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Government is doing everything possible to address Zambia’s power deficit-President Lungu

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (centre) accompanied by Minister of Agriculture Michael Katambo (left) and National Milling Corporation Managing Director David Bosse tour the Ultra Modern New Mill in Lilayi, Lusaka on Friday, October 11,2019 .
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (centre) accompanied by Minister of Agriculture Michael Katambo (left) and National Milling Corporation Managing Director David Bosse tour the Ultra Modern New Mill in Lilayi, Lusaka on Friday, October 11,2019 .

President Edgar Lungu says government is doing every possible to address the power deficit the country is experiencing.

The President has observed that the power deficit is impacting negatively on agricultural production and other economic sectors.

Meanwhile, President Lungu says the Zambian government has embarked on the commercialisation of cassava production.

He also reveals that the Democratic Republic of Congo -DRC- government has made a request for Zambia to export cassava to that country.

The President has further implored farmers to enhance the production of wheat to satisfy both the local and international demand.

President Lungu said this in Lusaka’s Lilayi area before Commissioning the New Ultra-modern National Milling Plant, which has a capital investment of 37 point five million dollars.

At the same function, Agriculture Minister Michael Katambo said the investment that National Milling has so far pumped into Zambian is testimony of the country’s favourable investment climate.

And United State of America -USA’s- Seaboard Corporation, the owner of National Milling has praised Zambia and President Lungu for attracting various forms of foreign investment.

Seaboard Vice President Ralf Moss also said the newly constructed Ultra -modern National Milling Plant is unique in the African region.

The plant has capacity to process 600 metric tonnes of wheat every day.

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  1. Saudis Arabia wanted 5 million goats what happened.
    This President should have just allowed the Agricultural minister to commission the milling plant but as usual he bulldozed the occasion instead of being in his Situation room addressing the difficulties brought about by load shading, high cost of living, fuel and electrol violence.


  2. What happened to the alternative power sources you were commissioning as cover for the electricity price raises of almost 75% while PF rats on LT were dancing and singing end of load shedding ????


    • Lies come back to bite you lungu……

      Those power plants you were busy commissioning were all a con ?

      This has to be the most useless corrupt du.ll GRZ ever.
      Their 100 % reliance on rains while Zambia has the most rivers just shows you how useless lungu is.

      We told them again and again, impose 200% duty on solar products to force manufactures to shift production to zambia , but as usual lungu and his gang of theives think that is too much hard work…..by now Zambia would have atleast 1000 new jobs and high exports of solar products while saving massive manee on importing solar….


    • Useless man, his ka brain is scattered like his front teeth, practically empty, the man is worst president on earth, what do you expect from a thieving lawyer wanna be who stole from a widow…… the chap is just a plain loser


  3. Yes doing everything possible for 9 months now when you knew we would have a power deficit but up to now the crisis has just been worsening month after month.PLEASE SAY IT WELL,YOU ARE DOING EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO ENSURE YOU BENEFIT FINANCIALLY FROM THIS CRISIS THROUGH INCREASED TARIFFS TO FACILITATING SKIMMING OFF HUGE COMMISSIONS FOR YOU AND YOUR CRONIES!!


  4. “President Edgar Lungu says government is doing every possible to address the power deficit the country is experiencing.” – this week.

    “President Edgar Lungu says he is aware of the high cost of mealie meal and he is doing everything possible to address the problem”..- last week.

    And yet he is doing absolutely nothing about it. Looks like what His Excellency says is only on his lips, he has politicised everything: hunger, mealie meal, load shedding, debt situation, etc.
    Truth be told in reality he seems to be doing absolutely nothing that we can see or will see in the near future.

    And yet unless some things change he remains a better option than Trible HH for 2021. Cry my beloved country, what did we do to deserve this?


  5. “..And United State of America -USA’s- Seaboard Corporation, the owner of National Milling has praised Zambia and President Lungu……”.

    Even investors have caught on to the praise language, it’s not the government of Zambia but president Lungu. Looks like their knowledge of his soft spot is as good as if not better than most of his ministers.


  6. so many failures in the energy policy! Failures in themselves are not bad. But not learning from the failures is the worst tragedy to have befallen our country. The dry-spells were predicted long before; long enough to plan and institute mitigation measures. But as we speak if the importation of power from ESKOM in RSA is not finalized. The biggest question is why do people want to continue in leadership amidst such blatant and gross failure?


  7. Sometimes its best to shut that teethy mouth if you have no solutions or anything beneficial to say. Hh warned you about this prior to rainy season. Also why have u failed to invest in alternatives energy and yet can spend millions on useless fire trucks. You are a failure lungu. Even my dog has more brains. Meanwhile my white wife is laid in bed with her head on my chest. Her skin so warm and smooth.i am just stoking her blonde hair. This would never happen with my zed exes


  8. Country men and women we are apealing to parents and relatives to all the youths in this country to be responsible enough by thinking outside the box, all these energies and anger for one another can be exhausted to developmental issues by way of creating their own wealthy.

    Chinese, Rwandes, Burundes to mention but a few are doing very fine in this country and their focus is to work hard and make money while you are fighting. We need to sit down with our youths and counsel them and make them understanding the importance of life we live once, and what legacy are you going to leave? fighting? hatred? insults? God created as in His own image, the need to contribute to national development. We only have one ZAMBIA and we are ONE….


  9. According to weather forecast by minister responsible, the country expects normal to above normal rainfall this coming season. Is our President going to call that climate change too?

    The bible quotes times of drought and times of floods, was that climate change too?

    Oh yes climate change is real but not the way it is being politicised to mean drought, hunger, high mealie meal prices, load shedding. Looks like some ignorance by politicians is at play here.


  10. …..in their ignorance, Zambian politicians make it look like climate change has some positive aspects too, which is not true at all.


  11. Ba Sharon ku USA , your really a supporter for PF government, with all bad things happening home left and right under the hands of PF regime and you still give them thumps up. Tell me unless you have no relationships home to actually tell you what is on the ground.
    Otherwise I suspect you’re out of touch with what is going on, your people, Zambian people are suffering, put the tribal thing aside and be a patriotic Zambian.


    • Sharon is a prostitute who is on cocaine just like lungu..do you surely think some one with a brain full of sperm can think


  12. But zoona, will growing cassava improve power deficit. Stop the unlawfully cutting of trees, have forest reserves as a country. Diversify to wind instead of water and we shall have power all year round


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