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There is need to build a proper foundation if Zambia is to have a nuclear power plant-Msiska

Economy There is need to build a proper foundation if Zambia is...

Zambia Atomic Energy Agency (ZAMATOM) Director General Roland Msiska
Zambia Atomic Energy Agency (ZAMATOM) Director General Roland Msiska

Zambia Atomic Energy Agency (ZAMATOM) Director-General Dr. Rowland Msiska has said there is need to build a proper foundation if Zambia is to have a nuclear power plant and that the Center for Nuclear Science and Technology is important for the transformation of Zambia through energy generation.

Giving a presentation during the Patriotic Front (PF) Interactive Forum in Lusaka on Sunday under the topic ‘Is nuclear power the answer to reducing load shedding – the case for Zambia, Dr. Msiska said the center will help in diversifying the energy sector.

“In 2015/16 Zambia experienced low power production due to prolonged drought. This caused a reduction of approximately 40% of the economic growth rate. In order to address the above challenge, His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu announced on 18th September 2015, 16th September 2016 that his administration during its term in office would pursue nuclear energy as part of the diversified sustainable energy mix to power Zambia’s economy. The2018/19 looks to be a repeat of 2015/16,” he said.

Dr. Msiska said the decision to embrace nuclear energy will help the country in achieving the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP) such as Economic Diversification and Job Creation; Industry and Economic Growth and Enhancing Human Development.

Highlighting the Economic Benefits of nuclear energy –US Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Case Study, Dr. Msiska said each year, the average 1,000 megawatt (MW) nuclear plant generates approximately US$470 million in electricity sales and revenue.

On the environmental impact, Dr. Msiska stated that unlike oil, coal or natural gas, nuclear energy is one of the lowest carbon footprint technologies across the world.

He indicated that nuclear power has very low lifetime greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions which makes the technology a potent climate change mitigation option.

Dr. Msiska also observed the need for the PF Secretariat and other stakeholders to promote investment in alternative energy sources such as thermos electricity generation from coal and nuclear reactors.

He said there was a need to facilitate the passing of the Comprehensive Nuclear Bill in Parliament.

“There is a need to encourage PF Members of Parliament to support Government in a meeting of International Atomic Energy Agency standards through ratifications of relevant treaties, conventions, protocols, and agreements. Encourage PF Members of Parliament to support Government in domesticating of the same through amendments of existing laws (ZEMA, NCC, EIZ Act). Encourage PF Members of Parliament to assure his constituents of the Government’s commitment to safety and security. Communicate to all relevant Party structures, Chiefs and all key stakeholders on the importance of the implementation of the nuclear program,” he said.

On the impact of the effects of the El-Nino on the 2015/2016 Fiscal Performance, the ZAMATOM Director-General said unbudgeted US$39,286,245.70 was spent on emergency power imports by the Treasury in 2015.

He further stated that this caused adverse effects on the Fiscal performance in 2015 as the El-Nino effect was not anticipated when drawing the 2015 budget.

Meanwhile, Dr. Msiska emphasized that the setting up of a nuclear center and plant is a non-political issue as it is aimed at benefiting the future of the country.

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  1. So this near-rollout of the President’s entire nomenclature – is it an acclamation from a position of sycophancy or is this a demand by the executive that it should be done that way or is it just the st.upi.dity of timid minds. Pa Zed pena te sana mwe. Yes. A foundation. That’s it. If you cannot even plan well for drought periods you will not know how to cool those si.lly rods when you run out of water in the cooling towers. Bwafya sana.

    • Zambia doesn’t hv one single nuclear engineer. Yes it has physicists and that’s it. Dr Roland Msiska is neither of the above. He may hv read some aspects of nuclear medicine but he’s no practitioner of this branch of medicine. Nuclear power has terrible waste storage problems which he chose not to mention.

    • It is sad that Msiska was fired for doing a good job as Cabinet Secretary, and replaced with a useless dunderhead.
      They gave Msiska a huge title of Director-General, which other directors are there in Atomic utopia? A director-general without employees.
      Msiska is same as the Ethiopian CEO for Zambia Airways and Milingo Lungu, they are awarded huge contracts by useless thinkers. Atleast Msiska has an audience from PF-secretariat, unlike the Ethiopia who is paid huge salary for nothing.
      All those appointments are done from state house…
      Msiska should do himself a favor to go get a job in America or Russia at some nuclear plant as a mere employee. It will be more noble for him than sitting with abena Sunday Chanda.

