thats why they prefered to import concentrates from DRC instead of developing mine shafts.

      I worked for several Zambian & South African mines and I can tell you, Zambian govt can’t operate the mines. It’ll end like the ZCCM.

      Blaming Mazoka & HH for govt failure to manage the mining sector is cheap politicking.
      We’ve told both MMD & PF on how zambian mines evade tax by under-invoicing exported copper sold to their own subsidiaries based in tax havens & over inflating imported spares. Thats why Switzerland is zambia’s trading partner even though not a single copper cathode goes to Switzerland. Video called “Stealing…

    • What this man is not telling us is who they intend to sell KCM to next. The Chinese?

      In any case, legally, the government does not have a leg to stand on. They can repossess as they did Zamtel, but international courts will punish them.

      The PF does not care for its citizens. The real reason they have fallen out with KCM might be closer to KCM not giving them brown envelopes.
      Both KCM and PF are exploiting Zambia.

    • Contd
      Watch Video called “Stealing Africa” on youtube.
      Another problem is the caliber of ZRA inspectors can’t match the tax accountants employed by mining houses.

    • Sunday Fooking Chanda writing nonsense again he talks of all this yet he carefully omits issues like Anil Agarwal can visit State House whenever he wants, you failed to manage VAT as you are a reckless insincere govt.

    • In the same video, Agarwal mocked Mwanawasa for selling KCM to him for a song. The mess has its origins in UPND’s collusion with the previous investor who abandoned the mine workers.

    • Misinformation by Chanda Monday. Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines (ZCCM) was sold in 1998.
      On 11th of March, 1997, Fredrick Chiluba appointed Francis Kaunda to be Chairman of ZCCM Privatization team, his vast knowledge prompted Chiluba to call him back in 1997 to handle the Privatization Process. Check the facts, there is no mention of HH in ZCCM contract of sale.

    • Now the Chinese are planning to buy it for a song… thus the cycle continues.

      Ati for the first time exports surpassed imports… and the kwacha continues to tumble. Can someone pleaaase send these boys back to school!

    • “The Patriotic Front government, under the people-centred leadership of President Lungu, is a listening government……..”

      The sickening sycophancy, straight from Kaunda days still marches on.

  2. And is wasting tax payers money to the tune of millions of dollars reasonable you dogs ?

  3. Zambians enjoy suffering. How can you continue voting dogs like lungu in power. I was surprised when I visited Zambia to see that many people actually rejoice in suffering. It was not uncommon to hear people say with pride ati ” nalichula ine”. It seems religion has also made them think that suffering on earth is good. Very docile zambians. Look at your friends in sudan. The professionals have stood up defiantly against that excuse of a government. Learn from them.

    • There we go Mr.Sunday Chanda, offer solutions and not dwell in the past. The past has gone and will never come back, do not say, caring government when most of us have not seen that care! God will punish you for persecuting his people with HUNGER.

    • @New Educated Zambia: The professionals in Sudan who rose up against Bashir live in Sudan and not in the UK

    • @ sonny chi something. Nowhere in my article did I state to the contrary. There are many youth and professionals in Zambia to whom my comment applies. If your comment is aimed at me on the basis of the flag you see associated with my profile then you must be small minded chap. Even those abroad played a major role in Sudan’s revolution. Do not undermine the effect of social media in present day revolutions. Small minds are limited by borders in the brain

  4. Well articulated Sir.
    Many of us (Zambophiles), would like to come back and resuscitate the mining industry. It’s time we get a mine, FULLY MANAGED BY ZAMBIANS, to set the example for the rest of the country to follow. Such move will motivate the youths in higher education.
    Please do not relent.
    Encourage HE Lungu to persevere. He has our backing

    • When you are failing to manage a simple district, you think that government has capacity to manage a mine? Let us be reasonable. Lungu is campaigning and that talk is dangerous. I prefer the old saying actions speak louder than words. Wise people ensure they have a solid viable alternative plan before issuing disparaging remarks on their opponents. Those guys have control over your economy and can sabotage the country all because of a loose mouthed silly excuse of a president called lungu.

