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PF didn’t listen to us over reckless borrowing-HH

Headlines PF didn’t listen to us over reckless borrowing-HH

HH speaking during a radio programme on SUN FM
HH speaking during a radio programme on SUN FM

The huge foreign debt that Zambia has would have been avoided had the PF heeded our warning not to borrow for wrong purposes, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has charged.

Mr. Hichilema said the failure by the PF to listen to him when he warned of an impending drought as well as the subsequent mismanagement of the country’s water bodies has led to shortage in electricity, food and subsequently led to widespread hunger and starvation in the country.

He said proper utilization of debt would have prevented the country from attaining a junk status.

Mr. Hichilema said the accusations leveled against him that his economic forecasts has led to the Zambian economy performing badly were as a result of his timely foresight on a number of economic issues that has left the country reeling on the verge of total collapse.

He was speaking when he featured on Sun FM’s “Public Forum” radio Programme Wednesday morning.

Mr. Hichilema said the huge debt that the PF has
acquired has gone to public service wages and debt reservicing, a situation he described as similar to “borrowing in order to pay back debt”.

He said had the PF taken preventive measures to combat economic downturn eventualities such as banning the export of maize to neighboring countries, the country would have been food secure.

On PF refuting that there was hunger in the country, Mr. Hichilema stated that those who denying the existence of hunger in the country are those who are beneficiaries of the loot from the country’s meagre public resources.

He said the high price of mealie-meal was the clearest sign that there was a shortage of the staple food available for the poor majority.

He also said the arrest of Chishimba Kambwili and subsequent firing of Wakunguma Wakumelo, a police officer who arrested PF cadres during the Sesheke election, was similar to Xenophobia, further adding that restoring the rule of law and freedoms of citizens was the only way to end State sponsored terrorism of Zambians.

Mr. Hichilema further stated that the reason why he was seeking public office was to bring back the equitable distribution of public resources; ending tribal divisions, create jobs and ensure respect for citizens’ freedoms and liberties.


  1. You looted the country during privatization what can you tell us today? You want State house to loot more.
    Taakwe tokoyibona twacenjela ono.

    • Always an empty tin. I don’t feel the scratch.
      The only difference between double h and CKinsultor is that the later is an empty insulting liar whereas the former is a thieving liar printed all over the Panama and paradise papers, thanks to the ICIJ database.
      Double h’s thick skull still feels Government sold all the maize and the country is food insecure. The tribalist thinks detaining a fellow calling others DOGs is Xenophobic shielding his persecution of none double h voters post 2016 election in SP. The prophet of doom thinks countries don’t borrow to develop. He is a textbook kid, a theorist. Take away stolen money from him, he is a mere vagabond shrimp.

    • #Karibaman, what he did was insider trading and what is termed white collar crime and he would have been in prison by now if our law enforcement officers were serious. At one point he threatened to sue KBF who told him point blank he was going to expose him on how he stole from privatization exercise and we have not seen KBF being sued up to today.
      The Government is not taking the saying that goes those in glass houses should never throw stones. The Enquiry on privatization should be opened before the key witnesses pass on due to old age.

    • There’s no country in the whole world which has banned its citizens registering a company in Panama. HH has a company registered there and his real name appears on it. Those who hv stuff to hide don’t use their real names. And wht taxes has he dodged? If he has violated any law, go for him and bring him to court.

    • @Albert. Insider dealing only became a crime in 2016. It was previously categorised as corruption.
      To understand what HH did one needs to understand what the situation was during the time of privatisation.
      Every single person that had a bit of money bought shares or companies, because FTJ and cabinet had found it necessary that some businesses needed to stay in Zambian hands.
      HH didn’t have money but he understood one thing better than the rest ‘Equity’, and bought it he did by exchanging publicly available information, but he did one better he predicted the profitability of of the various companies in various industries under sell. Had he been wrong, he’d be a just a CEO of some company today.

    • The world would be a much better place without Politicians….just look at whats happening to the so called “Founders of Democracy”…they can’t even govern themselves and they want to teach us how to govern….and HH thinks the British are gods….

