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We are willing to reconcile with the other members who were led by Mutati-Nevers Mumba

Headlines We are willing to reconcile with the other members who were led...

MMD President Nevers Mumba at a Press Briefing
MMD President Nevers Mumba at a Press Briefing

Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) President Dr Nevers Mumba says Tuesday’s judgment has set precedence in Zambia politics with respect to the rule of law.

Dr Nevers Mumba said that the party is willing to reconcile with the other members who were led by Mutati.

Speaking at a press briefing at the MMD Secretariat, Dr Mumba further stated that he joined the politics to bring morality and integrity in politics, to foster discipline and to fight corruption.

The MMD President has however noted that the party’s new slogan will be “New hope” as it intends to deliver a new political system.

Commenting on the nullification of the Mutati led MMD group and it’s alliance with the Patriotic Front, Dr. Mumba noted that those appointed by the President to serve in Parliament would continue to serve because his NEC had no power to remove them. He, however, said he was not privy to any documentation that supports the alliance between MMD and the PF. He said as his team settles down in office they may be briefed on such and make a decision on it.

On Tuesday, the High Court finally passed a landmark judgment on a three years court case on the MMD leadership confirming that the former vice president Nevers Sekwila Mumba was the President of the party and nullified Felix Mutati’s MMD led faction.

MMD President Nevers Mumba at the burial sites of late President Chiluba and Mwanawasa.
MMD President Nevers Mumba at the burial sites of late President Chiluba and Mwanawasa.

Meanwhile, Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) President Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba yesterday morning laid wreaths at the burial sites of late President Chiluba and Mwanawasa.

Dr. Mumba who led members of his Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) arrived at the Presidential Embassy Park at 9 hours.

He then proceeded to lay wreaths at the tomb of First MMD President Dr. Frederick Chiluba and then laid at the tomb of Second MMD President Dr. Levy Mwanawasa.

In an interview afterward, Dr. Mumba said that he had decided to visit the late MMD Leaders to pay our respects and signal a fresh start for the New Hope MMD.

“The MMD Leadership decided that before we hit the road running to regain our rightful place in the Political space, we first had to come and pay our respects to the Founder leaders of our Party. The past 4 years have been very difficult for MMD but Tuesday the storm finally calmed”, Dr. Mumba said.

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  1. Call your brothers RB ,FM. Mwansa, bowman; call your sisters Edith, Nalumango, Dora meet them have breakfast even if you resolve to part so be it do not be selective in your reconciliation you need every member focused we know you had a ‘loose’ alliance with UpNd but now look at the three fronts the party you belong to finds itself; MMD, Pf/mmd, UpNd/mmd…do the maths who is giving who winning votes? Go it alone you can get numbers into Parliament even if you don’t get number 1. But hey feel free to play pride politics ‘I defeated you in court! So middle-finger” awe don’t be stubborn. If they refuse at least you tried but be genuine.

    • MMD is a finished party . Worse , under the leadership of Nevers Mumba. This guy has always been a loser but good at coining phrase….ati “Dont Kutina”… Zambia Shall be saved”, and now ati “New Hope”
      Kikikikiki…… Ni ba mbula buyo!!

    • MMD sounds more mature than PF.
      just this week PF has 21 national cases and conflicts, from stolen animals from national parks to national convention..

    • Nevers mumba was found guilty of stealing canada high commission money. The sentence to set him free after being found guilty has been appealed. If reconsidered he will be going to jail. Now watch him sing the PF/MMD faction song just so he can serve his neck. Watch that space, that’s why he is raising it

    • Please come get your brothers and sisters who joined our once strong party PF before they swallow us. Get them please ,they have done more harm than good to PF.