    • Government has failed to run newspapers Times of Zambia, daily mail etc are all dying alive or just limping along

  5. From this article,we still subsidizing electricity and fuel for mines instead of doing that for farmers and manufacturers who are contributing to diversifying the economy!! No,Mwanawasa was not supposed to sell the mine to those Indians at $25mn! There was good management taking care of KCM after Anglo,all it needed was support and Zambia could have been running it’s own mine,but it appeared Mwanawasa was desperate to collect bribes from Agarawal.Even in this case we need to give ourselves chance to run this mine than rush to collect bribes from Chinese and proclaim them new owners and later keep mourning about how investors are dribbling us!!

  6. An ***** is one who dies of hunger in his own farm while expecting some one else to make him rich

    • New Educated Moron. Note that those mines were successfully managed by Zambians before. I am sure you are less than 30 years or just a ful. Shamutete, Pius Maambo etc Hallo!!!

    • So successfully managed that we had to give them up to the same multinationals we are insulting now ?

  7. I pray that Jehovah the most high God and creator of all things will not let this country down, and that people with selfish motives either in govt or in opposition will not go Scot free and will be punished to their deaths.

    • It’s people like you who are the problem in this country. Jehovah shani shani uko instead of standing up against the ills of pf. You think leaving all hope in some supernatural god you have never seen is going to help this country? Wake up and get yourself together.

    • By the way please tell your fellow Jehovah’s to stay away from my door step

  8. Sunday chanda the cretin. You are just a cadre, if Chagwa fired you today youd end up destitute on the street..

  9. Sing the national anthem or get jailed LOL, Zambia in the sun. I remember the UNIP days when everything supposedly normal was supposed to be UNIP and everything supposedly abnormal was supposed to be opposition, in today’s PF, their abnormality is normal while the normality of other views is abnormal, today they feel politically immortal just like UNIP felt until that day which is also arriving for PF came to pass.

  10. Great article by Sunday Chanda. He lies the problem…we are remember what happened in 2001 after Anglo’s preferred candidate Anderson Mazoka lost to Levy Mwanawasa…then came Vendata to run KCM for only $25million … to add insult to injury, the $25 million was paid for from our own Copper sales.

    Hichilema and UPND are linked to this mess together with their friends Anglo American

  11. Mr Chanda u living in a fantasy just wait and see in the near months or how Zambia will become,the unip era will repeat it coz dollar will go up to 20kwacha or K20,000 in real terms and then the same Zambian who think are docile will rise against the of govt and be removed from power coz at that time life will be very difficult ,so please pf govt swallow your pride and stop politiking

  12. Not sure if Government will manage to run a mine when they can’t even run a post office. #justsaying

    * Dodgy Ambulances, & Fire tenders which should cost $200,000, COSTING A million.
    * Your Na Maliketi First Lady, will take all her Chawama relatives, cooks, bedmakers, hod, & Panga carriers, Gardeners, to the US @ a cost of over a Million U.S.D, to go & admire 70’s Fire tenders not costing more than $50.000 net, which are still to be delivered.
    * Drunken Chawama Boy President, will buy another @Ferarri in the sky, fitted with a Champagne bar, & beds to sleep off his Corrupt hangover, with Findlay in tow.
    * You Goon’s will build a New State House when theres nothing wrong with Nkhwazi House.
    * Cadres will be…

    • Cont;
      * Cadres will be paid in U$D (Dolido), to go & brutalise those with opposing views, despite proclaiming “We are a Multi Party, & Christian Nation” – KAYA??
      P.F, worst experiment to befall Zambia & in 20 years from today even their blind demented supporters will see the light!!

    • Typo; should read,

  14. Let me ask a question. How did a government, an entity worth calling a government, a government worth it’s salt allow the mining company to make such profits while it watched? Then you have the audacity to blame it on the previous owners and a political party! As we sit now Barrick Gold is contemplating selling its mining operations in Zambia, there is no former owner in this case, so who would we blame for the business decision of Barrick Gold now that there is PF in government. My advice is that let us as a country increase our capacity to understand and monitor operations of these investors so that the people get a fair share from the proceeds generated from this morning resource. By the way, take note that yesterday it was Indians and Canadians and today we are witnessing this deluge…

  15. Monday how’s your Brother Mc Phearson, & you enjoying the Zampost donor funds, you looted, sorry was it “Nachitolafye”??

