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The Mukula Cartel: President Lungu, His Daughter and Two Cabinet Ministers Named in the New EIA Report

Headlines The Mukula Cartel: President Lungu, His Daughter and Two Cabinet Ministers Named...

The Mukula Cartel
The Mukula Cartel

A new report by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), Mukula Cartel, has exposed how associates connected to Zambian President Edgar Lungu, including his daughter Tasila Lungu are reportedly involved in the plunder of valuable, increasingly scarce, Mukula rosewood trees; and hence the destruction of Zambia’s vulnerable forests.

The investigation showed that despite public pledges to end the illegal Mukula trade, several politicians are repeatedly named as key actors in an influential timber trafficking network that bypasses existing national bans on Mukula harvest and export.

The report raises serious concern about the implementation of the recent international protection granted to the threatened Mukula tree by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Concerned by a rapid decline of rosewood trees commonly called “Mukula” (Pterocarpus tinctorius) in central and southern Africa, the 183 CITES-member governments agreed at the 18th Conference of the Parties to include the species on Appendix II in order to regulate its international trade and protect it from extinction. The binding international measure took effect on November 26th, 2019.

Meanwhile, EIA undercover investigators documented how the state-owned company Zambia Forestry and Forest Industries Corporation Limited (ZAFFICO) is secretly used by well-connected Zambian and Chinese business operatives as a cover to export thousands of freshly cut Mukula logs. This illegal trade flourishes in spite of bans on the harvest, transport, and export of Mukula.

According to EIA’s findings, senior officials including the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Jean Kapata, help traffickers benefit from the ZAFFICO scheme. Investigators also found that the illicit timber networks – described by one trafficker as a “cartel” – are reportedly connected to President Edgar Lungu and include his daughter Tasila Lungu, Senior Chief Nkula Kafula Musungu II, and Justice Minister Given Lubinda.

According to revelations made to EIA, the high-level corruption takes many forms – including, for example, US$40,000 worth of outfits allegedly “donated” by a powerful Chinese trafficker to the Zambian president for his re-election campaign. Sources also highlighted how special permits to export Mukula logs have been commonly traded in exchange for votes. A trafficker further explained to EIA investigators that he manages his clandestine operations in “joint venture” with the ruling party (the Patriotic Front)’s central committee.

EIA estimates that over 50 40-foot containers of Mukula logs have been illegally exported each month from June 2017 to May 2019; their transit and export allowed as a result of an estimated total of $7.5 million in bribes and informal fees paid annually, as explained by traffickers. The money lost to the illegal Mukula trade could have been spent on public services that benefit the lives of Zambians; instead the loss of these trees threatens the livelihoods of local communities.

Lisa Handy, Director of Forest Campaigns at EIA-US, said: “If not dismantled, the mukula cartel has the power to derail the international protection granted to these rare African trees. This will result in a continued assault against fragile forests and rural communities.”

The Mukula cartel’s operations are driven by international demand almost exclusively from China. Handy adds: “China has a unique opportunity to stop rosewood trafficking networks and to protect the world’s threatened forests by prohibiting import of illegal timber.”

EIA recommends that Zambia suspends the trade of Mukula using a zero-export quota until illicit trafficking networks are dismantled, and the requisite for trading under CITES – including Non-Detriment Finding (NDF) and Legal Acquisition Finding (LAF) – are met and shared publicly. It is essential that Zambia complies with the new CITES rules regarding the Mukula trade, or the tree will simply cease to exist.

The Full Report can be found on this Link www.eia-global.org/mukula-cartel

or can be downloaded here:  The Mukula Cartel

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  1. And you were busy wondering where US ambassador Foote found the courage to take on your Kaponya Government?

    Well, there you have it. There in lies your answer. This Report was finalised in the CIA headquarters in Washington, and now lets see how the PF propaganda machinery will sidetrack us with HH this and that ..and of course with the newly created English word called GAYISM

    • After the Mukula report comes out Jean Kapata tells Parliament that HH also has a piece of land in Forest 26 which was also excised from Forest 27, WTF!
      What a stupid way in trying to deflect a simple question, unless we’re the stupid ones. We are in deep sh!t.