  2. He is s prophet of DOOM! Years ago he kept telling us Zambia shall be saved” Bt look at Zambia today….

  3. Nevers Mumba is a very upright politician. He has been rejected by most Zambians because of their concealed hate for upright people. They would rather shout “pabwalwa” and vote for Barnabas(a well known criminal) than he who proclaim Christ. What exactly has Nevers Mumba done wrong.What crime has he committed. Of all the Party President he seems to have a clean record. Other than moving from the pulpit to offer political leadership, what crime has Mumba committed. Gen Miyanda was also an upright man but he was equally rejected. When a drunkard and robber(Stealing money from a widow ) told you he had no vision for the country you called him humble and crowned him king over yourselves. No wonder you have plagues all over you country. Rivers are drying out. Your leaders are sharing your…

  4. ….Your leaders are sharing your spoils in broad day light. Criminals are now supper stars. They are untouchable. The economy is now in free fall. Your republican president is still skimming on how to stick to power beyond 2021.This is all because you reject the right people and prefer criminals. Now they are killing you children, you parents, your uncles and your friends. Tomorrow it may be you.

  5. Nervers Sekwila Mumba must understand that a political Party isn’t a means of livelihood, he shouldn’t expect to be paid a salary and allowances because he’s MMD President. This was the cause of the differences with Major Kachingwe. Otherwise MMD is doomed, Sekwila can’t take it anywhere. Last time you demanded K63,000 monthly salary, does MMD have that kind of money?

  6. I think Nevers mumba is a sober character if Zambians were to be serious about leadership. The problem is that almost every citizen is corrupt and poverty is a scapegoat because even the rich are also highly involved in corruption. There is this huge group (cadres) who are unemployed, usually used by politicians. This group does not analyze issues but vote based on who has given them shaki-shaki at the time. If we are real to ourselves, Dr. Mumba is above all the current crop of politicians, if given chance can turn around this nation regardless of which political platform he uses. New hope lili Che.

    • The problem is you comment on people you don’t know. Just ask those who worked with him when he was VP, including sentries and maids. Nervers is a hypocrite

  7. MMD is a brand that cannot be erased from Zambian politics. The foundation remains strong and it’s trajectory up until vacating office in 2011 was sound. Rupiah Banda disturbed the order in the party. Why? Quite simply he wasn’t MMD at heart, UNIP blood flowed his veins. Regardless, offer of a job he only viewed from a distance, not contemplated even in his wildest dreams was too good to turn down. Dressed in sun-bleached colour faded sweater, old wellington boots on his feet and perhaps sitting under a mango tree on a bear dry Field he called a farm. Phone rings, It’s Mwanawasa. ‘Rupiah here’s mana from heaven.’ Nothing wrong with that, the problem is Rupiah Banda is selfish. in-fact selfish in every sense. A discussion for another day.

    • MMD crashed and some of the debris attached themselves to PF others to the Deads.
      The article just shows that NSM is a failed politian yet one of the most powerful church people under the sun of Africa.
      As things stand, this MMD is a waste of precious timea and space.
      Otherwise good luck.

  8. This is a moment for Nevers Mumba and MMD party. Rebranding is a good start point targeting quality new members of all types, technocrats included. Not just stone throwers, panga-wielding street thugs. MMD is a party of ideas and it badly needs new ones now. It may not be a good idea to reload the party with old power- angry wolves only seeking leadership. Nevers needs to attract people ready to agree, support and give account of the party in media interviews and other platforms about the new direction his leadership takes. It won’t be easy. Today politics is run on streets, all good people with ideas have chosen a less stressful route . ‘ Stay away from politics’. if there is a person who can revive politics of dignity we once saw in Kaunda, Chiluba and Mwanawasa, It’s Nevers Mumba…

  9. The signal for seriousness in the rebranded MMD starts with bold decisions. If Rupiah Banda and Felix Mutati still appear as members and show no signs of severing the link, problems will remain. Formally dismissing the two will be a powerful message for turning a new leaf. There’s no appetite for further fights on both sides, I get that. Sometimes difficult decisions have to be made, this is the right time. If what the duo have done doesn’t amount to gross indisclipline, I don’t know what does. They have no legs to stand on as far as adherence to club rules is concerned.

  10. In the case of Rupiah, what value does he bring to MMD. None. He’ would go down in history as the first former president to be expelled from the party that sent him to State House. That’s the little accolade MMD can give. The two caused misery to party faithfuls too, but it is cost to MMD’s precious time of rebuilding and expanding that is unquantifiable. It lost its place from being the main opposition to picking up pieces. Rupiah and Mutati are malignant cancers at the heart of MMD and must be nipped from the bud. Association of every form and manner with the party its name be stopped immediately.
    Good luck to Nevers Mumba.

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