  16. Uwawa, tabula akabepesho. Ba Chanda pf ya time is up. The Zambians are not interested in politics.SHAME.

  17. What a twisted mind, your own PF former finance minister Alex stuck to the view that Zambia has no home grown businesses with ample resources to run a single mine. The problem equally lies in capacity and ability of Government to effectively negotiate good contracts with mining companies at point agreement, benefitial to Country in terms of good taxes/royalties and renegotiate when circumstances change as mines become more profitable, it should not be a Knee-Jerk reaction. It is on record that copper prices recorded highest prices on the market ever during the later part of MMD Government and way into PF Government, it is therefore illogical to blame late Mazoka or HH, you could have made the most when the sun was shining, the bubble has now burst, hence you want to find excuses for your…

  18. want to find execuses for your failures. The Chinese you are trying to sell the mines to will swallow the Country and you will be flooded with more Chinamen take a leaf from Trump who is trying to restrict Chinese unfair business advantage.

  19. Pius Kasolo tried painstakingly to claim vast sums owed to ZCCM by one of the mining companies, but who blocked the claim and where is Pius today? You can fool some people some time but you cannot fool all the people all the time. You never wanted to litsen to objective opinions.

  20. Zambian government can not run a company, an estate and institution. They have failed to run CBU and UNZAM. Council, zampost, napsa workers not being paid for months, who do you blame, the opposition? Let’s be serious, ever were I’m working personally, they say even the government is failing to meet the demand of it’s workers, things are not good. If the government wants to sort out the private investors, they should clear the there workers first then they fix others, lead buy example.
    With KCM, changing investors will not aid at all things will just be worse, the best is to seat with the management and table the issue. The problem is the government is putting policies that make business environment not to strive at the end workers are sacked. The government has failed to run zamtel,…

  21. Excuses will not help you Mr Chanda. What people want are solutions to the problems being faced in chingola and the copper belt in general. If HH is trying to show us he has the solutions to the problems we are facing, why not voting for him so as to come and help us than having people in government who cannot do anything but blaming people all the time for our misfortunes. Wait and do nothing, 2021 is near.

  22. Fact of the matter is that, it’s a bit late to get (nationalise) the limping mines in the current state of our economy. The liabilities are just too much, even when we know that jobs can be preserved a little longer. Mining is not for experiments, it’s not sustainable. It takes over 10 years to bring a reasonable sized mine into operation. The Zambian mine leadership of the 1980 to 1990 mismanaged and we are paying for that. It wasn’t only the politicians of the time. Few if any financial institution can fund the mines like KCM today without a proper due diligence. Borrowing for recapitalising the mines is not a good move in the current economic condition of the country. It’s a chicken and egg situation.

  23. I have considered a few options that the President and his Advisers should consider even as they discuss. This weekend may not be to find solutions, but gather more information and available data.
    Options on the table:
    1. Nationalise the limping mines. There are questions that need to be answered. Does the GRZ have the money to recapitalise these mines. Without recapitalising its zero work done. People will pretend that the mines are being run better for a short period of time. Are the new management going to be left to run professionally, without undue political influence, because these will be “new owners” on behalf of the people? What’s happening with the parastatals in the country? Are they performing?

  24. 2. Force the current owners to sale the assets to other investors. How many investors are out there who will just jump into KCM in its current state without Due Diligence? I am sure a reasonable investor will take months to evaluate if KCM is investable and its current value. Any short cut to that would bring a similar tuntemba investors to come carry out further investments. This is still just buying time

  25. Mr.Chanda.As PF media director, you are now stale.PF needs a director with economic or business acumen to be informing on specific economic measures your party is making to resolve the meltdown.Not this”Can you remember”business.:”Remember in 1920, HH did this” “Remember in 1940 Anglo did that”
    There are no permanent enemies /friends in business.Just be smarter than all of them

    • There are no permanent enemies/friends in business.If you “divorce”(assuming he will even let you grab his assets),what should stop you from hiring the same Agarwal and company expertise and Intel in dealing with your next mine-owning conman.