    • @Karibaman….when are you people going to wake up and face present and clear danger of pf’s mismanagement and stealing of country’s resources? You were sold a dummy that HH stole from privatization and you have sunk your ritten teeth into that dummy and you fail to see whats happening to your country. Shame on you. HH is simply a patriotic citizen who wants to save from imminent starvation. Fools

    • I’m one of those who read Sikota Wina’s book THE NIGHT WITHOUT A PRESIDENT when it was published more than 30 yrs ago. A whole generation has been born and grown up which obviously doesn’t know this book. I am working to get Wina to hv the book reprinted so that it goes on Amazon. Besides the former freedom fighter could do with a bit of money from sales of the book. Wina was in the room at Chilenje welfare hall whn naked tribalism forced Kaunda to resign as president in 1967.

    • From where I stand, you are the one with really nothing to offer Zambians… Same rubbish all the time. I will not go as far as calling you names, a sign of your uselessness disguised, in your delusions, as sage wisdom. Zambia is bigger than you and your jaundiced opinions sir.

    • … I am not seeking political office, bubble head!! Your oval headed twit has repeatedly failed to convince Zambians that he can make a difference. That’s why they have and will reject him again…

  2. It’s difficult to take Hichilema seriously because of his past behaviour. The UPND agenda has always been tribal. It was a finding of fact by the Joshua Mumpanshya Commission that inquired into the activities of Tongas at Zambia Railways when their tribesmen were in charge. People were employed and promoted on tribal lines, Tongas without qualifications found themselves in senior positions, other tribes were marginalized. There were unjustified dismissals of employees of other tribes that led to the Union to demand an inquiry. There was also grand corruption and theft by Tongas, the list is long. These traits are still very apparent in UPND under Hichilema as they were under its founder. What causes people not to listen to you is fear of Tonga hegemony. Unless our generation passes and…

    • there’s a suppression of this history shall you stand a chance to win elections. We know your narrow agenda in politics. You want to get power to promote Tonga hegemony, it will not happen for that is even worse than xenophobia. Non Tongas were beaten and killed when you lost elections in January 2015 and August 2016 but you’ve never condemned those acts by your tribal supporters. Isn’t that xenophobia? You have divided the nation. Tongas in the Army, Police, Intelligence, all security wings openly campaigned for UPND and celebrated when its candidate had a false in 2001, after elections Mwanawasa fired most of them. The pattern repeated itself in 2016 and truly most have been fired, the rest in history

    • Is he not just 1d1ot?

      Google defines Id1ot as:
      a stup1d person.
      synonyms: f.o.o.l, a.s.s, halfwit, nincompoop, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, cretin, 1mbec1le, dullard, moron, simpleton, clod; informaldope, ninny, chump, dimwit, nitwit, goon, dumbo, dum-dum, dumb-bell, loon, jack.a.s.s, bonehead, fathead, numbskull, blockhead, dunderhead, chucklehead, knucklehead, muttonhead, pudding-head, thickhead, wooden-head, airhead, pinhead, lamebrain, pea-brain, birdbrain, zombie, jerk, nerd, dipstick, donkey, noodle; informalnit, twit, numpty, clot, plonker, berk, prat, pillock, wally, git, wazzock, divvy, nerk, twerp, twonk, charlie, mug, muppet; informalnyaff, balloon, sumph, gowk; informalgobdaw; informalschmuck, bozo, boob, lamer, turkey, schlepper, chowderhead, dumbhead, dummy, goofball,…

    • .. goof, goofus, galoot, dork, lummox, klutz, putz, schlemiel, sap, gink, cluck, clunk, ding-dong, dingbat, wiener, weeny, dip, simp, spud, coot, palooka, poop, squarehead, yo-yo, dingleberry; informalwing nut; informaldrongo, dill, alec, galah, nong, bogan, poon, boofhead; informalmompara; vulgar slangknobhead; vulgar slang.a.s.shat; archaictomf.o.o.l, noddy, clodpole, loggerhead, spoony, mooncalf.