    • These thieves don’t need to be anywhere near our national assets. They must be caged and that’s why they are doing everything to pass bill 10 to perpetuate their stay in power. They are scared to the bone and they need to.

    • This calls for serious investigations and possible impeachment process. We can’t say the President is guilty for now but he needs to respond to these serious charges. Investigations can be done without removing immunity. This is very sad

    • hooooly Sh!t…. this report sounds so fvcking real!! Someone will commit suicide!!
      What will PF do now, bringing up that Mukula thing in week of mourning Bill 10?
      Lubinda is in Mukula Cartel and lost Bill 10 in parliament.
      Kapata with her Forest 27 also was in parliament accusing HH of a share..
      The same 2 ministers are now in the MUKULA CARTEL?
      Even Tutwa, Malama, Chanda and Makebi are exhausted of wiping the asses of those leaders.
      PF should play for fastest nights so 2021 comes and save them…

    • Well, there you have it. I LOVE to hear the defense that PF cadres will mount to protect their “Humble” leader

    • Isn’t this what we have been saying all along? A man who can steal from a widow and be debarred by LAZ must, and should never be entrusted to run a country. It is a biblical principle “the one who is faithful with little, will be faithful with much, but the one who is unfaithful with little will be unfaithful with much”. Lungu is a classic example.
      And to think that someone can steal from a widow….! What kind of man is that? No compassion on the most vulnetable people and you think he will care about you? He is only interested in his own gain. He can easily watch the whole nation die and burn and he wont care one bit. Meantime he will be saying “I am humble, I am humble”.

    • Ba Pomptic Front(PF) it is. These people are the worst thieves ever known in modern history. By 2021, we will have nothing left because they are criminals. Criminals have no remorse or empathy.

    • No wonder the declared quantities when exporting from Zambia differ from those declared when entering China. the president himself and ZRA are involved. This is how corrupt Zambia has become.

    • The opposition, UPND have rigged the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) report, the same way they intend to rig the 2021 election, PF media Team.

    • Anonymous calls Lungu the PF bandit President and here you have it…Lungu is destroying Zambia and he has become so wealthy in a period of time…Now you know why Lungu deals with Valdan Findlay….bandit Jean Kapata is just a nurse and under PF bandits she is a Minister…Given Lubinda big bandit…Tasila Lungu trainee bandit

    • Zambia is led by Bandit President Lungu and he must resign immediately and brought to Justice…Lubinda,Tasila and Kapata all should be in Jail

    • This is very very serious guys…nothing to joke about…so Zambia is not all that poor…just wasting of our natural resources by the so called custodian of Zambia it turns out he is a bandit….Lungu should resign now and Parliament should disband immediately…..no wonder we have so many thieves masquerading as Lawyers under PF government…Tutwa,Makebi etc and Lungu stole US$2500 from a widow…Lungu is a seasoned bandit nothing is surprising me

    • Now Zambia being in Africa and Zambia being Zambia the real Africa and Zambians being Zambians…this report doesn’t mean anything….only Zambians in the Diaspora understand how serious this report is…Cadres in Zambia don’t want to hear about this report..just like gullible Zambian voters…before you know they Will be dancing to Dununa reverse and voting for the same PF Bandits

    • HH and Lungu same mindset….we need real leaders not thieves masquerading as Politicians and by the way Trump is about to be impeached….so lets also get rid of all bandit politicians in Zambia

    • Esther Lungu Police Camp….it will be interesting to see Edgar Lungu,Tasila Lungu,Given Lubinda,Esther Lungu and Jean Kapata locked at Esther Lungu Police station

    • The only problem with these kind of reports is that nothing gets done…we had Panama papers,Wikileaks etc…no prosecution no nothing no nothing….and the gullible rural voters dont know or rather care about such things….and thats why Bandit Politicians get away with it…and thats the reason bandit Politicians target rural voters…not bloggers….majority of bloggers are in the diaspora and they don’t even vote…so we can spend all day writing comments on Lusaka Times but still nothing will happen and Bandit President Lungu will rig the elections…where is BR Mumba Sr

