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External Agents Stirring Up Unrest to Force Regime Change in Zambia

Headlines External Agents Stirring Up Unrest to Force Regime Change in Zambia

President Edgar Lungu speaking during the swearing-in ceremony

By Dr. Joze Manda

We have seen in the recent past how some opposition parties and some rogue NGO’s have teamed up for an orgy of violence to discredit the government in all its activities. We also know and have classified information on how highly funded these NGO’s are and just recently, some media houses have also been looped in and have received funding to help in the campaign against the PF government.

At the time when our country is experiencing serious economic challenges, as citizens we must watch out for imperialist agents who are bent on taking advantage of our situation to capitalize on their selfishness to take over the control of our natural resources, more especially our minerals.

As Zambians, we must realize that there are agents who are more determined than the opposition to foster regime change. They are prepared to fund the opposition with an unlimited flow of campaign funds in return for our mineral wealth.

*Our current situation makes things worse and Zambians must wake up from slumber. We have HH and his UPND who are prepared to worsen our economic problem as long as it can give them power, they are prepared to go to bed with any prostitutes including gigolos to attain political power and worse still, they are even prepared to sleep with fellow men or encourage such unnatural acts as along as it can get the power and this is where the whole act gets dangerous, they have easily fallen into the trap set up by those external forces that want more power than HH and his UPND.*

What they don’t also know is the cunning nature of the imperialist who is funding them, these imperialists are prepared to run down our country to get what they want. Zambia has recently discovered huge deposits of gold dotted across the country, from Eastern province to North- Western and we have become an easy target because of, *first* – our economic challenges and *secondly* – the opposition who are bent on acquiring political power at whatever cost. You just have to look at what they have done to DRC to ascertain where we will eventually end up if we let these imperialists use us.

The latest social media propaganda on Mukula trading which implicates the head of state and some minister is a highly orchestrated campaign bent on discrediting the Zambian government and has serious ultra motives behind it without any doubt.

In the mukula propaganda saga, they use a three steps propaganda strategy known worldwide to manipulate the innocent public.

Step 1, They release a well manipulated graphical image to catch the attention of the public,

Step 2, They distribute the graphical image to the media that they fund indirectly and have bought into their cause and lastly

Step 3, They release a video which is highly infested with wrong information and is full of accusation and not facts to drive their point in. By the time some people will realize that its fake, the damage would have been done.

This kind of propaganda strategy is meant to put the government on its defense in anticipation that they may make a mess out of it in the.

As Zambians, we must note that the relationship between mineral extraction and the societies and states in which it takes place has long been a central issue in parts of Africa. Mining enabled some pre-colonial African societies to engage with the global economy, accumulate wealth, and its expand horizon. But we should also be aware that mineral resources provided a primary motivation for colonial exploration and capitalist exploitation of the continent and our country in particular.

Nationalist visions of postcolonial modernization rested on plans to exploit mineral resources for developmental purposes, but capitalists and imperialists have come up with their own evil agendas for us—in extreme cases fueling secessionism and civil war.

In conclusion, as Zambians we must in the strongest term refuse and not allow any Diplomat to mingle into our internal issues, if they have a problem, they must engage the authorities at the appropriate level.

Just in case you didn’t know, on January 30 1799, the US Congress passed the Logan Act to prevent any individual (Diplomats included) from corresponding with a foreign Government without permission from the US Government. In its present form, the Act, as amended in 1964, reads:

“Any citizen of the US, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the US, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign Government or any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the US, or to defeat the measures of the US, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

The key elements of this Act are
(1) communication with a foreign Government;
(2) without the authority of the US;
(3) for the purpose of influencing the actions of the foreign Government in relation to a dispute with the US or of defeating US policy.

I rest my case here.

Dr. Joze Manda is a Political Analyst based in Lusaka.


    • When grown – arse people fail to take responsibility for their own styopedity, just know that there is no going back on kicking them out of those positions of responsibility. A mad man who does not know he is mad is very dangerous to himself and others. No insight, beyond redemption.

