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President Lungu urges PF members to counter lies with truth

Headlines President Lungu urges PF members to counter lies with truth

His Excellency Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu
President of the Republic of Zambia, His Excellency Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu addressing party cadres

President Edgar Lungu has counseled Patriotic Front party officials in Eastern province to respond affirmatively to all those who are in the habit of paddling lies with the truth.

Speaking when he addressed party officials on the sidelines of his Eastern Province working tour, President Lungu expressed disgust at the growing numbers of lies in the country and the lack of credible voices within the party structures to defend from falsehoods.

“Why shouldn’t we who believe in PF not go out there using radio, social media, using newspapers to spread the good news of what PF is doing here in Eastern Province.

“Some people are going on radio telling lies, we are just looking at them. Some people are going to church on Sundays telling lies, we are just looking at them. Let us challenge them with the truth,” President Lungu insisted.

Further, the President instructed the party officials to encourage the people to pray to God Almighty for rains, as his government had done all they could do, by delivering farming inputs on time for the farmers.

“We should go out and tell the people that the government has done its part, they have delivered fertilizer, they have delivered seed, the farmers have been paid, so let us go and pray to God that he gives us rains because that’s what we are waiting for,” the Head of State encouraged.

The President was accompanied by the PF MCC National Chairman Mr. Samuel Mukupa, PF MCC Chairperson for Health Hon Dr. Chitalu Chilufya MP, PF MCC Hon Freedom Sikazwe MP Minister of Presidential Affairs, PF MCC Hon Vincent Mwale MP Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development, Provincial Minister Hon Makebi Zulu MP, Provincial Chairman MCC Andrew Lubusha, Provincial Youth Chairman Emmanuel Jay Jay Banda and other senior government & party officials.

The Head of State is in Eastern Province on a 3-day working visit touring and inspecting various government developmental projects being undertaken by his administration in the region


  1. We have been doing that your Excellency but we seem to be frustrated by a few people. Otherwise, we will continue promoting the party

    • Upndead = falsehood + bigotry + bitterness + envy + jealousy + doomsayers.

      “A lie can travel around the world and back again while the truth is lacing up its boots.”—Mark Twain.

      So suffice to say that:

      The upndead’s lies can circle Zambia while the PF’s truth is still tying it’s bootstraps.

    • HH had a huge rally in Kitwe on Sabbath, not even Edgar or Kabwili ever gathered such a crowd in rain season.
      Copperbelt has changed, that is not a LIE.
      So what TRUTH can PF tell us about Kitwe defecting to UPND or say opposition?
      Ba Edgar don’t even try a COUNTER rally in Kitwe next week, you be embarrassed with low turnout, ukasebana bwana.

    • Where are the 1 million jobs have you created without a vision?

      How much is mealie meal today?

      Is load shedding a normal thing to you & the violent & visionless PF bandits?

      What about the economy, how is it performing under the visionless & violent PF bandits?

      The Skeleton Key

    • @Nostradamus. “ukasebana bwana” said Nostradamus. Kikiki
      I think President Lungu is not being advised correctly. The message of truth/lies is not resonating with the hungry-and-angry masses at the moment. Your message should focus on fighting corruption. If tomorrow God guide you aright fire that guy from Samfya and that PS. If you were able to stop corruption we will have built reserves enough to buffer higher cost of operations at millers for lower prices of mealie meals.

    • If that euro bond and Chinese loans were invested in more coal power plants like the maamba one, Zambia would not be experiencing the current 15 hours of loadshedding, now counter that with your truth pf .

    • The tuntemba blue solar powered milling plants ( chinese loan) dotted along highways are just white elephants, misplaced priorities. Counter that with your truth pf . mealie meal is at K150 per 25kg which used to cost K35 in 2011, counter this lie with your truth

    • @1 Pompolyongo…too late too little your time is up…..PF bandits wont go beyond 2021….the majority of them will be in Jail including Lungu if a serious Political Party comes into power

    • Good message from Lungu. Let is start by stating a fact, Edgar Lungu store money from a widow and subsequently was deregistered by LAZ

    • “President Lungu urges PF members to counter lies with truth” And the lie is that Lungu is worth presidential material. Truth is, Lungu is the most inconsequential and clueless and visionless immitation of the president ever to have sneaked into the Zambia presidency ever. How could such an individual waste nearly six years of Zambia’s economic trajectory? We must work double hard to remove this time-waster

    • One truth they can say is that the privatisation thief is a leader of a tribo H-organisation masquerading as a party and he is UNELECTABLE.

  2. Correct Mr President, we have actually been given a list of new or rehabilitated roads, health centres, schools, distribution of farming inputs etc. Please allow us to also enjoy news about the funny things and many other things that are happening in our society.

  3. So it’s okay for PF to do party mobilizations but when the opposition go to the market to buy fish, you send PF police to harass them? Where is our Democracy and fairness here? This is the same question that was asked during the Press Conference which bamudala dodged saying there is time for campaigns. Be truthful and fair for once! Why is PF living in fear and paranoia if they are sure they are doing what is right? Why can’t they allow the opposition to mobilize the way PF is doing? Do you want to impose yourselves on the people in spite of your many failures? But don’t worry, Hunger, a bad Economy and load shedding are mobilizing the citizens for the opposition! It’s not the opposition you need to be worried about but the ordinary citizens! Mistaking the ordinary citizen for the…

    • He pretends he doesn’t know what’s happening but in the background he Is stopping opposition parties from organising. All he does is ‘nge ifyo naumfwa (what about this I’m hearing?) Then who is the master lier?

