Ambassador Mukwita and Hon. Consul Messinger

The embassy of Zambia in Germany working in conjunction with Zambia’s Honorary Consul in Vienna, Heinz Messinger has put together a 20-foot container of assorted medical supplies for the Esther Lungu Foundation Trust.The consignment consists of items such as feeding pumps, electric hospital beds, ICU beds, a transport ventilator and infusion pumps said Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany and Austria His Excellency Anthony Mukwita.

Mr Mukwita expressed gratitude to Mr. Messinger for the donation to the First Lady’s foundation that helps vulnerable people mostly in rural Zambia.

“This donation means a lot to the First Lady as her work is entirely dedicated to the poor who need access to quality health services especially in rural areas”, said Ambassador Mukwita.The Ambassador thanked all those that donated the equipment via honorary consul Messinger.

Since her husband assumed office, Mrs. Lungu has and continues to travel around the country to identify the needs of the vulnerable and providing support to them.Consequently, Mrs. Lungu has won accolades locally and abroad for her work among the poor and vulnerable people in the country.Ambassador Mukwita has said the First Lady will require the support of well-meaning Zambians and non-Zambians to enable her positively touch the lives of as many people as possible.

The Ambassador said many business houses stand ready to donate to the First Lady’s Foundation but they may in some instances need assistance in the transportation of the donations since Mrs. Lungu’s organization is Non-Profit making.He noted that the Esther Lungu Foundation Trust can play its part of faithfully delivering to the intended populations but will require the assistance of others to bring the donations closer home.

“In this case, we are appealing to individuals and business houses that can partner with the Esther Lungu Foundation Trust to transport the 20-foot container from Austria to Zambia,” Ambassador Mukwita said.

Recently, a group of young doctors in Slovenia, another country that Ambassador Mukwita is accredited to donated 205 medical supplies to the Esther Lungu Foundation Trust via the Zambian embassy.The First Lady’s team took it upon itself to transport the medical supplies to Nangoma hospital in Mumbwa where they were needed.The government of President Edgar Lungu has embarked on the construction of health facilities around the country to improve access to health services and void preventable deaths that in the past occurred among the poor.

As a consequence, there have been notable improvements in primary health care as more expectant mothers are able to deliver safely and see their children grow past the age of five.

Issued in Berlin by First Secretary -Press and Public relations
Kelly Kaunda
Zambia Embassy Berlin,Germany

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  1. Mukwita looks ridiculous the way he dresses
    Its like someone from the village being asked to wear shoes for the first time, you can clearly see the difference.

    On Mrs Lungu- she clearly works very hard for me and deserves this




    • Is Anthony a gay now??? Why?? Look the way he is sitting, especially his posing left hand flashing a ring like he-ule.


    • He has always been that way, it’s just that he is allowed to practice freely in that country – just like Mushota


  2. This I am sorry is a misplaced donation unless the foundation does run a hospital, if not the donors should have donated direct to a hospital instead of a foundation, besides a hospital would know which items are directly appropriate, this reminds me about the ancient fire tenders that were donated not long ago which raised a lot of media noise.


  3. Look a that clown Anthony…why do you have to donate to Chawama Old Hen Ester and not directly to a hospital?



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