      The international community offered assistance to mitigate the ongoing drought and climate change issues almost a decade ago. Our misleaders refused this assistance, running to the Chinese for loans “without strings”. Let me tell you, the Chinese are more ruthless than the west in demanding payback for loans because they will evoke ownership of the funded project, ownership of a part of Zambia. Just wait…….

    • Lusaka is infested with idyots. What is that witch-Dr Manda yapping about? Please DRs stop drinking chibuku, this is embarrassing, now I also feel like changing PF government.

    • It’s not outsiders to blame for load shedding, weak economy, food shortages, fire tenders, etc…it’s pf and their greed and lack of vision. We must do only one thing and that is vote out this corrupt and rogue regime…don’t talk as though you are on the side of the people.

    • He who has ears, let him hear.
      His article speaks directly to Zambians.
      I laud this patriot.
      This is the match of Patriots.
      Run this message on National TV and Radio.
      Let the all country hear this.
      When a coutry has Gold and other precious metals, take to parliament and enact new laws.
      Also please if you have evidence of rogue media houses receiving dirty money from h² friends, name them and charge them for money laundering.

    • @Moses, don’t insult yourself naiwe. One question to you Chikkala: did those Americans fund PF chairman in Northern and Copperbelt provinces where PF is losing? Start thinking from there, who wants regime change in Northern province and Copperbelt?

  1. ..I fear for mother Zambia… Why are we so damn…surely when one senses that Zambians seem to be reading through the minds of low caliber, crooked people running the affairs of Country, then some proclaimed Doc with Western education will vomit rubbish of “no, the state is under siege by the West, with their knowledge that helped make him doc in the first place…. Or people have been bought and gayism blah, blah, blah…..this Doc would rather see his country men languishing in extreme poverty while he continues alone getting cuts from the West to cushion his family…..Coz believe me, even when those gold deposits have been found, you surely need the West to gain value of it….and its so surprising like the gold has just been found overnight… You telling me, Kansanshi, lumwana…

    • You know there’s something fundamentally wrong in Africa when You keep seeing images on TV of starving snotty wretched children with distended bellies and terrible malnutrition and then while over weight arrogant Presidents fly around in a chartered private jets !
      Meeting after meeting are held by the AU and SADC by more overweight Politicians who also pitch up in Jets and yet accomplish nothing !
      They are immature and incapable of putting their own house in order !
      The only “insurance policy” they have is rigging elections!
      What a disgrace !

    • Kaili bamakaka ba upndead bakalila. Upndead azalila.
      You kids don’t know Zambians ai.
      Let this flow to Zambians. I mean the real Zambians. Kikikikikikijukija. Iliko bad.

  2. ….. and Kalumbila mines are not sitting on gold deposits??? its a lie when you say no, coz those mines have been taking gold since kaya, people somewhere knows this but they get cuts and they have remained mute on the matter….us Zambians are useless… Thinking no bwino, bwino….the learned are the worst coz they have failed to stand up for the illiterate majority…..its a shame!Zambia has the Gold, the Diamonds and Oil even… But the docility of illiterate majority, greediness by those who know, and inferiority complex of the colonials will forever drag this country down!

    • Goodness you learned crazy buffoons dispel credible info. Thank God the so called “dociles” are free of this EIA hogwash which is believed by the dead camp.
      I would rather be the docile-est than vote for rogue h².

  3. We want more donors to come forward to rescue us against this mess. They have done it before I suppose to remove the Mighty KK and they can do it for us against this extremely corrupt regime. I am also happy with the strategies opposition is using. They are digging stories that PF thought would never be exposed. Continue with this strategy, it’s only way to change regime- it’s more far civilized than arms.