    • We keep telling you that corrupt clueless Lungu, is nothing but a common thief, a traitor who should’ve never been let anywhere near the State House. This common thief turned gangster boss, Lungu, should be impeached, arrested and charged with corruption, and other criminal activities. He should then be given life in prison, together with all his minions. Please Zambians wake the heck up. Why do you allow one person to destroy the nation? Impeach this slimy criminal and throw him in prison. People are suffering, because of this bandit. Save this country if you’re patriotic and you love this nation.

    • UPND will NEVER be elected into government. UPND is equivalent to waste after digestion. It is a tribo union with no substance to offer. Afuna kuguritsa ziko UNDER FIVE. All your sensationalization news will never work! UNDER FIVE is like a rejected ballot paper.

    • Fyabufi naimwe, elyashi lyafipuba Green Party President always talks about!! Wake up Zambians? This is propaganda gimmicks or strategy under5 is trying to portray knowing they have nothing to offer Zambians due to their foolishness not having campaigned on real issues or convince voters. All they are good at KUBEPA. [ Lies ]

  2. This is what Ambassador Foote talked about, what’s Christian about this pillage? The only motivation Edgar has to go for a 3rd term is just to perpetuate his thieving activities otherwise he doesn’t stand a chance to win any election. The Freemason has been awarded a penalty in the dying minutes of the game, if he misses then he should just forget about politics

  3. Lungu should not be given third term and HH should not be voted into power.

    Zambia needs a new person as president. Only that many people don’t see what I see.

    • You just hate HH, that’s all. ECL and HH are not cut from the same cloth. They are not even comparable. You are not even realistic, who among the other party leaders can run our country best? Hmmm

    • Lungu ni kawalala, Lungu Ni kawalalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni Kawalala, Lungu Ni…

  4. @PanamaHH…I totally agree with you a 100%…we need fresh minds, HH has a lot of useless uneducated and backward thinking people…. Believe you me, we don’t need primary school teachers, academics people, nurses, koponyas, and basically just civil servants with low caliber minds to lead us….we have had enough of this nonsense…. We need people who understand happenings at Global level…. They are there plenty but they are real cowards!its so unfortunate…

    • Which fresh minds? Some of you have invested a lot of emotion in seeing to it that no one from Western, North Western or Southern Province ever ascends to the Presidency despite your one Zambia one nation ponyo ponyo. We can see through you.

    • HH’s path jas been paved by Lungu and his kleptocratic regime,if this man and his daughter still sleep nicely after all that we have now learned,then he is totally doomed

  5. It appears lubinda has been getting his hands dirty since he left upnd. Very sad to see a man who once had integrity lose his moral compass. And this is a minister of justice so how can anyone have confidence in the legal system in Zambia? Tasila lungu does not surprise me as the apple does not fall too far from the tree….

  6. Zambians wake up PLEASE.
    Look at what is happening, kick them out if office and out put them in jail at the next election.
    Since when did zambia become so corrupt… oh it was since PF and ECL was put into office

  7. There is no smoke without fire-we are in big problems as a country. The devil has now completely taken over the minds of our leaders and you know the devil comes to STEAL, KILL DESTROY. The leaders has now passed humanity and are now self centred and are leading the country to destruction.UWAKWATA AMATWI OMFWE AND HE WHO HAS EYES LET HIM SEE.We surely need a new crop of leaders in 2021.Power has gone to the heads and there is usually less to be done apart from changing leadership.God is alive and he sees and watches and at his best time things will change.Votes wisely and let God give us a leader

    19 But the people refused to listen to Samuel. “No!” they said. “We want a king over us. 20 Then we will be like all the other nations, with a king to lead us and to go out before us and…

  8. What really happened to our country. These people need to be jailed. Probably power to their heads and they think they own this country. The will be in rude shock after Elections of 2021. God is definitely not happy with this leadership

  9. After pointing out that climate change is the reason Zambia had a poor economy this year only for this report to point at lungu as being partly responsible for the climate change with the mukula issue.