    • Why these utopian solutions? We’ve no power so let’s go nuclear. Do we have the capability to build a nuclear station and to maintain it? NO!
      We don’t have roads so let’s build airports in every town? We can’t qualify to the World cup so let’s hire Mourinho? We’ve no water in Kariba so let’s change the course of rivers in Congo to flow into Zambezi? Let’s get back to reality and the very many down to earth solutions before us

    • 1. Zambia currently does not have the capacity to run nuclear energy plants and to handle the environmental risks associated with Nuclear energy. This is suicide.
      2. This centre should have been operating from UNZA or CBU under some nuclear scientist, hopefully we have one plying his trade in Zambia. Is Msiska even passionate about this kind of stuff? This is a domain for nerds not some tired beat up bureaucrat.
      It’s very funny that countries like China with a HUGE population and a HUGE manufacturing sector has no load shedding. Did I mention that we have more capacity for hydro power generation than China AND they don’t mess with nuclear power plants? So this press forum, JUST THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX AND LEAVE NUCLEAR ALONE FOR NOW. Give it 100 years, we will be ready.

    • Elo Zo ona ba PF why are you flying in ten different directions at one time? Do you have the resources to do this kind of mindless roaming from one strategy to another? Lelo timveleko kuti ba president is in japan signing solar deal mailo ni nuclear. From a purely strategic point of view this is a no no. The dismal science operates on the principle of scarcity hence you pool resources where you have the most competitive advantage to avoid wasting limited resources. Between solar and nuclear as a country we have a better chance of making solar happen. Build those vima solar farms iwe! Stop wasting time with nuclear energy. Before you even think of starting a project of this nature, you consider basic things like availability of human capital to accomplish it. Do we have program in nuclear…

    • ….Do we have program in nuclear physics or nuclear engineering in Zambia? No. Money? Tilimunkongole. Koma mungadabwise na yesu mwe.

    • Dept of HaFailures! HaChronical Losers. HaNegatives! HaUnelectables! Let’s develop this thing. He is CHILDISH & UNELECTABLE.

    These P.F Gangsters can’t even organise a piss up in a brewery, or even relaunch “Zambia Airways” on time despite too much ku bwetuka bwetuka!
    All P.F is efficient in is Violence, Plunder, & A2SElicking to get Corrupt favours & crumbs from Ba Jona’s corrupt table.
    Dream on P.F goons, you dream, & [email protected] about Nuclear power / technology, when you can’t even locate the owner of 48 plunder flats ba [email protected] imwe!!

  3. This man, Msiska, is too d.ull to run such a sensitive project. All he has going for him is being a loyal cadre.

    God forbid, but we appear to be going in with eyes closed and accordingly courting disaster.

  4. You can’t maintain the simplest form of energy generation and you are busy experimenting with nuclear which could be disastrous if neglected. Zambia has a history of running down things with the mentality of always asking others to do it for us. This project stinks of corruption.

  5. There seems to be a deliberate suppression of information on the viability of solar energy. Zambia enjoys a lot of sun shine throughout the year. So Msiska’s presentation is incomplete, is it meant to buttress a bad decision? We need more information. What will be the cost of the Russian nuclear project and what will be its lifespan? Please tell us so that we compare the figures and do our arithmetic. Msiska hasn’t discussed the effects of a nuclear leakage on the environment and how he’ll deal with it. He hasn’t also talked about his plans and the cost of the disposal of the nuclear waste. How do you expect us to support you when you’ve withheld vital information? We’re not buffoons like some of those shouting ECL2021. Have the 2 solar plants in the MFEZ failed?

  6. The whole world is abandoning nuclear energy en mass and we want to rush there? As they say fools rush in where angels fear to tread!

    • It’s all about PLUNDER, & more cash in PF Goons pockets.

  7. It’s funny and very absurd how fully grown men sit and type negative comments on such a brilliant idea that can change zambia for good. Our government is not dumb they know what they are doing. Mr Msiska makes it clear that the Research Center is a good step towards the foundation of out nuclear power program. Nuclear is a serious case is yes we all understand that’s why we have the International atomic energy agency the agency monitors a country’s progress in preparation for a nuclear industry if by the time we decide to do the ground breaking for construction of first Nuclear power plant in zambia IAEA can’t give permission do so if we don’t meet the requirements that is; Human resource, legislation and the same waste management you all are talking about. So basically the center is…

  8. Let’s go nuclear zambia.. I feel sorry for the negative mindsets who are saying. We don’t have the capacity to run a nuclear power plant for they see themselves where are today in the next 10 – 15 years ifwe we are moving if you want to remain shaleni bane. Look 15 years back and see what you couldn’t do but you can do it today.15 years ago UTH never had the cancer disease hospital which apparently Operates under nuclear technology. Waste management we’ll be handled very well because we have the International atomic energy agency on board they can’t give us permission to commission a plant that doesn’t have a waste desiposal strategy. Open your eyes no country has ever developed without sufficient energy supply.

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