  3. What are the right reasons for borrowing?
    You don’t need to be president to end tribal divisions. Especially that most of it was started by you and your party.

  4. “ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND” Says Sejani. HH is a doule tongued man. I remember at one time he was opposed to the idea of banning maize export to earn some foreign exchange, today he is changing goal posts how do we trust this man with questionable statements. HH my free advice to you is that emulate Elias Chipimo;retire from politics and take a back bench because i can foresee a very embarassing exit from political arena for you in 2021 when you miserably lose. It appears that Zambians are more resolved to cling to the current government despite economic challenges than voting for you, therefore, no matter how negative you can be about this country Zambians are afraid of ushering you into the state office.


  5. PF has been good at taking food away from people’s tables as well as any meager resources the country had. All the construction they boast about has done nothing but achieve a falling GDP and the roads are wearing out already while we still owe huge external and internal debts.

    • That’s why I always say PF supporters are mentally ill coz it is a mystery what basis they use to support this government. All economic indicators are shrinking and in my understanding, the performance of the economy measured by economic indicators is the basis for grading the achievement of a government. PF have achieved zero in terms of growing the economy and also improving the living standard of the ordinary Zambian so ba PF supporter, what is your basis of support?

    • Dudelove @ 6.1

      The majority of people who keep voting for PF to be in power or become Members of Parliament are not PF Supporters. Its just Zambians that are not connected to any political party. They see Lungu as a better person than HH.

      If HH was as good as he claims – he would not have lost 6 times from RB, SATA, LEVY, LUNGU.

      Therefore, the MENTALLY ILL person here is basically YOU, because you dont just get it in your head. So is your HH as why he keeps being rejected.

    • @ 6.2 the majority Zambians that keep voting for PF are illiterates who do not have a clue about economic indicators but are swayed by stup!d songs by JK and unrealistic campaign promises like more money in your pocket. Voting based on someone’s personality as opposed to what one has laid out as his vision is the same illiteracy I am talking about and that is why PF is now even considering scraping grade seven exams to further lower the literacy levels of Zambians and widen their voting base. So to prove that you are the mentally ill one, I will ask you a question that you will fail to answer; kindly tell me how PF have grown the economy since the into power and also how their policies have improved the standard of living of the ordinary Zambian.

    • Someone stole from a widow and loudly declared that he has no vision for the country and then you people rush out in droves and vote for him. His first tenure, economy starts to shrink, debt piles up, credit rating junk status and then second term campaigns, still no plans apart from a JK song and fake opening of mulungushi textiles and then you go out in droves and vote for him again. Bane, that is being mentally ill. Us who continue to vote for someone who actually has a semblance of an economic plan but keeps losing because dunderheads are in the majority are the sane ones my friend.

    • Dudelove @6.3…. I shall not follow to your challenge. Independent Observer has responded giving you what you don’t what to hear about developemnt. I will not even bother adding more. @Independent Observer…. Thank you.

  6. When HH speaks, PF dummies rush out in droves to insult, when the story is about how PF are fcuking up the economy, PF dunderheads are mute. Shows that not only are PF leaders extremely petty thriving on non issues but so are their supporters. Zero levels of strategic thought but thrive on operational short term mentality that may work well in SMEs and not the country’s economy. Dull bunch. You m0r0ns were told toxic levels of borrowing would mess us up, and now we are in this mess coz you !d!ots never listen.

    • Zero tolerance on tribalism and tax evasion and corruption.

      Thieves and kleptomaniacs in out’a Government are as spooky and crooked as thieves and kleptomaniacs in Government.

      Nanga Ususha iwe?

      Background checks will be too important an issue to consider before we usher characters in office going forward.

      Ukali Ususha iwe?

      Just listen to how empty this klepto is. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrh, I feel like pouncing on both of you right now. Empty tins.