    • jjP, your line of thought is is civilised. However, what worries me the most is the amount of trust we seem to have for foreign cooperations. Both WEST and EAST. Our position may be likened to a home with marital problems yet the couple is doing nothing to resolve the impasse, each one hoping to go to the neighbours or friends to come and restore order. In the process of restoring order friends look at how handsome the husband is or how beautiful the wife is.
      55 year old as a nation must start to learn to solve our own problems and stop relying on foreign aid, information, culture etc. Yes, we can see what other nations are doing and copy if it suits us. Am saying there is no respect in living on borrowed money and imposed ideologies. That is what the KKs of this world fought for. SELF…

    • The regime stays put.
      Moving around with a begging bowl won’t help this country either.
      Grow a brain.

  4. I wrote something about this THIRD SCRAMBLE IN AFRICA perpetuates by the West.The whole idea is to extend and revamp diminishing influence of the Western block and NATO.China has posed significant economic threats to the NATO states especially in their empires particularly Africa.This has brought political tensions in most countries that are rich in Natural resources like Zambia.The western blog wants to dominate entirely without any challenge from emerging communist powers.
    However, from 2015 PF government has been receiving heavy punches in form foreign media propaganda.BECAUSE OF ECONOMIC BILATERAL WITH CHINA.We heard that ZESCO,ZNBC and other entities were sold to China or were put as collateral due to huge debts contracted by Zambia.This scheme was discovered to be a fake accusation.

  5. Does the author have an honorary doctorate? One would think someone with postgraduate training would lay out a logical framework to make conclusions. It seems conclusions have been made already as to the presence of propaganda.

    Sorry, but it is poorly written. The Mukula Report seem more real than this shallow attempt of a deflection.

    PF = Corruption

    • Only the patriots would understand the author’s speaking in tongues.
      This stuff is definitely not for cry babies. It can’t.

  6. No Dr Joze Banda…you are not a political analyst but rather a PF praise singer, vuvuzela . Political analyst..my foot. Grow up in your mind. Start by analyzing your self, your wife and your family. Once you get that correctly then you can enrol as a political analyst student. Meanwhile stay in your lane.

    • You definitely can’t make sense out’a the Doc’s mumble jumble.
      You can’t understand this unless you grow a nerve.

  7. I am thrilled donors have come back to support NGOs. PF had totally gone overboard with corruption and manipulation of the electoral system because the NGOs who would blow the whistle were not funded for a long time. Even this Bill 10 would easily have gone through had it not been for the rest-activated civil society. Now PF is hurt because they were not expecting it. Bravo donors. We don’t want to go the Zimbabwe or Uganda route.

    • By the time all of you will wake up to realize the truth being told by the same Dr Joze you are scalding, HH will.be in power and all the mineral resources you are talking about will be in the hands of American capitalists.

      You, as a citizen will be way poorer and living in a very divided society on tribal grounds to an extent where you will miss Edgar Lungu’s administration.

      Mark my words

    • Ayatollah Pontiff General (APG)

      Mineral resources are in Chinese , Indian and Australian hands and Zambians are starving, let’s try the americans

    • Sparks,

      Let’s do the experiment as you wish but look back in time and draw a list of where Americans have been interested in mineral resources: DRC, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Libya, Angola and Iraq.

      Their modus operandi is that when a country is stable, it’s hard to exploit resources hence funding civil unrest. Before you know it Barotseland sessesionalists will be armed and you will all even fail to write comments on this blog.

      My humble advice is to carefully decide what we want or are doing wrong and maybe fix it without radically swinging to the other side.

      Peace, Love and Harmony.

      You really believe normal Zambians, not greedy brain dead Cadres like you will miss Jona Chakolwa’s Corruption, [email protected]!zer, V.al.den, Violence, failing economy, loadshedding, overinflated contracts i.e Toll gates, 2turdy Mwale getting paid Millions of U$ Dollars for work not done, whilst children in rural areas even Kombonis where J0na came from are malnourished & stunted, as your beloved “humble” Chakolwa buys himself a flying Champagne bar to ferry himself [email protected]!zer, & V.al.d.en to Eswat1ni to salivate over pre pubescent girls?

    • 10.3 Ayatollah Pontiff General (APG)

      No one in UPND is wanting Americans to take over….HH is too clever a businessman for that.

