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Physically defend yourselves if attacked by PF, HH tells his cadres

Headlines Physically defend yourselves if attacked by PF, HH tells his cadres

HH addressing Kaoma residents on Monday
HH addressing Kaoma residents on Monday

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has commanded his party members to defend themselves physically if attacked by PF cadres saying that is the only language PF understands.

Speaking in the wake of the murder of a UPND member identified as Lawrence Banda in Kaoma, Mr Hichilema said UPND members should no longer be scared.

“Fear not, your vote is your weapon to kick out the corrupt and violent unruly PF thugs led by Mr Edgar Lungu. If they come to attack you physically, kindly defend yourselves because that is the only language they understand,” Mr Hichilema said.

Mr Hichilema charged that Zambia is fast degenerated into a gun culture society brought by the PF but advised that they remember that if one lives by the sword, they will die by the sword.

“We hate violence and seeing citizens being killed by the PF-funded militia groups. As commander of our party, I will not sit silently while PF lie to the Zambians. No citizen should be cheated by the PF lies that they are Christians because if they were, they would not be killing others.”

He added, “Typically, the PF has continued asking citizens to close their eyes in prayer while they steal public resources and kill in cold blood but not anymore. If it means any of you who trust us to deliver development to remain with one eye watching over their evils, then be it so.”

“And remember: the darkest hour comes before dawn and no one should stop any citizen from enjoying their democratic rights.”

Mr Hichilema stressed, “Always remember that a wound against one Zambian by the PF thugs, is a wound against all of us.”

HH arriving in Kaoma on Monday afternoon
HH arriving in Kaoma on Monday afternoon

HH arriving in Kaoma on Monday afternoon
HH arriving in Kaoma on Monday afternoon

HH greeting Senior Chief Muneku of Kaoma
HH greeting Senior Chief Muneku of Kaoma

HH greeting Senior Chief Muneku of Kaoma
HH chats with Senior Chief Muneku of Kaoma


  1. It’s 1d10ts like these making such unfortunate calls and statements on kids that exacerbate more deaths.
    Is a cadre’s life not worth spared?

    At your own peril, heed this satanist call.
    Up in arms with machetes and guns. I would definitely love to see H² in the front line defending himself as the situation gets ugly, Uriah kind.

    Ironically when these deaths are being recorded, he is usually never there. He is usually drinking tea with Mutinta as the Gadaffis of this world run battles with their counterparts, the PF hooligans. Who does that.

    • @Thorn in the Flesh together with Sharon. Typical PF fool. Your fellow fool in state house is headed for jail come what may. He has committed crimes against humanity.

    • Nostradamus the greatest mistake any political party can do in Africa is to boycott elections, UNIP was second largest political party in Zambia until someone advised them to boycott some general election, today even andyford banda’s party does better than them.

    • LT

      There is only Senior Chief Isiteketo Amukena II in Kaoma and not your insinuation of “Muneku”.

      Please, as media, learn how to tell your readers the truth because there is no such as a chief as “Muneku” in Kaoma but Senior Chief Amukena II. You need to have facts and not peddling unsubstantiated lies.

      Is it the extended load shedding of visionless Lungu & PF bandits affecting your reporting?

      By the way, how much is mealie meal today & the economy doing?

      The Skeleton Key

    • It’s !d!ots like Lungu who condone his supporters to be waving around guns and killing people when he has the power to stop it.

    • the Bible tells us, those who kill with the sword, shall die with the sword. If a PF cadres hits you and police do not arrest him, hit back . Hit back twice has hard. Lungu is a failed Commander in Chief.

    • Here we go again….HH you’re part of the problem…typical African Politician…you sacrificing innocent people’s blood for political mileage… dont force things bwana Hakainde Hichilema…if it was not meant that you will be President….you will never be so stop sacrificing people and inciting violence….

    • No wonder African leaders were ignored at UN General Assembly….they were speaking to empty chairs….useless Politicians especially Lungu…be was addressing his own PF bandits

    • Zambians need to find better things to do…why waste time listening to Pompwe Politicians….HH,Lungu,Kambwili all useless kaants

    • Akainde has now switched into 2021 mode.
      Fellow Zambians show this bloody idoit the way out at the ballot. He deserves to be in hell.
      (HH) is Satan in the flesh.

