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Friday, February 21, 2020

New Nurses still not on Payroll, despite President Lungu’s directive to hire them 4 months ago

Health New Nurses still not on Payroll, despite President Lungu's directive to hire...

File: Nurses at Kanyama CLinic with President Lungu

There is growing frustration among newly recruited nurses in the country due to delays by the government to put them on the payroll.

On President Edgar Lungu’s directive, the Ministry of Health four months ago employed 3,000 nurses who have been deployed countrywide.

However, four months since their deployment, the nurses have not been put on the payroll resulting in some of the leaving their work stations.

Information gathered has also revealed that some nurses have been advised by their supervisors to go back home and report back for work when they are put on the payroll.

And some nurses talked to have lamented that life has been difficult the last four months as they cannot but themselves food.

“We are now depending on our parents and Guardians for survival despite being employed, this is unfair. We are now employed and we should be the ones taking care of our parents”, the lamented.

But Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Administration Dr Kennedy Malama has assured that the nurses will soon be put on the payroll.

Dr Malama said negotiations have advanced between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance over the matter.

He acknowledged the difficulties nurses are facing and commended them for their commitment to work and patience despite delays to put them on the payroll.

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    • Don’t tell me these things are still happening! My mother wasn’t paid for six months in 1984. It was the norm for all new civil servants and five different governments later its still continuing! Africa yayi. This is the computer age mwebantu

    • Edgar Lungu – get yourself together and don’t take people of Zambia for granted. The nursing profession is so critical to society at large. When was the last time your cooks told you that Mr President we cannot prepare food for you because there is no money to buy food for you.

      If you sent a directive, it means you have ways you to find money to pay these nurses. Please stop these jokes on people’s life.

      1. Put yourself in mothers shoes who cannot feed their children
      2. Think of children going to bed and waking to go to school with empty stocks
      3. Think of nurses on duty at work without food or energy in their bodies.


  2. Dr Malama said negotiations have advanced between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance over the matter. WHEN YOU EMPLOY PEOPLE DO YOU NEED TO NEGOTIATE TO PAY THEM. OR YOU NEGOTIATE BEFORE YOU EMPLOY?

    • No it’s the drought to blame. It has caused loadshedding and staff at Ministry of finance can’t switch on their work stations so they can’t work on salaries. I wish the presidential jet was getting energy from kariba

  3. This is what happens when a person in the ruling government builds 48 houses in one year .Where did he or she get the money from ? Next time you will hear from Sunday Chanda that it is the opposition trying to paint a negative picture about Zambia to the outside world .There is simply no money to pay workers because even the little which is there has ended up in the pockets of selfish leaders who only care about their bank accounts not the people that put them in power .

    • Daniel Banda @ 8

      That’s a very wrong attitude to have in life. God made the world and gave humans all perfect natural resources to make it better world and seeds to produce food.

      Its our responsibility to make it a better place. Remember, God does NOT help lazy people. He helps Forward Thinking People.

      That it self is a the big difference between Developed Nations and the so called Poor Nations or Third World Nations

    • God helps those that start by helping themselves meanng if you dont help yourself no one God included will help you

    • Lukanga Kafusha Justice ” 8.2

      Are you trying to make yourself a clever f00l. INDEPENDENCE OBSERVER has already put it out very nicely. Forward thinking people are of course people who take a step and start doing something.

    • God has this habit of helping those who get their backsides off the ground and start doing something about what they want Him to change. Awe mwe.

  4. @Busybee, are you for real to even say that? Dude I understand you maybe the strongest supporter of the government of the day but wake dude, if this had happened to you, someone made you work for months without pay you would not say wait for your pay chapwa.
    With mindsets like yours is the reason you and those that support stupidity actually celebrates thieves in government while fellow citizens suffer

  5. Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary has assured that the nurses will soon be put on the payroll. Bwana Minister can you inform the Nation is to the reason why these nurses have not been paid?? Money to purchase Presidential jets, fire fighters, travel allowances etc is always available.

    In this case we are talking about Nurses. Well dont be surprised if these nurses seek greener pastures else where around the world. Pay them

    Zambian’s vote for this, & enjoy the able, humble christian leadership of ba Jona the ever travelling Alcoholic.
    Enjoy, & please more months of NO PAY, as P.F deliver to you unprecedented promises & failure!

  7. They will definitely be put on the payroll. Let them not despair too much. I also stayed for six (6) after my appointment without a salary. They will be paid in arrears.

  8. This idea that we can play politics all the time must really come to an end. So you have no coffers and your boss commands you to pay will you? So you have no bullets in your gun and your general orders you to shoo the enemy, will you? Ifyabupuba fye umo bwacela. Stop playing with peoples lives, sell those 48 houses as well as the 49 and start doing the right thing with the money ba kapala!

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