    • So ba Thorn, when you did your background check on Lungu and found that he was a thief whose licence was suspended because of the same theft, you figured he qualified? Is that how dumb you people are? You knowingly ushered a thief into power while you demonise someone who just allegedly stole since there has never been any arrest or prosecution. See how dull you people are ayi? Even thumbing up your shallow comments coz even here like the rest of Zambia your support has waned drastically.

    • Dudelove @7

      How will you help HH get into becoming the President of Zambia by calling those that don’t agree with you (-)M0rons and (-)1diots. If HH has made Good Points, then you must follow it up with (+)Valid, (+)Compelling and (+)Legitimate points to make it a worthwhile message to the nation.

      You guys – are his messengers on this platform [ lusakatimes]. Yet you miss the opportunity to make the case for HH. In others you are killing HH’s message by attaching it to (-) Anger, (-)Vulgar languages

      Enjoy the day

    • (Comrade) INDEPENDENT OBSERVER “7.3”

      I get your point. And Thank you. I have followed your objective analysis and respected your comments many times, this is the first I respond to you.

      Not all of us want to insult PF government. Unfortunately we have a few bad seeds who come here and think by shouting insults to opponents, then they have done a good job. Its just a sad state because UPND has very good people who mean well for the whole nation.

      I look forward to having an open health debate on lusakatimes. GOD BLESS.

    • Mainza Chona III @7.4

      I encourage you to do so. This platform must be used to share ideas and debate national issues at hand, in a healthy civilised manner. This applies to PF, UPND, MMD and all patriotic and passionate Zambians.

      By default, I assuming you are UPND SUPPORTER and that’s FINE. Therefore, I look forward to reading your comments. My comments

      In the meantime, my comments DON’T represent any Political Party. I am just an Independent Commentator


      Enjoy the day…

    • Sorry!! Correction, I meant…


    • Independent Observer, I call you this because I know you will NEVER change your stance of supporting PF just like I can NEVER support PF. The people that matter and actually vote in droves are the uneducated masses who never even come online and right now the only insults they are enduring and maybe will open their eyes in 2021 is this PF economy that is destroying the country. You are m0r0ns because you understand that economic indicators are shrinking, the treasury is depleted and our debt is out of control but you still singing Lungu’s praises. Surely I am justified to call you all these names coz what other names can we assign to people deliberately playing blind to their country being plundered?

    • We just have to instigate background checks dudelove. We can’t risk it anymore my dear. Face it.
      @7.3 Meanwhile mr. INDEPENDENT OBSERVER good point. I am toning down right now.
      No platform is better that ba LT.

      😉 😮

    • Lungu is the President of this country iwe dude chikondi. We have to give moral support. When you talk about national debt and it’s escalation, you need to be mindful that when the debt ceiling was being raised your parliament opposition members just allowed it to pass.
      In a home setup, that is if you’re married, you will agree with me that if one of the spouses just watches the other getting into debt without proper audit and accounting, the home suffers. Independent observers must castigate both spouses. Where has been checks and balances except chaps are just good at storming out’a parliament at the active instruction from double h. Is that the way to run an opposition party? Yak!

    • Sorry Thorn in the chakuti, it goes against all my principles to give support to a man who clearly has no desire to fight corruption and is happily about to change the constitution to ensure he holds on to power and apart from that has failed to talk to his people. Nangu nalipena I can never support such a man bane.

    • Dudelove @7.7

      ASSUMPTION is the mother of all killers. Innocent people are spending years in prison based on assumption.

      I am not a supporter of PF. If you have followed my comments then you would know. I have condemned and criticised PF in so many times, including Lungu himself.

      During 2011 presidential campaign, I attacked and opposed the Late Micheal Sata almost every week because I thought he was the wrong person to reign Zambia. My comments are there in the archives at lusakatimes for you to read. Sata won and I respected the will of the people. Its Democracy and Period !!

      Like I said in my previous reply to Mainza Chona III, I am an Independent Commentator. You must stop these notions that – just because someone does not agree with you then he is PF…

    • CONT….

