HH and UPND Should Have Ignored The Hype Around President Lungu Tasting Snake Meat


By Prince Ndoyi, MMD Youth

There is always a temptation for politicians to jump on the hot things in the country. But some things can be ignored and left for social media as neither do they add value no increase our support base in essence.

The statements we have seen are, to say the least petty and that type of politics should have been left for Chishimba Kambwili who has nothing to lose. UPND which is an opposition party with the highest chance of forming government cannot be trotting on social media jokes. We have recently enjoyed how they are giving alternatives and offering new style of checks and balances on many issues today but this issue they should have let it slide.

This is something UPND can ignore and should have ignored, its not necessary at all. We all know that a President whose Commander-in-Chief of defence forces will from time to time officiate at military drills. That was a pure military drill and had everything to do with the military that’s all.

I agree with some who say, this is how Zambians in general lose focus, today we are talking energy, loadshedding, budget, Bill 10 and now this issue which has no potential to reduce load shedding nor increase water levels in Kariba dam.

And by the way, we have an army in Zambia and why are we surprised with a drill. Unless if we never had an army, so military activities should not in any way be of surprise and attract such unnecessary frenzy at the expense of serious matters. We spend collosal sums of tax payers money on our men and women in uniform to protect us from any form of foriegn aggression now and in the future, so let’s grow up. And sometimes, we send our well trained men and women to hostile and troubled regions for peace keeping missions as we can not be at peace if our brothers and sisters have no peace. SO IF A SNAKE IS A SURVIVAL DELICACY FOR OUR MEN AND WOMEN IN UNIFORM, WHY THE FUSS?

So when a President attends those it is up to his discretion to partake in whatever activities. As a matter of importance, these statements have the potential to INFURIATE or ANNOY the men and women in uniform who sometimes serve under difficult circumstances. A politician worth his sort, would simply avoid it. The cost outweighs the benefits, because whether we like it or not these men and women in uniform VOTE.

Armed forces personnel, total in Zambia was reported at 16500 in 2015, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources. So this is 2019, how many numbers are they, if they went in a voting booth?

The only time we heard Michael SATA in opposition talk MILITARY and POLICE politics was when he addressed issues to do with thier conditions of service, because he understood that anything else was costly if at all he was to be President.

So President LUNGU whose President of Zambia derives power from the Constitution of Zambia Chapter 1, and among these Presidential powers, is the COMMANDER IN CHIEF hence his duties stretch as far as overseeing military drills. Anyone wishing be President must acquaint themselves with these powers. These powers confer upon the presidency various functions as stipulated in the Defence ACT such functions as should be utilised in the interest of national development and security.

In ending, let me say Article 33 (1) of the Constitution, provides for a President of the Republic who shall be the Head of State and of the Government and the Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Force. Article 44 further states that the President as the Head of State, shall perform with dignity and leadership all acts necessary or expedient for, or reasonably incidental to, the discharge of the executive functions of Government subject to the overriding terms of the Constitution and the Laws of Zambia which he is constitutionally obliged to protect, administer and execute. The President in this regard is obliged to freely interact with defence forces as a mark of solidarity on what they go through in the course of thier professional discharge of their duties.

And for me, ALL army personnel must be deeply elated to see thier civilian leader exhibit that level of moral support towards what the men and women in uniform go through during troubled times.


  1. Good article. This man writes in a sober manner. He must be a good man. I would never be a cadre but right if elections are held I would with difficult vote for UPND. Sober up guys and do intelligent politics.

    • Grow up finyyo fyenu.
      Every single idyot is going to write about gay and snakes. You turn our Zambia into a thick of pubic, for you bedbugs to crawl in.
      I wish I could just delete this current Zambia mwee.
      Bakolwe go and work.