  4. Mistaking the ordinary citizen for the opposition is the mistake that will slap you in the face! By closing your ears to the cries of the weak among us and brushing them aside as opposition, God will also hide His Face from you and take your prayers like the offering sacrifice of Cain! It won’t even reach the clouds! You will cry like RB for taking Zambians for f00l$!

  5. Just distributing farming inputs without empowering our farmers with irrigation systems is gambling! Haven’t we read how Joseph prepared for 7 years of drought? There are signs already showing that the way it’s raining this season is tricky! The first rains Lusaka has received in one week is actually for the whole month of November! The risk of dry spells is pretty evident! That is why we should have planned ahead! Input distribution alone will never be enough!

    • Truth be told. We have been singing the same song for years and years. But let’s pray maybe this year will be different…kikikiki

  6. Truth?
    PF won 2011 election on the FAKE promise of ninety days!!!
    You won 2015 on the FAKE promise of better times to come and 500,000 jobs!!!
    In 2016 you CHEATED thousands with non existing jobs whilst kwacha went to crap!!!
    What TRUTH you are talking about? Hunger, destitution, thuggery, bribery, corruption, extra-judicial killings, suspension of right to assembly, inept judiciary, hospitals without medicines, no electricity, no jobs, no money, no food, no education, no future for our children…………?
    Which truth you are [email protected] TALKING ABOUT?
    TRUTH is that current PF administration has been captured by crooks, criminals, incompetent failures

  7. 6..Ati just asking
    Sounds like a very bitter tonga failing to win elections 6 times, 2021 your bender party is finished. Then hh as to pay back..that gay organisation. You dont have to insult.

  8. Working holiday being used for campaign is very unfair to taxpayers, you low confident insecure politicians are draining our coffers with these big entourages that add no value. Lungu your friends will travel alone and save money you desperately need later on, all this waste is going bite you later on because you will have no money to falsely impress the people like you did in 2016, they won’t be able to counter reality with lies. Mugabe bankrupted his country with wasteful and no he is no more. The same fate awaits you

  9. I totally agree with the President that PF officials must be countering with the truth when lies are told.
    Some misunderstandings however, come from the ministers in his entourage. For example, Phoenix reported on the 14 Nov that no money to pay transporters and Afro dealers in chadiza further delaying delivery of inputs. They quoted minister of agriculture. So when you say you have delivered and paid…..
    Again minister of finance was quoted as saying maamba will be paid $20m to dismantle the debt for them to start producing 300mw as opposed to 130 they are doing today. This was on 4th. Today is 17th! Also that Zambia has paid $29m to Eskom.
    No follow up has been made to the public to see if this indeed has been done and also results being seen. This is on top of Hon Siliya who had…

  10. Voting for pf is like going back to your black zambian ex girlfriend who was a leach and dishonest gold digger, when you have a beautiful successful whlte wlfe like mine. It just doesn’t make sense. A liar telling people to tell the truth. A disgusting sick hypocrite this ka chlkala lungu is

  11. PF only care about their pockets.

    With no concern about people’s welfare they think they can only focus on 2021.

    If PF place their energies on HH, and not tending to the cries of the people, they will remain an opposition party in waiting.

    For now UPND’s strategy to keep PF focused on HH and away from the issues seems to be working for them.

  12. Hahahaha. Truth ok let me see.
    1. you misled your ministers to stay illegally in office so they could use government resources to campaign for PF.
    2. You lied about more money in people’s pockets
    3. You lied about creating jobs for the youths
    4. GDP has fallen below 2%
    5. You bought 42 fire wheelbarrows for $42 million.
    6. You oppress the opposition by hindering and denying them interaction with the zambian people.
    7. You didn’t declare mswati’s gift
    8. Kwacha has breached k14 mark.
    9. Mealie meal in my area is k155
    10. You bought a jet whilst people are dying in hospital due to lack of medicine.

  13. The truth lungu is.,…

    You put Zambians in a $17 billion debt for infrastructural development, the truth lungu is , any one can do that , even a grade 7.

    The truth lungu is , there is nothing else to show , GDP ? exchange rate ? , inflation? Employment? , exports? Foreign reserves ?

    Nothing lungu , nothing …..

  14. One thing we should know is that government is you and that it takes you to think big and come up with developmental projects which will supplement government efforts. Replacing President Edgar Lungu with another person will not be the best solution, the solution is you , what have you done which will tell a story of your legacy. There is need for us to work hard so that we contribute towards government efforts. We need to change our mind set. Our generation is to much of dependance and folding arms, in the early 80s people use to work hard they use to remember there villages and farm, no much time to watch a movie, and government then UNIP was tough and that even keeping a dog at home we use to pay revenue for it but now it is free, trade freely and you can purchase a property and no…

  15. Every lie must be countered within 24 hrs with documented truths. That’s the only way to expose these dark spirits from hoodwinking the masses.

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