      Dudelove @7.7

      +++ Mind you, there are things or ideas that I TOTALLY agree with HH. Again I have posted about them and they are there on Lusaktimes in the archives for you to read.

      I ask you to breath and appreciate constructive criticism.

    • Dudelove @

      With regards to development. Development is Short, Medium and Long Term. On national platform, the bigger part is always Long-Term Basis.

      There are so many projects under way, going on for national development or rather incubating which even HH knows are doing fine, because he has invested money in these Joint-Government Fertile-Projects. Else he would not put money in these projects.

      The big problem is that people in opposition refuse to acknowledge these facts because it gives them ++ INCENTIVES to attack a sitting government. It’s a formula used in developed nation by those in opposition from UK, USA, JAPAN, GERMAN etc.

      And of course with corruption especially in the civil service, development is hampered.

    • @7.10

      Witukana dude.

      Maybe those Zambians you’re calling names like illiterates, docile, DOGs and other unprintables are they real voters, the real life changers, the real Zambians. I usually call them elites. Br. Mumba jr. calls them the People of the Zambian Enterprise. You are busy calling them names, they are busy going on with their normal lives and business trusting and putting hope in their Government. Double h has failed to connect with them that’s why they teach him a lesson.

      I would rather join the ‘docile’ as they butcher UPNDEAD alive.
      Nandibo epompelele kakwasu! Mapenzi aisha!

    • cont..

      Right now in Zambia among developments incubating or coming to life right now are such as construction and implementation of:

      Fishing Industry
      Food Processing
      Government & Private Partnership of Manufacturing Industry
      Information Technology
      Mining in North-western Province
      Small Scale Business Support
      Solar Farms

      And I can go on and on….

      Some of these projects were started by MMD are just maturing now and PF have added more fuel or money to continue the cycle.

      Just as well some of these projects that have kicked off, will mature in the next government, whether it’s a PF or UPND Government.

      Enjoy the day

    • Ba Dudelove

      its fair to say INDEPENDENT OBSERVER has really embarrassingly schooled you today. compare your comments to his, you don’t even come close. the scores ar;

      Dudelove: 00

    • Ba Chitimukulu I already know Independent Observer is non-partisian and that is why I have never called him by name or responded to any of his previous contributions. That’s where you get it wrong mune, we are talking real life issues here and how this government keeps blundering everyday tanking our fragile economy, stealing billions and if you think I will give a sh!t about being schooled on Lusaka Times in the face of corruption, loadshedding and poverty then you are the biggest moron here. With all due respect to Independent observer, yes I can be civil but currently I am too incensed to even pretend to be civil. Things are not well in my country and these are facts. The leader is clueless and has no idea what he is doing, another fact. Someone comes in with advice and just because…

    • he belongs to the wrong tribe he told to p!ss off. Am sorry, but am done with fake etiquette with respect to the most useless and violent party in the history of this beautiful country. No good words for people who hijack a forest and start sharing it out. What a sick sick lot!

    • Dudelove you are the man. I like how you stand your ground and shinina people with facts. The fact will remain that we have a President who is clueless.

  7. it amazes me the dullness found in pf ,and if these are the leaders we have then we are doomed.if hh was the one who looted during privatisation, the question one need to ask is where was the government of the day. and who let him do that. the late mr m c sata who was the founder of pf failed to arrest hh over the same accusation. can someone continue using this as reason for the country s failing economy.

  8. so these id10ts who continue supporting PF are seeing something good from PF. very interesting. what has your reckless borrowing brought us as a country? Tribe will never put food on your table

  9. Spot on Mr. President! These pfools and their supporters have left the country reeling on the verge of collapse. This is the same element you would find in DRC and the shambles there speaks for itself. Keep on speaking out against these inept and greedy [email protected]@rds; you are the anointed one to lead us out of this bondage.

    • Why don’t Zambians aka the Elite people of Zambia aka the Smart People of the Zambian Enterprise vote for the dead party UPNDEAD? Tick all that applies.
      A) Because Zambians are smart.
      B) Because Zambians are Docile and illiterate.
      C) They don’t trust double h and they can’t connect with his message.
      D) They don’t have an option.