    • I think Zambian leaders are selfish and heartless. All they think of when they see another day is to steal kill and destroy. In short I am saying they are the real devils, this Christian nation nonsense should be changed, because Satan is in control.

  10. Zambia needs a responsible President, Mr humble so far has not impressed i loved this man but his true colors have now manifested. I think we all know what to do in 2021, we dont hate the man we just don’t like his way of doing thing….too many scandals surrounding him ever since he became the President.

  11. Busy plundering our resources, then hiding in ‘Christian nation’ and ‘National day of prayer and fasting’ rhetorics. Lord save us from these hypocrites!

  12. We have been telling you from day 1 that lungu is a corrupt thief duping Zambians with his humbleness and national prayers

    We have been telling you from day 1 that lungu is a violent thug blessing all political violence

    We told lungu not to mess with the Americans,

    We told lungu and PF that from this month on, they are under a global microscope

  13. Some of us who understand the geopolitical under currents at play will tell you lungu is doomed.

    If the americans have decided to get rid of him, that is it.

    That embassy in a hill is not just for show. Lungu knows this and thought he could be stealing with impunity while telling off the americans while they pump 5 billion worth of aid ??????

    • Me thinks lungu and his gang saw museveni getting away with political violence and looting while the americans have even military bases in Uganda.
      What they did not calculate is museveni is old Scholl , solidly entrenched in ungandas system like how Mugabe was and getting rid of him means risking cutting ties like the zim situation.
      Zambia is different, lungu has only been in power for 10 years and is not yet fully embeded in all systems like mu7 and Mugabe. The opposition can still shout in Zambia and Zambians can still vote wisely , so the story goes.

      The only thing that can save lungu is going rouge like Mugabe and cutting all ties. But zim is rich and can somehow live, not Zambia.

      Kuya be’bele ba sa

  14. Sad to read how people are waiting to teach Lungu a lesson in 2021. Comon Zambia, you can do better. Why are we waiting for 2021? The country has been hijacker by criminals and all you can say is that we will show them in 2021? Didn’t KK call for early elections? What is special abt ECL? Where are the gallant men and women who swore to defend the country?

  15. Where is that Bonehead Sharon now and all the other Bonehead Kaponyas. Silenced, all thieving, hence always their justification.

  16. Zambia has been invaded by vultures. All that has remained now is a skeleton ready to be interred. All the flesh has been scavenged by jackals and vultures. The earlier the owners of power realised this the better. Otherwise, Zambia will take time to resuscitate at the rate her resources are being ripped and raped. What will remain is a country ravaged in poverty and diseases. The choice of leadership matters in such a situation. It is a country that has been disfigured owing to mediocrity in leadership choice. Scavengers have taken centre stage owing to docility of hunters. The future of Zambia is being disintegrated by selfish individuals. One day we will wake up and find Zambia is no more.

  17. I want to appeal to the people who support PF on this blog, please open your eyes. Havent we been telling you that Lungu and his entire team is corrupt? Is this the kind of president you want?
    Its time to stand for what is right and call a spade a spade. Mr. Lungu is not fit to be leader of anything, let alone a country. Lets admit that we made a VERY BIG mistake in 2015 and 2016. This man must not be allowed to continue in power at all costs, otherwise there wont be a zambia remaining.

  18. Stop the propaganda, The PF government under the able leadership of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is working so hard to develop this country. It is share waste of time to attacking the Tasila Lungu and the President leave them alone. Think out side the box

  19. A day of reckoning must come! This man and his daughter and the entire cabal of thieves – state house is a den of thieves – must see Mukobeko in their life times for the plunder of the resources belonging to the Zambian people that this clown of a president swore to protect. Its pathetic – and you want to call this country a Christian nation? What a joke!

