Some Evelyn Hone students to lose bursaries for meeting HH

HH addresses Evelyn Hone students at the UPND secretariat recently
HH addresses Evelyn Hone students at the UPND secretariat recently
HH addresses Evelyn Hone students at the UPND secretariat recently
HH addresses Evelyn Hone students at the UPND secretariat recently

About seven Evelyn Hone Students will lose their bursaries after it emerged that they met UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema seeking his support for the upcoming student union elections.

The students, some of whom are vying for positions in the Students Union had approached Mr Hichilema to seek his financial support to enable them campaign.

They met the UPND leader at the Secretariat and were given party regalia to wear before posing for photos with Mr Hichilema.

In return, the students were expected to use their union positions to denounce government, campaign for the UPND and organize student protests at every opportunity.

It is however unclear whether Mr Hichilema did offer the students any funding.

This came to light when the affected students in the company of College Principal Mr Daniel Fwambo and his Deputy including the Dean of Students met Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo in his office.

During the meeting, all the students confessed to having met Mr Hichilema and seeking financial support from the opposition leader for their campaigns.

But Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo informed the students that government will go ahead and withdraw bursary from all the students for participating in partisan politics whilst in school.

Mr Lusambo also disclosed that the students will be disqualified from running for student union leadership elections.

He said his office will today write to the Ministry of Higher Education to recommend that the actions against the students are implemented.

“We will not allow institutions of higher learning to be turned into political playground. If HH wants to use students to get into State House, he should be ready to start paying them their bursaries. So we are withdrawing support to these students in order to send a message that government will not tolerate the actions by the students,” Mr Lusambo said.

HH greets Evelyn Hone students at the UPND secretariat recently
HH greets Evelyn Hone students at the UPND secretariat recently
HH takes selfies with Evelyn Hone students at the UPND secretariat recently
HH takes selfies with Evelyn Hone students at the UPND secretariat recently


  1. What is wrong with students exercising their democratic. One of the civic duties taught in Zambia is belonging to a political party. If these students went to the PF would Bowman have treated them like this? With such insincerity, we will always be a third world country.

    Next time HH, please let such meetings be private. Don’t display these young pupils.

    • Lusambo, the money you have within drawn the affected students is not party money, but tax paid by all even people who support the opposition or are neutral. Therefore, it is wrong for you as a party agent to withdraw the government support from the students. Yes, the college may decide to prevent the students from participating in their union elections, to some extent that may have made sense. That should have been how far the punishment could have gone period; in the meantime, the issue of you meeting the students during the paid for time (tax payers money) was wrong too.

    • PF let Hakainde Hichilima (HH) go and campaign freely. He is a Zambian and must move freely without intimidation. We may differ but he still remains a true son of our country.

      The buck stops with President Lungu who must stop this nonsense, gone crazy

    • These PF foo1s never cease to amaze us. The bursaries funds are taxpayer money and not PF money. Just because someone is receiving bursaries money doesn’t mean they can’t participate in partisan politics. If they were supporting PF, most likely these PF clowns would’ve had no problem with it. Hypocrites.

    • No wonder these kids die while in Colleges and Universities.

      Parents please discipline your children.

  2. The Under 5 crook (HH) always fails. Nothing he does yields any results. He even tries to copy Sata’s tactics but Kainde always fails. Under 5!


    • Next thing all those kids will be gays and lesbians.
      Some will die mysteriously.
      Some will go rioting.
      H² must leave these kids alone.

  3. Indeed a guilty one is ever afraid…
    Then which one Zambia One Nation slogan do you compellingly sing about? It is Psychologically clear here, just like honour is given to whom it is due; the students deemed necessary to approach HH for their aid, financially! Now the query is that;
    1. If they had approached that your office for the same, would you have given them or not?
    Maybe they have severally ‘had their goes’ and it all knew avail, who knows!!!

  4. Lusambo back off, it is called democracy and is a prerogative of every Zambian, full stop. You fail to improve the livelihoods of people and all you are interested are politics of abuse and intimidation??? What a shame for Zambia. I pity your children because you have been entrusted with the wellbeing of the country but oh no, too daft to have a vision for the country where there is equality and a prosperity for all. Kabiye uko, Ukakandwa ba Less

  5. so next time visits a clinic ,all the nurses will be fired oh what a country.Please this government is now going to the dogs.

  6. Things like these will make Zambia remain a sh!thole country. Why punish students for expressing their democratic rights.

  7. Seeking sponsorship from any person is not a crime but the mistake the Hone students made was to put on UPND regalia

    • UPND are more ridiculous than the PF. The PF could have easily scored points here by letting the minister of higher education suspend these students from taking part in elections, for wearing political attire to sway weary student voters. Bowman Lusambo is not educated or smart enough to maneuver politically. He should leave this to Tutwa and that former FDD spokesperson that is now PF.