    • HH is not a good leader…..he is inciting violence and urging his followers to die for him….shame on you bwana HH….thank God you will never rule Zambia

    • Am disappointed with PF kaponyas but am even more disappointed with HH….now he wants more violence and death….what a loser….only Kaunda used to preach one Zambia one Nation…..these new Politicians preach hate and retaliation and more violence….shame on you HH…..

    • HH straight from promoting and encouraging Sodom and Gomorrah to inciting violence…HH you’re such a loser….please retire from Politics in 2021….and what the hell are they voting for in Kaoma

  2. At this rate of desperation by political leaders , I can predict massive politicised violence in 2021
    . The scale will be so great that there will be no elections in 2021. ECZ will prepare everything but citizens will not be able to come out of their houses on polling day.

  3. You’re a bad leader, your careless statement will just worsen the situation.
    NATUTEMWANE BONSE…..Mr Sata used this song to preach peace in the country and it helped. As for you, you will only be known for celebrating tragedies.
    Just shelve your desire for presidency, seems you are not destined to be.
    Take it, or leave it, it’s Just a piece of advice.

    • So his message should have been if PF attacks you start singing? How does a person telling his people to protect themselves make him a bad leader? What kind of logic do some of you people use ayi?

  4. What? Is this a statement coming from a leader? One who wants to lead Zambia?. I hope he was misquoted. When police attacked him at his house, he went into hiding in a bunker. He was literally smoked out. Today is preaching an eye for an eye. Why did he fight the police himself. He is asking other people’s children to fight? The text sounds like there is no regret that one of his cadres was killed. Poor Banda has died for nothing. Wynter Kabimba commanded the PF cadres to fight back when he was SG for PF. Today he cannot even control the PF savages. HH should show better leadership even pretending will be better. Such statements should be issued by his boys and girls if violence for violence is part of UPND strategy. This PF and UPND zealots will put this country on fire soon!

    • Fear is not a choice anymore. Blood has been spelt 2 bullets in the HEAD. Dose not sound like self defense. UPND has same thing to fight for. If they loose again its blood spelt in vain.

  5. Its COMPUTATIONAL PROPAGANDA BY UPND its a strategy they they have employed to skew the elections and votes

    Its observable and cadres to be the most looser in that strategy Its these statements and acts carefully worked out to skew votes and elections that the Zambian authorities and police should come on top of things and level playing fields

    When it comes to COMPUTATIONAL PROPAGANDA and CYBER TROOPING UPND has be the most observed party followed by PF then others smaller aligned parties and individuals

    Towards 2021 this has to change and be moderated inluding Phone Progarmmes with paid for talk time like “BROTHER NA” “PRIDE” and “ORDER”…

  6. and other NDOLI NDOLI CALLERS on these FMs including ”MR MODERATORS” It should be curtailed and stopped its such computational propaganda also fueling those misguided political cadres also

    • Wait until they bring the violence to you & you watch your own being violated!!! see if you’ll continue singing the peace song if you’re sane.

  7. Yes when u are dealing with PF armed thugs like Kaizar Zulu u have to defend yourself. That is the only language that PF understands. Lungu promotes and protects thugs and violent People like Kaizar Zulu. Lungu needs violent and thuggish Kaizar Zulu to Rig Elections in a Violent way. As we speak Kaizar Zulu is threatening violence in Kaoma. Lungu is pretending that PF Thugs are not in Kaoma displaying their violence. We all know that the PF Party is Violent. Period.

  8. HH as a leader should not tell people to fight each other escape from political conflicts.leadership is about peace – loving.

  9. Why didn’t this violence happen in Bahati or Eastern province?? Let me unmask the latent message from this satanic tribalist-” in our tribal heartland barotseland, don’t let the bemba and their chipata collaborators masquerading as PF soil our land, ATTACK THEM AND CHUCK THEM OUT!!”
    The police report is very clear that it is upnd criminals attacking anyone trying to campaign there, PF cadres just came prepared to defend themselves after the Sesheke violence. 2021, more murders!!!

