Nason Msoni urges government to be sober and objective on the resolution of the Konkola Copper Mines saga

Konkola Copper Mine(KCM)
Konkola Copper Mine(KCM)
Konkola Copper Mine(KCM)
Konkola Copper Mine(KCM)

All Peoples Congress Leader Nason Msoni has urged government to be sober and objective on the resolution of the Konkola Copper Mines saga.

Mr. Msoni has emphasized on the sobriety by all representatives of government to help de-escalate the conflict to help minimise the damage on investor confidence.

He said merely emphasising on sovereignty will not solve the impasse especially when the undersigned documents clearly dictate the alternate jurisdiction to arbitrate in case of a conflict arising.

Mr. Msoni has also urged government not to bury its head in the sand but accept that Zambia is a signatory to international protocol and arbitration conventions.

He said it is therefore legitimately obliged to accept the determination from other jurisdictions and to challenge such determinations in such similar jurisdictions without narrowing down the argument into the dispute of territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Government announced that the ruling by the South African High Court on Konkola Copper Mines will have no effect on the liquidation processes which is going on in Zambia.

In an urgent high level Press Conference organised in reaction to the South Gauteng High Court ruling against ZCCM-IH and KCM Liquidator Milingo Lungu held at State House addressed by Attorney General Likando Kalaluka, Mines Minister Richard Musukwa and Justice Minister Given Lubinda on July 23, government said the foreign judgements are not enforceable in Zambia until a rigorous process of registration is undertaken.

Speaking on behalf of Government, Mr. Kalaluka said the judgment was not to be circulated in Zambia as it was not only contemptuous but undermine of Zambia’s viable, working and functioning judicial system.

Mr. Kalaluka also announced that he will take the process of appealing the South African Judgement.

Meanwhile Mr. Musukwa said South Africans Courts have no jurisdictions over the issues on the Zambian soil.

He said the foreign judgement can only be undertaken if it’s admitted in the Zambian Courts.


  1. To be ruled by PF carders means costly mistakes to the country especially to the future generations. These mistakes have not started now. I have been reading comments to see reasoning of these Pfools and it is exactly like there leaders and they are shameless in their ignorance. I pit Zambia. Sober minded people must not just sit idle and let PFools continue the ruin. When good people are inactive, fools take over and this is where Zambia finds itself. Arise HH by the power of the almighty lead the country.

  2. Let us accept this judgement as it was stated in the DA that developer can appea in SA or other countries.

    • Maybe I should also right a book entitled The Zambia I Know. You can expect it to be one of decent, educated, committed, experienced, competent and realistic incumbents of every public and civil service office, and a citizenry that’s civil and well schooled about their fundamental, constitutional and civic rights and obligations – that’s the Zambia in which I was raised!

  3. Why do we have Zambians and Africans that never put their continent and people first? These idioots from India Vedanta need to go. Okay I agree with the cool head part kikikikiki.

  4. How do you tell an alcoholic to be sober. It’s like asking my beautiful Swiss white blonde wife to be ugly. It cannot the way Elisa my wife is greeting you all. She is sat next to me massaging my feet

  5. Musukwa and Kalaluka should not be emotional when dealing with this problem and should not proceed with useless political rhetoric. They need proper legal support and not political support and assumptions about so called sovereignty,no jurisdiction ,which should have been properly considered at the time of negotiating agreements with Vedanta.They should not play to the gallery because this no longer just a local political issue but an investment dispute that has now assumed international legal dimensions. As usual ECL the political architect of this problem has now assumed a distant position after misleading Zambians.This country will pay heavily if this issue is mishandled.

    • Homs Affairs Minister Steven Kapyongo has directed the police to cancel a planned press conference named as ‘the Zambia we want’ which was supposed to have been addressed by Simon Zukas and Gilbert Temba.
      Meanwhile PF has paid discredited former civil society activists, now PF cadres Andrew Ntewewe and Hyde Haguta to organise a solidarity rally in support of PF.
      In a recording being circulated on social media platform, Ntewewe who is being investigated for stealing donor money is inviting members of the public to support what they are calling the Zambia we have.
      According to sources at force Headquarters, State House through Kampyongo has also directed Mulungushi Conference Centre to cancel the booking for hosting the press conference.
      Below is a statement by the organisers. ..

    • Continued.
      Dear Colleagues and Country Men and Women!
      For/On behalf of the Senior And Concerned Citizens, I wish to inform you and through you the nation, that the proposed media briefing which was supposed to take place tomorrow, 25/07/2019 at Mulungulushi Conference Centre *has been postponed to a later date to be communicated*
      This is because the Mulungushi International Conference Centre Management, after receipt of the payment, demanded for a *Police permit* to allow the organisers to convene and hold their briefing at the premise.
      Having been communicated at last meeting of this new demand, the Senior and Concerned Citizens have decided to put off the briefing.
      This demand for a police permit to hold an indoor media briefing has never been unheard of in democttai Zambia…

    • Continued.
      This demand for a police permit to hold an indoor media briefing has never been unheard of in democttai Zambia Democratic until now.
      It is unfortunate now that an indoor media briefing requires police permit and owners of premises can use such as an excuse to deny citizens the right and freedom to expression, association and Assembly.
      Aluta Continua!!! *Freedom is coming tomorrow!!*

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  7. Sober up you cannot be making important decisions on an airport tarmac and expect them to be good. Just like drunk carders were busy celebrating the appointment of a new finance minister, meanwhile the kwacha continues to slide amidst your premature celebration. Lungu needs to sit down for once and spend more time in his office so he can come up with well informed decisions, we cannot afford to have a president who makes the worst decisions that costs up big time. This foolish minister is not going to pay but poor citizens who will be forced to

  8. The so called best lawyers in class had an old syllabus which did not cover Laws Governing Multinational Companies!
    Can the old guard allow younger Lawyers who are well versed with international law to help with the resolution of the KCM saga which has paralyzed other mines depending on its smelters to process their concentrates! Most mines in Northwestern Province depend on KCM and Mopane smelters which are down! And the Chinese smelters have taken advantage and increased the price! There are added costs to export concentrate to smelt it in DRC for example. Zambia is losing out on revenue! If mines are not selling, but still have to pay rent in royalties, it means less money to our treasury! Boma must listen before Kopala erupts!

  9. “Mr Kalaluka also announced that he will take the process of appealing the South African judgement”.

    In one breath,Kalaluka is rubbishing the judgement and in another breath he wants to appeal.Its had to understand the inconsistence.It was not rocket science anyway that Zambia would not find sympathy in international arbitration with that shareholders’ agreement between ZCCM-IH and Vedanta binding .The excitement by ZCCM-IH in invoking the liquidation process and not receivership as a shareholder was not only mind boggling but also embarrassing for it showed that our technocrats know nothing about due diligence.

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