  20. When will the people of Zambia wake up and realize that there is really nothing about Lungu for them to carry on worshiping him and waiting for hope? The man is ignorant , has no common sense and unreasonable!! You say he has an education and he is a lawyer yet he can’t articulate? Did you listen to him when he was bashing the ambassador about “you can keep your aid money?” He has no tact, he can’t argue intelligently and he is a thief. He will wipe out everything meant for your children, grand children and you are still worshiping him!! Are you out of your minds? Come on Zambians wake up from your slumber. Get rid! Other countries have done it!!

  21. These guys are on a fast forward motion of stealing because they know their time is up but am worried they might finish everything before 2021 something has to be done to stop them before 2021 and impeachment I think is the only way.

  22. FAKE NEWS:
    Wake up fellow Zambians! it is so sad that people with frustrated minds can be supporters of gayism and cook a lie to target innocent people on the Mukula tree issue, it is not possible for the President and his daughter to sale the Mukula tree because there is a committee in-charge of the forestry in this country. So don’t believe on such fake stories..

    • alangizi. naimwe. dont coment when you have no data. dowload the info study and comment. sure with all the nonsence pf has exihibted u call this fake news? how many times have they boxed CK over triviol issues where they send the entire pfolice force but why KZ arsonist is free despite a court order. retirees are not paid ecl is quite in all issues which requires his voice. which climate change which he caused. hh said this you did not listen. now you see. your friends on this platform who give and support pf are quite, maules, disappointed and have loadshedding can comment bcoz ecl.

    • Alangizi;

      You are so blinded………l am sure you are from eastern province. And you dont really know how government institutions are controlled by sate house. Continue being naive.

    • Good Alangizi, I thought I was the only one who has seen propaganda gimmicks at play. Under5 propaganda mukakula lilali Mutompwe ???

  23. We sadly have a Mafia Boss in state house, you can see how government Ministers who steal the most are shielded by the Don himself. Chitotela is still in position, Sturdy Mwale, the Defence PS is still in post and now Jean Kapata (I DIDNT KNOW SHE IS ALSO A THIEF) is another one higher up in the hierarchy.
    These my fellow citizens are Edgar Lungus Capos, they are the “made” Ministers who are untouchable. Any one who is honest in the Lungu Govt is seen as not trsutworthy.

  24. I think PF need to improve prison conditions as a matter of urgency because that will be the home of many PF ministers.
    Honorable Ministers should resign now, that is the only way they will be forgiven ahead of the loss in 2021.

  25. The collaborating crooks in the West are baffled; now they are whistleblowing. See? African crooks do not seem to know where to stop or when. Forests are being scrapped clean while blaming climate change for self-inflicted nonsense. Disease is not because of where the country is located but because of theft of resources to combat said diseases. Just a few things. Now the Europeans and Americans are tired of you; next will be the Chinese when they are done with you – Hell is right here if you want it.

  26. It’s a matter of time before we start hearing of Asset freeze…travel ban etc on some of these high level criminals. What the US and it’s allies are waiting for are elections and thereafter the world may become too small some of these PF chaps!!Let us wait….at least such reports are already sending shivers to make some of them.minimize their stealing!!

  27. Its is really funny how far people to cook up lies only to cause political conflicts. We all know His Excellency and how serious he takes such issues and their consequences. How then would you just wake up in the morning and just think of lies to just to have something to talk about. Some of you critics are the actual enemies of progress and development in the country. Lets us work together and support the Government to put measures and consequences for illegal acts instead of talking rubbish about it. The Government is doing all it can.

    • Doing All it can where ? Borrowing ??

      Let lungu end political violence , and attacks by PF thugs , which he can do with one phone call like how PLM did, then come and tell us about working together……,

    • Only Lungu’s beneficiaries will support the emptiness going on in our country. Only a few select people will be allowed to “work” with his government – thieves and certain sections of our society. Most Zambians are not welcome in Lungu’s Zambia, so please don’t tell us to work with him. Se need to completely declutter our country or maybe fumigate it to get rid of the dead wood.