      But PF and lungu have failed lamentably, too much corruption.

      From when lungu ascended to power we have been telling him to refute all the daily allegations that he is a corrupt thief, but he did not bother because he is a corrupt thief

      That is where the rot started. That is the beginning leading to the current crises

    • APG, even if what you are saying is true, there won’t be any difference to poor people’s welfare. If PF stays in power there are we will still be in the same situation if not worse.

    • I am not a cadre. I am not greedy. I am not benefitting in any way from the current regime.

      Instead I am a civil servant who will support and work with which ever govt of the day there is.

      What I am giving is well informed and well researched advice and it ends there. People should maintain their opinion if my suggestions dont convince them.

      I, with respect rest my case and allow for constructive discussion.

      You can call me what you like but I return those rantings to you with respect instead. We are not enemies but citizens of the same country


  8. who ever you Manda , first of all you are not Zambian, why worry about us and our country go back to DRC and defend your country , we shall do all we can to defend our country ,including the mutilation of the constitution and the parliament against itself .

    As for PF and Lungu, Malibu yakulombela, we voted for him twice and he wants a third when he has failed to develop this country apart from his pockets and those around him, also that as the PF they have lamentably failed with their Chinese corruption made this country highly indebted. When we say ZNBC and Zamtel is taken is that the Chinese have created topstar which uses znbc platform to make is money which they control with 60% shares this is nosense , so is Zamtel and all construction projects are for the Chinese government and…

  9. He calls himself a doctor but still has the village mentality in him!
    Ba Grave (Manda), you are playing chimbuya at the wrong time! People are hurting and it’s surprising that you can’t read the mood of the nation! You are the same chaps who cheated RB that all is well and only to lose! Please stop dreaming! No external agent can force regime change in Zambia! It’s the employers, the Zambians, who force Regime change in Zambia. Zambians are a people who want the good life. When a government neglects the economy, they get the boot! The mistake PF has made is thinking the economy is roads only! In Bemba we say “Ichalo, Bantu!” “Ichalo tefikulwa!” PF what use is a new tarmac when people are hungry? By over borrowing, you have chocked our country with debt for which there is little to show!…

  10. Where $20 Billion dollars is borrowed and properly utilized, Zambians should be in real comfort but they have shared and stolen borrowed money through bogus tenders! Instead of tenders going to ordinary citizens, politicians are getting all tenders through their tuntemba companies most of which are unqualified for the projects awarded! And Zambia’s hunger is not due to climate change but mismanagement of FISP! We have a government that does not understand that the grain belt has moved North! When a government becomes so corrupt, they get the boot! When the government does wanya wanya, suppressing people’s freedoms to express themselves or complain, know that kuyabebele! When a government becomes big headed even to the point of quarreling with all diplomats, know that kuyabebele! Anyway,…

  11. Anyway, our Eastern Mbuyas are like buttocks! They always remain with the former ruling party when the rest of the country has moved on! It’s like Eastern province is the graveyard for former ruling parties! It’s not good supporting wrong things Mr Manda! Stop this straight jacketing type of thinking! Don’t exhibit political ignorance in public!

  12. Sad that this blog is now a platform for insults, hatred, bitterness and verbal violence.UPND followers I have been always advising you that currently in Zambia people are divided because of politics.For this facts when you are on blog like LT please debate or write comments that unite Zambia.If UPND wishful so hard to rule this Nation show Zambians leadership qualities not unquantifiable persona.Remember Zambia is comprised of 0.4% daily internet users simply mean that only a handful of citizens are ones with information on their fingertips.
    Believe it when campaign MOOD arrives in 2021 people in PF dominated areas will go with same PF because you have failed to convince them outright.If this is a preparation for 2021 general elections UPND will prompt Citizens vote for PF again based…

  13. Talk of shooting oneself in the back and pointing fingers everywhere. People dont need external forces to know that load-shedding is starving them to death. Just a simple and straight forward example. That welder does not need to know externals to see that his business is dead!!!!
    Political analyst is a f.ool.