    • Useless article. I want my 3 minutes back. You don’t chose political battles. You fight all of them. If the PF can accuse HH of supporting gayism and the next day their party president is seen eating a serpent, why cant the UPND retaliate? A military drill is done in private. Not on camera for the whole world to see that if we attacked Zambian soldiers and cut them off from food supplies they will still survive on snakes. So lets cut them off from snakes. That was not a military drill but a publicity (albeit a political) stunt. Its not for HH to address hunger and load-shedding, but the party in government which unfortunately is so much focused on rumors of homosexuality

    • Waste of time advising these nonentities.
      POTROZ ECL is CICOTAFs. Don’t mind these under5 nincompoops.
      The knuckleheads are dull.

      Damn! Where is that halfwit nigga dudeloverboy?
      Can you heed the fella’s article.

    • Ba Peter Njobvu you dont say because my opponent is a fool I will also be afool. If my opponent likes mudslinging I will join him! That is nonsensical. They say never argue with a fool people might not notice the difference

    • Good article indeed UPND has big issues… I don’t see them winning .these petty issues should be left for the clown Kambwili

  2. This is where Lungu outsmarts the opposition. He knows there are serious issues we are experiencing as a nation. And he knows the mouth diarrhoea of our opposition. And so he eats a snake and for the time between, the chief mouth diarrhoea-list Kambwili can be kept off serious issues. And he knows the UPND will parrot Kambwili. At least Lungu can have some sleep. In short, our Opposition is a joke. I agree with the author. UPND should not have commented but kept on serious issues.

    • …outsmart?really?!!

      careful it is your IQ Test #2, Think “Trading places” !!

  3. Stop all of you
    Stop this snake and gay things. Mwebana mwe mbwaa mwee. Fhikala fyaba wishinwe. Mwaba amaathole. Mussatanyina yenu, find something better to discuss.
    You trashing our Zambia, bakapolo. Fuccking idyots!!

  4. I have to admit this article make sense HH should have just ignored as a private citizen I am worried if mr HH starts to act intolerant to small issues

    • Was HeHe even a BOY SCOUT? Or Cadet.
      He’s in the group of Trump who thought he was clever by avoiding Vietnam.See how he’s messing up big time

  5. Prince Ndoyi you are straight to the point In short UPND will never support the Defence Force once they form the government has they claim. World wide the president supports their army. What Special Forces are showing us simply is survival tactics. Once you are captured by the enemy forces then you need to escape, after escaping you are not going to have food. So you have to feed on wild fruits including any edible animals. And you have to practice that during training. It’s a big hand to HE the president of the republic of Zambia Mr. ECL to take part.

  6. Kudoz to thr auther. He writes better than a lot trained journalists. Like pieces done by the likes of Dickson Jere and Fred Membe, this one is so coherent from the Heading down to the last dot.
    keep the articles coming

  7. Becoz of Drought there is Hunger in Zambia country wide. For Zambia to get International Food Aid the GRZ needs to declare Hunger as a National Disaster. Lungu has refused to declare Hunger as a National Disaster. When Lungu is seen eating a Snake on Camera and in Public he is conveying a message to the Nation and the Hungry. Lungu is urging Hungry Zambians to eat Snakes in Place of Nshima which is now expensive and unaffordable due to sharp increase in Mealie Meal prices. To make matters worse Lungu’s Govt has been blocking HH from distributing food to the Hungry in Zambia. The message from Lungu must be “don’t accept food from HH and UPND. Eat Snakes if u are starving”. On this basis it was appropriate for HH and UPND to comment on the Dangers of eating Snakes.

  8. From the comments, I think its a nice write-up. (I just read the title only). Now, can you also write about an urgent press statement issued from an empty auditorium in the USA over rumours of how a private citizen wants to use their own private parts?

  9. What if the head of state rejected in eating the snake? It would have shown a greater disrespect to the soldiers. They would have despised him as not to be fit as a commander in chief. He needs to demonstrate that he is with the soldiers all the way even in their survival skills. It would have been cowardice of the worst kind.Him being commander in chief, has to show that he is part of what the soldiers go through.