  28. This is not surprising to many Zambians except the source is simply different this time around. If UPND had disclosed this, they would have been rebuffed and we would have already hear Sondo Chanda explaining how the opposition are jealous and working extra hard to tarnish the image of the humble and God fearing President Lungu. Then you wonder why we keep borrowing and yet we have so much resources at our disposal which the president and his cronies are exploiting to their benefit. They are busy ripping off the country while they distract you to go for national prayers and read the bible which has the potential to blindfold you. People got wake up before this country is completely ruined and lost.

    • true ha ha ha ha, UPND would have been branded enemies of progress, Zambians know they have a thieving government, at this point we can only pray they leave some money for out children.

  29. Alangizi eat now because your time to go is up with your PF you just lost a by-election in your stronghold Lupososhi is not mere bedroom for the PF but kuchipinda.

  30. @sichalwe are you the so called provider or giver,? don’t talk of going iwe lets wait for the elections and watch out for PF because we will definitely backfire with more strength than before.

  31. Bemba proverb ati umwana ekalisha lulya Anya, when one becomes comfortable on seat , these are the consequences, This why I always preach that regular change of government leaders is good. When one thinks they can go beyond 8 years ruling a nation, then just know you got trouble on the mountain.

  32. people you don`t appreciate. What waist thing have you not done for you to start pointing figures at people? moreover what all people say about our Excellency is a lie,and don`t follow social media because it can make you sleep outside.

  33. God have mercy! What a hypocrisy government that we have that claims to have a living connection with God but but not, nothing to consider the pleas of the poor, fatherless, widows, orphans, less privileged etc God being so concerned about this, He’ll do something. Don’t tempt to think that this is a Christian nation, that’s just a notion, a mirth and a saga…hypocrisy God will punish

    • Deranged Sunday Chanda; whatever he says doesn’t matter. They always rubbish everything because Zambians allow them to do what they do. They will still come out as though they are the lambs.


    • That’s the problem with these NGOs. They work on rumours. No hard facts, facts that can stand in court. That’s why the Brazilian president lambasted them and told them to stay away from the Amazon forest. In Africa, these NGOs and western journalists bring up such stories to discredit its leaders. The stories we knew about the billions Mugabe has plundered, only for a recent investigation to find he left $10m only and a few properties in Harare. Remember the matrix of plunder FTJ was accused of?? The billions he stashed in Belgium, the luxury Villas he had in France?? Only to find nothing but flats in Zambia….

  35. Nibene UPND bane aba.These stooges can insults even Jesus Christ for HH…
    This is from News diggers as usual.Just by reading their comments marred their usual tribal hatred.

  36. Dudelove What exactly do you know about the Government? HH and you guys are just desperate. weather you want or don`t want come 2021 PF IS WINING again and you will be a dead people.

    We are all free to believe whatever we read or hear but will not be part of the naive people, because we have a critical mind of our own. Some desperate opposition and their funders are desperate to malingering President Lungu and his daughter because they are scared of loosing an election again, of which using all means possible including some cheap propaganda, media and organisations in western Countries knowing that most Zambians are so naive to believe any on social media.

  38. And please when that time comes call PF doctors to come treat you and HH.
    If this is a thieving country, then you are the same people who steal for Zambia. We don`t hate anyone we are trying to change your mindsets. your brains are fool of water and we are trying to take out that water

  39. And please when that time comes call PF doctors to come treat you and HH.
    If this is a thieving country, then you are the same people who steal for Zambia. We don`t hate anyone we are trying to change your mindsets. your brains are fool of water and we are trying to take out that water.

  40. Just now, we were hearing 48 houses belonged to Tasila. The truth comes out, loud silence. Now mukula?? Awe sure, opposition takuli mu Zambia. 2021, tuletinika pali PF futi. Carry on with IDC, KCM and infrastructure bane. Abash CEC and give it back to ZESCO. For now, nipa bwato. We can’t vote for such an evil opposition, if they can do this while in opposition, what would they do with instruments of power??? SCAREY….

  41. One thing you should know is that any working Government would’t be in power now if it hadn’t been for Gods will perfect will…

    If God knew that the PF government would lead Zambia into chaos he wouldn’t have let them into power.