  14. Hog wash! I try to be open minded by engaging all divergent views. Alas there will just be this one empty tin that will make your head spin from excessive noise.

  15. One commentator said if this was the time of the independence struggle, upnd would be supporting Roy Welenski and his colonialists. The problem is upnd supporters have chosen to ignore what is happening and let their hate for PF and Bemba/Easterners take control. They have created their own version of history where Edgar Lungu is a super villain who has come to destroy “their” country. Yet it is a well known fact upnd is heavily funded by Brenthursts and the west whose motive is very clear. Those with wisdom understand the global geopolitical situation but from the comments above, upnd supporters will call it hogwash and PF propaganda.

    • 1991, we demonised KK and UNIP and accepted the conditions of the imperialists just to get rid of KK. Are we in a better country today?? The companies we sold take all the money to their countries and leave us with change. Unemployment is high. Our coffers are never enough. Chile retained some of its mines and today is a rich country. They are back to finish the job.

    • In 2011 Zambians were sold a pack of lies by crooks , removing RB who had the economy , borrowing , GDP, inflation, forigne reserves under control…..the crooks have gotten bolder under lungu…

      Are we any better now ????

    • @spaka: for a small brained upnd supporter like you, your argument is based on the narrow view of the short term economy. Since 2011, hasn’t health care delivery improved vastly?? Hasn’t the Constitutional problem been put to rest-ECL GRZ is the first without deputy ministers, judiciary is undergoing a shake up, etc. Like the slowing down global economy, how is Zambia unique?? RB and MMD had super high copper prices cushioning the economy-didn’t it change with the commodity bust of 2014 and China’s slowdown??

    • The deads are hallucinaters.
      These guys are not ready to rule.
      No trace of Patriotism in then.
      Extremely rogue citizens.

  16. Is our learned doctor saying foreign elements naught 42 fire tenders, built a $5million toll booth, borrowed more than the country can sustain, installed vision less & humble leaders, sponsored the 2018 FIC report and failed to find the owner of the 48 houses?

  17. It is common knowledge that Because of the shallowness of most of our citizens, especially those who have dangerously low knowledge but pretend to be knowledgeable because they have access to internet they will dismiss this well articulated article. The consolation however, is that the general citizenry who vote are able to distinguish nonsense from reality.

    • Not necessarily shallow minded people. Please don’t insult others. For me What I worry about is how we always generalize discussions. What the article is suggesting is that we should not worry about the issues that are being raised because of some conspiracy theory.
      His article might be correct in more ways than one but as citizens we should still question excesses or mismanagement in our economy. It makes no sense what so ever to purchase a fire tender at USD 42m, or misappropriate money in ministry of community and other places. After the American ambassador had spoken, we ought to have selected what was to be tackled and answered with sincerity what we thought was against us. Equally on the mukupa tree issue, it’s true we have been trying to solve this issue for a while as a country…

    • Voters are shielded from this internet hogwash.
      The real people of Zambia are busy tilling the land and have no clue about spaka’s lamentations here.

  18. Any body who has a proper analytical mind could see that the Mukuka article is flawed and cannot fly anywhere it is but a conduit of the gay thinking. Our so called opposition have fallen so low that they are willing to mortgage our country, but that will not happen. The Ward won by UPND in Northern province is very good for our democracy and exposes the tribal party (UPND) whose votes would come even from chickens and their cows if they where to be allowed to vote.

    • How is it flawed, if it is not true let lungu sue

      But he would not sue , because he knows some of the most damaging revelations are left for a possible court case….