  10. What???? this man HH, he is a very bad person, wake up fellow Zambians this man has does not deserve to be a leader, how can you encourage violence and you want to in State House one day, leaders are peace makers no matter what. Youths should be careful and find something to do other than supporting political Violence in this country. His Excellency President Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu has been preaching peace even in Katuba by- elections he denounced political violence, but it is so supprising that HH has never done that why? the answer is he not born to be a leader all he believes is to see the blood shed and supporting gay right shame.

    • @alangizi, this is where we africans have it all wrong, in a democratic dispersion LEADERS are made by people, while in monarchs , people are born to be leaders.

  11. @alangizi, this is where we africans have it all wrong, in a democratic dispersion LEADERS are made by people, while in monarchs , people are born to be leaders.

  12. Newton’s Third Law of Motion
    PF violent Action = Citizen Reaction
    Life for Life
    Tooth for Tooth
    Eye for Eye will make Zambia Blind!
    Only Chagwa currently occupying the office with solutions to political violence is not interested in stopping the violence because it serves him well! The only way to stop the PF violence is to vote PF out!

  13. ( That is not the language of a leader ) . leaders help bring peace though it hurts them
    however the murderer must be brought to book in peace and without violence and the law to take it’s course if the offender is convicted he should be punished as the law stipulates.

  14. I quote: As COMMANDER of our party, I will ………….” Militant tendencies here. This guy will ” go into the bush” when he loses the next election. Demagogue chancer.

  15. Supporting any party and it’s candidates is within every Zambian’s right to do so. But this does not warrant killing each other in the process. The people you are killing for, don’t know you, nor do they care for you as much as you do for their causes; and they will definitely never invite you to their house for a cup of tea! Taking someone’s life is a crime, and as the person who has perpetrated the killing, it’s on you alone. So be sensible, think before you lift your hand to harm someone.

  16. This guy is nuts and his brain full of hogwash. these are manifestation of smoking dry cow dung in childhood. His children are busy playing computer games while he is encouraging other peoples children to pass through harms way. Wake up cadres, you die today, he uses you as a statistic during his boring and repeated speeches like a boring record.

  17. So according to you upnd must always be on the run? It is by fighting for our rights, that is how Africa got liberated. The reason why PF is killing people by guns is because the want to stay in power force so it is right to physically fight back, by guns or by votes if that is what PF wants. Go to South Sudan and see, brother against brother, PF must have known better! No true leader will let his people to always be killed without doing nothing, blame PF!

  18. Bitter Hakiende h and his inherited under five party without a vice president. At least your carders aka mps now know who you really are. You are the ‘Commander of your party” and Life President. Indeed I suppose all parties can defend themselves if attacked. Take a leaf from leaders who have told their people ‘no to violence’…someday this cry you have made might come to haunt you. Let the games begin.

  19. These are the levels of an under-five politician. We have always known that the levels in this man are not up to scratch. He is paying thugs to fight for him and turns around and says defend yourselves. Have people wondered why the killed UPND cadre was nicknamed Gadafi?? Armed with no other skill, these hopeless souls are being armed as political mercenaliries. We need to curbthis cycle of violence by these low level polititicians.

  20. This is about self defence. We know the perpetrators of much of the violence. According to some peoples logic, if a PF cadre slaps you, give them the other cheek each time and every time. There is a time when enough is enough. When the other side realises what you are capable of, they will stop in their tracks. This is not inciting violence it is stating that you have a right to defend yourself.

  21. This is how desperate HH is for power!!HH is evil and no two ways about it!!!Surely which normal politician world over would encourage his supporters to fight with opponents?HH is fighting a losing battle.President Edgar Lungu must cage HH,throw him into Chimbokaila forever and drop keys into Indian ocean!!!This Gaddafi Banda is dead and gone forever for nothing while HH is enjoying his with Mutinta in Chalala!!WHY CANT HH USE HIS CHILDREN WITH AFRO TO DO POLITICAL BATTLES?Wake up Zambian youths and hate HH with a passion!!

  22. Am very disappointed with this u5 how can you say such a thing at a rally…no wonder you are the supreme leader of up-and-down party please give chance to others.you can’t even appoint your vice president because you want someone who has money to be your vice…don’t be selfish badala.how are you going to campain in shiwangadu with such careless talk …..plz we are tired of you give us space.

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