  10. Lt where are my comments? Pf has failed lamentably…very low caliber fellows starting from state house to the likes of kaizer Zulu , “bishop” chomba, freedom sikazwe, frank bwalya, Bowman lusambo…..the list goes on: how can we expect anything good with such people in charge? Let’s be serious and entrust matters of governance to credible men like HH. Otherwise we will turn into DRC….it’s the same element after all

  11. I thought politics was like a game of football or any other game for that matter, where if the coach loses a number of games in a row, the decision is very easy to take because justification is at your disposal. But my brothers and sisters don’t seem to see it that way, pretending to be looking the other way. However, failure to take the right action at an appropriate time has its own consequences. Hope my bululus in upnd have heard.

  12. @Poughman, you are very correct but that rule will never be applied in UPND. In our party it is Hakainde!! Hakainde!! Hakainde!! hakainde!! hakainde!! and hakainde for ever!!!!. Mu UPND ni Hakainde……abashala bonse ni bangwele!!!

  13. UPND preach about your manifesto and love across country.Stop attacking PF as whole.

    PF is not Edgar Lungu and a few members oftentimes mentioned by you.

    PF ethnically is rooted in Bemba /eastern bloc. However,this fact has

    made Electorates (voters) in these provinces NOT to have independent political ideology.

    Believe it, people will go and vote for PF regardless of economic upheavals

    of the country.

    This is will be so because UPND has failed to preach unity and love even to

    this country.

    Attacking Pre.Lungu means that you are attacking the whole PF

    blockbuster .UPND be clever if you want to outweigh PF .

  14. Why don’t Zambians aka the Elite people of Zambia aka the Smart People of the Zambian Enterprise vote for the dead party UPNDEAD? Tick all that applies.
    A) Because Zambians are smart.
    B) Because Zambians are Docile and illiterate.
    C) They don’t trust double h and they can’t connect with his message.
    D) They don’t have an option.

  15. Why don’t Zambians aka the Elite people of Zambia aka the Smart People of the Zambian Enterprise vote for the dead party UPNDEAD? Tick all that applies.
    A) Because Zambians are smart.
    B) Because Zambians are Docile and i.l.l.i.t.e.r.a.t.e.
    C) They don’t trust double h and they can’t connect with his message.
    D) They don’t have an option.

    • They actually vote for him, difference between PF and UPND is small in the last elections. So your question is not based on facts.

  16. Thorn in the Flesh

    Keep preaching. I appreciate your comments @7.9. Its all about delivering the message and facts.

  17. GDP Growth has strictly dropped from 6.5% to 2% and the downward trend continues. With high debt and lack of growth, how do you pay back?

    The rotten element is PF here and the sooner they are removed, the better for the country.

  18. Do not die just because you hate the person who is offering you HELP. Sometimes your enemies speak more truth than the people who are cheering you. Yes HH you told them but without vision they didnt listen to your advise.

  19. So HH, are you then going to fire your MPs for Choma district, Hon Beleemu and Hon Cornelius Mweeta for deciding to work with ECL on tackling hunger in Choma?

  20. I thought that was what you were supposed to talk about on the radio interview, but you are now diverting attention to matters that we already know, the overplayed and now boring CD so to speak? Ba HH nabo awe sure.

  21. What evidence have u got to prove that HH looted during Privatization? The Mines were owned by GRZ so if HH sold what is he stole he should have been arrested by the Police. HH has offered a House to anybody who comes forward with evidence that he sold the Mines.Pse hurry to the Police with your evidence and get HH arrest and jailed then the House will be yours.

  22. This is for Sharon and all those that time and time have told us on this blog and in pf campaigns that HH store huge sums of money. Ask yourselves, why is our pf government so incompetent that they can this HH thing away in the ground for good. The truth is pf or HH haters have nothing on this man, just admit that HH is brain smart than those running pf government and pf bloggers yabering infront of your tiny computers

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