  26. 3. Leave the current owners to run the mine. Doing the same things over and over expecting different results is the best definition of insanity, they say. So we don’t expect KCM to change using the same model of operations and same management. This is an option if we as a nation have given up on mining in our country, which is our main stay in the economy.

  27. 4. There is a fourth option available which I would like to propose (dreaming!!!). Before I give details on this one, let me say this is my view and people may have different views. What I see as the main problem is the misunderstanding between the mine owners and the government (even through its representatives). There has been a relationship breakdown between the two (mistrust). The immediate solution to this is introducing some parallel structures that are open to all. The owners and GRZ structures from board to management teams. The GRZ teams must be site based under the GRZ remuneration (not paid by companies.) These will seat in all meetings organised by the individual companies. This can be tried for a period say two years and see how it works. Any option will still be an…

  28. USD 300million when you need over US$1billion for interest on the loans PF has borrowed. Copper mining is the only industry that Zambia has and what logic did PF use to borrow at the level at which we are if interest alone is 3 times more than what we get from our main economic players. what level of stupidity is this…

  29. The blame game all the way……….. When will you just provide solutions to problems you have that pointing fingers at this and that?

    • The mmd govt had a good business understanding with the mines. They called them partners in development. Don’t treat investors as enemies…they here to make money too.

  30. Sunday you can bark as much as you want and blame all those you perceive as the root causers of the mining problems. But can you categorically inform the nation how your lazy boss will fix this problem please. The problem with PF is that they have so many cadres who speak without gathering important information. Why should Sunday be the one talking or rather discussing this issue? Where are the ministers responsible for this fish or at least the govt spokesperson. The problem is that they make deals at state house instead of letting the responsible offices deal with such issues. Soon you will be paying them off once they have gone, watch this space.

  31. It is not about raw figures. It is a matter of taxation law. If the tax law needs to be amended, then state the percentages. The rate of taxation must be determined in the existing laws, not by politicians. The country is rich, even without its minerals. Abundant sunshine, abundant fresh water, abundant rainfall, abundant land, abundant labor, abundant wildlife. Take time to declare war against the investors in the mining sector. It is a battle that can not be won decisively. In the final analysis, it a losing battle.

  32. The ignorant masses in Zambia are too easy to excite!
    What they don’t know is Chagwa and his street gang will be the greatest beneficiaries out of this fall-out! Chinese kickbacks are very handsome.
    Don’t forget that the Chinese are the worst oppressors of workers! They also prefer to employ their own! Good luck sleepy Zambians!

  33. Now, why don’t you do different instead of blaming oppositions?

    You can’t start a fight which you can not finish. PF government have failed to the country. Just surrender.

  34. It is sad that it has taken Zambians this long to realise that the Indian investor at KCM is highly skillful manipulator and businessman.

    Let us not blame Anglo America for pulling out of Zambia. Late president Mwanawasa was advised by Anglo not to sell the mine but allowing ZCCM to run it. This company had rehabilitated everything to with mining, the development was done as per mining standard.
    This company left about USD 30 million as exit fees, meaning to help zccm just in case there was an emergency.

    The stores at nchanga mine site was well stocked with spares and new equipment worth hundreds of million of US dollars.

    This company left another 25million dollars in the bank apart from exit fees. In the wisdom of Mwanawasa and his finance minister plus mines minister saw it…

  35. What PF does not realise is the are the government now the are the ones with the power blaming HH or Mwanawasa or MMD won’t help you same goes to UPND if they do win 2021 we will blame them if things go bad you kept blaming MMD back in the day now all of a sudden MMD are saints and UPND is evil the same UPND you formed an alliance with please spare us your crap because only PF cadres believe such nons€ns€ just work .

  36. What shall we say? – history repeating itself. Zambia in overdrive to impoverishing its citizens.
    Only this time debt may not be forgiven like the was the hipc case. This time the Chinese will claim asserts as a condition for repayment of their cash. Mr. Sunday Chanda is playing politics and in his mind there is no future of Zambia.