  42. The guesses of Zambians that a big rotten fish was involved in the mukula scandal have exposed. The whole cabinet is involved. Bakabwalala now talk to us.

  43. Don’t play games with America, they can finish you within seconds…..am sure the Americans are monitoring every activity using satellites worse during the 202 elections… some one will cry.America temunobe

  44. Pf members wake up and remove Lungu otherwse let’s wait for HH to come in clean up and jail them. My major worry is giving ECL time to 2021 would mean Zambia to be right on the knees economically. This will be extremely difficult to resuscitate it.
    I think all opposition mps should protest going to parliament until we have answers over mukula. If they want let them fire expel all 58mps which is impossible.
    Zambian woke up enough is enough

  45. LETS ROLL!
    The smart Zambian enterprise @ work delivering unprecedented deforestation & Plunder.
    Abena Jona bachilamo!! How I wish we were in West Africa where leaders who take citizens for granted end up on the recieving end of corrective action, where Masoja enter & fix the problem, Samuel Doe found out the hard way.

    • Explains why State House vehicles were escorting illegal Mukula, & when they didn’t bribe properly, it was P.F Cadres themselves who exposed J0na & daughter Tasiliza Mukula’s theiving, & it had to take Ch!moyongo to threaten & subdue the P.F whistle blowers.
      Any wonder J0na NEVER reshuffles his enforcer & fellow bandit Ch!moyongo?

  46. Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Unbelievable but not surprising… that’s what you get when you have thieves running your government. Lungu stole the elections so he could continue looting the country of its resources.

  47. You have not seen anything yet Zambians!
    Wait until CIA releases more reports.
    You will understand why Guy Scott tried to do what he did.
    These chaps came to destroy!

    • Guy Scott tried to save these Makaka’z but they used the “Race Card” & made sure he NEVER saved us from the Komboni Vampires.

  48. The arm chair critics here can be so damaging. In PF the party matters more than an individual. Save your energy PF under KBF or same Lungu is winning again. “mpombo wibilima aba bilima tabafika”. You heard me! I’m in Luapula right now. You won a by-election in a village of mucheleka by little margin, and in the other PF won by landslide. Ba Kambwili naimwe field candidates to grow grass roots. You claim to take after Sata when you can’t use his model of approach. When did you see Sata combining efforts with small rabbits. I’m in Luapula ntondo right now, the land of plenty!

  49. The report is nothing more than a mind bending exercise. The allegations are ‘mere’ suggested connections to His Excellency and very strangely, ……..to poor innocent Tasila! Of course Minister of Lands must be connected to make the propaganda plausible. There is no evidence provided for prosecution. USA is engaged in attacking everything China. This is nothing more than an extended Trade War.

    And it is the last year to General Elections………it’s going to be coming fast and furious. Just keep your wits about you Zambians!! Your vote is being manipulated. Is it only Facebook, Google Interfering in 3rd world elections to ensure govts compliant with drowning USA? No…..Watch ’em!

    • Facebook or google can’t hide the fact the Kwacha is diving, or there are no jobs, or things are too expensive or there are no medicines in hospitals …….

  50. Guy Scott tried to save these Makaka’z but they used the “Race Card” & made sure he NEVER saved us from the Komboni Vampires.

  51. The problem is that Zambians don’t know how to strike when the iron is hot, everyone is like let’s wait for 2021 n we’ll kick them out …these new allegations will be history in one week n everyone will be back praising PF on cheap Chinese projects. Trump is now facing impeachment unlike the African scenario where the looters are seen as semi gods. I feel for my family but it’s the way it is.

  52. The intelligence of the Zambian people is in the news papers and reports. If you want to confuse the Zambians just write something in the media. Most Zambian still believe that what is printinted or writing in social media is gospel truth. As for the opposition this is a field day, anything that helps bring your “enemy” down is welcome no matter the cost. The report has a lot of gray areas but the disgruntled minds are joining dots where they should not. The Zambian people are able to question all things and draw their own conclusions.

Comments are closed.

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