    • So iwe mbaluso if your mother cooked a human steak you would just consume that in the name of respect for your mother. What if she asked to sleep with her, what would you tell her? In the name of respect you will do your own mother??? hahaha

  10. Great article,full of valid points!!!
    HH is miles away from state house.For sure,this is how president Edgar Lungu outsmarts the current opposition leaders.Oftenly,we hear HH warning judges,ECZ chairperson who declares the winner,the speaker and various Govnt officials.One thing which HH forgets is that no player goes into a game while insulting or mocking a referee then hope to win-its almost impossible!!!Referees are capable of deciding any game!!Michael Sata was in very good terms with men in uniform and other Govnt officials,hence winning in 2011.Its like HH is cursed because some of the mistakes he makes cannot even be made by a grade 5 pupil!!!Anya “Tonka tweende”.They (UPND) will regret in 2021!!!

  11. Ba Lusaka Times, do you entertain insults on this platform? I remember you started blocking that one who talks about his white wife. What about the one who is producing all those insults? What are you doing about it?

  12. No wonder Lungu and his PF gang behave like rabid cobras, I mean what do you expect from chaps who so joyously feast on izinyoka! And for Lungu himself, he would be a path adder! Mambala number 1.

  13. Excellent observation by the author indeed. I admire such people who are articulate and to the point. People should be serious with what they comment on. What is wrong with the President partaking in what his fellow men and women in uniform are doing? After all by being the chief of armed forces is in itself making him a soldier.

  14. it’s not a big deal.
    I am sure a lot of Zambians (not only hh) found this whole fiasco odd.
    there’s no need for lungu or them solders to eat snakes, what point were they trying to make. it doesn’t mean they are tough
    so it was an odd behavior and it got the reaction it deserves. move on and stop slithering (pun intended) on the topic
    @Nostradamus boi chill. this too shall pass

  15. Filyelyelye muleke!
    Mukalya nefyo tabalya!
    We have a nice song about this behaviour!
    Not long ago, we were talking Ebola and Bush meat. Nga mwalwala, you start blaming God for your lack of discretion?
    So napopi kuti mwalya!
    Nangu ni survival sure?
    If people have resorted to eating serpents in the name of survival and are refusing to declare the seriousness of the situation, what should we believe?

  16. Ba UPND, eating with someone is one way of consolidating friendship. It doesn’t matter what meal one shares with another. Eating is a strong sign of approval. That’s why soldiers were all smiles when Lungu took a bite of that snake meat. You’ll need the army if you’ll be in power and the army needs to trust you. I can see another long walk to plot one for you as long as you keep dissing even simplest but meaningful gestures. By the way, when is HH going for a jog? That itself is a good simple gesture. We need a fit president!

    • Ba Sililo, eating with someone is one way of consolidating friendship. It doesn’t matter what meal one shares with another. Eating is a strong sign of approval??
      My brother what are you talking about. What you are saying is that you can eat anything with someone just for the sake of consolidating friendship. I don’t follow your thinking. For you it does not matter what it is; In short if someone offered you dog meat you will be ready to swallow. You are a very strong man my friend. Lion meat, human flesh, dog meat, frogs, ba Fulunyemba, ba pushi, Ba Mwankole, Ifipululu, Bats (Utusu su ), Ba kolokombwa, isamba, utu konkote, imi nyangu, impashi, ba kalingongo imwe tata fyonse ku tunkila. Teti mwalya namafi shikulu, ninshi appetite

  17. Out of all the great drills that the special forces undertook, the snaking eating drill was the only appealing one to show solidarity to our defense forces?What of scuba diving? What target aiming ,gliding or parachuting out of the plane? Do you guys know that snake eating one survival skills taught even at boy and girl scout level? Ask Bare Grills a once special forces soldier in the British army now turned TV survival skills presenter. Most people always expect a special forces soldier with satellite phones, night vision goggles, high calimber auto guns etc.

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