    What a shame of a government.
    Why do we always choose the dullest and wickedest of our citizens to govern us??

  37. This broken sounding record is becoming boring…..stop making excuses and just fix the crashing economy badala.

    Even that $300 million you are master.bating about will not fix the economy

  38. I was enjoying your article,til the part you brought in the opposition.

    Bringing politics into an article that started as an economic one shows what a cheap,corrupt mind you posses. The PF is the ruling party & any failure of any industry must be blamed right on them.

    Incase your piglet-sized brain doesn’t know, the opposition parties in Zambia have no involvement in the running of that country

  39. I am not an accountant but that is about 6%.I don’t know if you want to take from the net profit.It looks fair.

  40. It is good to be back after lusaka times blocked me for having views that opposed the PF. For all those too young-brained to remeber, my name was N.e.z which is an acronym for my current name. I was the one that led to the increase in traffic this website now experiences due to my open and frank comments that attracted many followers. I am also the winner of the last blogger of the year award which was fraudulantly taken away from me due to the partisan element of this website. However, i now hope that there is new management of this website which is partial in its approach to regulation. Good afternoon.

    Chief strategist of the UPND

  41. Our prevailing and unfortunate political system is such that the government can not run any serious business let alone mining. It will employ cadres from top to bottom and the consequences will be dire. Everything will be compromised and we can not afford to risk the lives of miners especially those who work underground.

  42. Youth entrepreneurship is the antidote to youth unemployment not cadre mentality or hoping that politicians will solve your problems, you can comment or insult 24/7 it will not change.Jobs are not longer permanent and old people staying longer in employment to survive or pay bills. It is everywhere but was worse during financial crisis in 2013. Let whoever in charge introduce entrepreneurship as a career.Youth face challenges because there are no government policies about entrepreneurship .

  43. Let it not be talking shop as usual. This time around the solution must be found though l know as a country we shall end up compensating the Foreign Owners because we didn’t do our homework very well.
    As usual, we have reacted instead of being pro active.

  44. Zambia needs the right set of skills and reasoning managers. Managers with capabilities to deliver . There is still a very good natural resource base for Zambia to depend on and move forward. Failures are learning points but should not finish all our brains to analyse the current situation. blame game will not help be responsible and fix the economy.


    • For the first time in your miserable paupers life you realize that you are born 5tupid, live as jerking moron and will die 5ucking “anointed one” d!ck?

  46. It will end in tears and liking ba mukukulu’s boots.
    This PF govt cannot manage anything.

  47. Spin Doctor at his finest ! …So it is now the view of Mr Chanda that KCM is a ‘rogue’ investor ? Why now ?
    This man’s line of reasoning cannot even hoodwink a feeble minded .illiterate.
    Pure propaganda.

  48. I salute Mr Sunda Chanda for this well researched article.Upnd are spoilers and no one will ever listen to them on the C/B.All we want is for PF to fix or find a lasting solution to this mess which upnd caused.

    • @ joseph
      Which strand of genetically induced !mbecility you are suffering?
      Who has created this colossal f*ckup? UPND or PF? Wake-up you jerking moron.

  49. After reading that article I have come to realize that our government in power has no proper lay down plans for our nation or in brief the Zambians at large ,,how do you bring in late Anderson mazoka when the economy is on shambles so what if you put blames on events that took place 18 to 20 years ago …are we that damn that you think we can be manipulated by foolish propaganda


  51. I can’t help but notice the political leanings of this article. Why take a crisis situation and turn it into an attack on the opposition? You all had a role to play in this mess now what will you do as the ruling party going forward? Bane remember that this political game of yours rides on the backs of the unsuspecting poor Zambians that placed you into government in the first place. Show us results and not finger pointing please, you are in government, man up and fix the mess. The reason some of us stay away from politics in our country entirely is the lack of integrity displayed by those who have been vested with instruments of power. I for one cannot stomach fakery, injustice, and corruption. Please work hard for the people of Zambia and stop writing such worthless articles, twanaka,…

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