    • Gents let us agree. What these students were doing were politics. You heard the money was not being given for free. It had a prize tag, that is to bring confusion to the college ultimately affecting inocent students. I dont think their parents would have allowed such a thing.

    • Remember October 5, 2018?
      Today is October 3, 2019.
      H² met some Unza students, it led to a riot, one died mysteriously. Beware of double h students ka.
      Read the signs and dates.
      Be warned.

  8. I cant believe the pathetic state of the UPND Secretariat environment, is this the party that talks big yet the cant even plant grass and trees in their meeting room? Its so dry, wall fence as if it was built hundred years ago but hear them talk, mamamama. If you cant manage small and little things how can you claim to manage (as HH believes) a thing as complex as a human being? What type of environment would Zambia be in under the rule of HH? Can HH march up with one Edgar Chagwa Lungu in terms of infrastructure development? I certainly dont think HH can equal President Lungu in this area. ECL on infrastructure is a guru!

  9. That’s childish man! What’s wrong with these politicians kansi? This is confirmation that you hold back development and funding to people who don’t vote for you and yet you abuse their resources and money.

  10. These students have bitten the finger which feeds them. Such activities are supposed to be done secretly. But HH wants to use all means to get to plot one. Now HH pay for the students because you are the causer since you wanted everyone to know that even the students are in support of your party.

    • You are a moron. Do you mean the students have no right to interact with any party they want? Is it illegal? Ubuchushi bubi sana. These kids are being punished for depending on some assistance from government.

  11. what is Lusambo’s role in all this? In fact, it is folly for the school admin to parade these boys before this guy, Maybe if it was the ministry of education!!!!!

  12. When we were at University, most of us made it clear that we didn’t support the government of the day – directly in front of visiting ministers. We didn’t lose our bursuries. What’s this nonsense about students not participating in politics? The money is tax payers money, by the way.

    The University itself was a polling station and students voted. Isn’t that participation? Students always had views about the politics of the day and economy and that’s part of the learning. Higher or further institutions of learning are not primary or secondary schools. This regime is pathetic.

  13. If this move was coming from any other political party government wouldn’t reacted like that.HH is desperate for power so using vulnerability of so many people in Zambia.His intentions are to fight the government indirectly.
    So if one carry out a research will find that those were students were tongas and Kalubales .

  14. Christopher Kang’ombe became a councillor whilst he was a student, why did the government by then not take off his bursary. The same Principal and board are just cadres. For what reason did they go to Lusambo and not Ministry of Higher education?

  15. Bowman is making too many enemies! When you make too many enemies, you won’t know what will hit you! Students are known to be restless and unstable sometimes and you have to be careful what you do to them. Student time is when young people begin to discover their true potential! Universal University and college lifestyle is just that – unlimited FREEDOM to explore! Students have every right to engage in the political governance of their country, even to ask for sponsorship from whoever they see capable! Stop this nonsense of thinking Zambia belongs to PF alone!

  16. So if UPND and/or HH decides to sponsor the students, is Bowman going to expel them?
    It’s just regrettable that most of us online are unable to debate honestly and objectively. Individuals like Mr kudos and Bowman are the ones taking us backwards.

  17. I remember one time when some UCZ church members in some town in Zambia last year danced and showed the PF symbol of a clenched fist when the President worshipped in the church and later addressed the church. We saw the women showing the Pf symbol in church. Where is the fairness here?

  18. So embarrassing 50something yrs after independence we still behaving like kids.we can do better than that leave students alone. Where is freedom kanshi

    Broken Hill Man Lusambo, would have been taken to Courts of Law & heavily sanctioned for his undemocratic ng’wang’wazi kaponya behaviour, BUT unfortunately in this Zambian Failed State, the whole judicial system is ROTTEN TO THE CORE, & will only bow down to the highest bidder, who happens to be the appointing authority (Jona Chakolwa), & his flimsy drunken wishes, & whims!

  20. Plezzz inform those students and any supporters of the democratic right to support any political party of your choice that forigne embassies in Zambia need such stores.

    It is forigne embassies through foringe aid keeping lungu afloat…….

    I for one will be writing to my MP….. my tax money given as aid to zambia can not be used by lungu for such suppression…..

  21. Fellow Zambians it is not right at all time to attack our leaders, Leadership come from God, we should put that in mind, alas for you and me to blessed we need respect the leadership God has given us kwasila.

  22. The PF have the mandate to spend taxpayers money until 2021.
    They also have the mandate to withhold money from those whose agenda is to dislodge them from controlling the tax payers money.


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