  19. Too numerous scandals under PF Government.
    His excellence is humble for nothing. It seems all these failures are very normal to this Government.
    1. 2017- 2018 farming season we had bumper harvest and this government pegged the flow price at k60 and told the nation that they had no money to buy maize from small scale farmers. Instead these politicians in government bought at that price exported at a high prices and left the labourers (farmers) in poverty.
    2. Purchase of fire tenders at $1m each
    3. Purchase of Ambulances at around $250, 000 each when land cruisers Ambulances where costing $70 000 each and we have had no issues with them on the record
    3. Construction of tool gates at $4 m each (such as Chilufya sata toll gate)
    4. Digital transformation of ZNBC at $289m when we…

    • We call them malicious propaganda since you can prove anything.
      You are rogues aggressive propagandists.
      Not to be taken seriously.

  20. Is if this is not enough, about 250 former workers for BP who contrbuted their pention to SATURNIA REGNA Pension, the company owned by KAINDE ( hh) ! more 150 have died of starvation and depression, because KAINDE refused to all the 250 pensioners their money. Today, about 80 people are alive and starving for none payment of their money by this savage presindent of upnd, KAINDE.

  21. Thats not all,. The nation is aware that znbc reporter BANGWE NAVILE went to interview KAINDE over his conduct, What answer did bangwe navile get from kainde? Get your stupidity to pf!! the young recieved verbal abuse, insults from kainde, add to that he interfered the presidential motorcade wirh the president in eagle one !!! Surerly, what type of a leader is this? These are just a few facts that i have highlited. There quite a lot of negatived about this man. Remember mwanawasa revealed that kainde went to state house to decieve him but failed because mwanawasa noticed that KAINDE is a cornman? Zambians have forgoten about all this. Can you remember? If you can, pls mind this cornman, and deal with him firmly in 2021 general election. This cornman is by farrrr fit ti…

    • If some silly PF puppet were to interview me over silly and unfounded issues, of course I would also tell them to take their silliness to where ever it belonged. Why subject HH to mediocre interviews? He is better than that!!
      The negativities that we see being displayed by your PF are much more damaging for our country and something ought to be done before we are completely wiped out. Zambia is not for sale, it belongs to all of us Zambians.

    • @Wina
      You are making triple sense challenging comments.
      The rebuttal from the deads, no chance.
      Great job.

  22. “…..Zambia has recently discovered huge deposits of gold dotted across the country, from Eastern province to North- Western …”

    If Zambia is so important to China , and zambia is so so rich that the west wants regime change , why won’t the Chinese protect , bail out lungu and the PF ????

    Because laddies and gentlemen , lungu has already sold everything to the Chinese….and borrowed so much that even if new minerals are discovers, they are literally owned by creditors.

    This is typical of failing dictators. Mugabe done it…….when they run out of things to sell and they run out of excuses , the only recourse left is to rouse their supporters with conspiracy theories of imaginary imperialists wanting to steal their minerals…….

    We ask this Dr wako no wako ….why are…

    • We ask this Dr wako no wako ….why are those imperialists not targeting richer countries like Namibia , Botswana , Angola , Mozambique or even South Africa ?

  23. If you have genuinely served the zambian people, they will return the favour at the ballot. Why are you so scared? At least mmd remained confident of a win right up to the end. Pf I think you are now coming to realise that your days are numbered

  24. Get a job Dr and stop drinking. What next? Hoarding, South African spies, Tarino, and a dollar shop pa Cairo Rd reserved for cadres only? Please

  25. You said it well “as citizens we must watch out for imperialist agents who are bent on taking advantage of our situation to capitalize on their selfishness to take over the control of our natural resources, more especially our minerals.”
    The question I have 4u doc is;
    Are we in control of our natural resources. Give us facts. If not who is in control?

  26. Zambia has always had natural resources and unfortunately under this government the people of Zambia are denied the enjoyment of their country’s resources. The resources are sold to the wrong people and benefits are shared out between Lungu and his supporters such as this Manda who thinks he is so clever that he can convince the intelligent Zambian citizens his lies. No sir, we are not gullible, we have seen enough of your lies and change is called for!! No foreign Western government is after Zambia. You have already sold Zambia to Chinese foreigners and we would like to rescue it back please!! Have you not stolen enough?????

  27. My brother you are lost. Who do you think is blind to see that those in the government are stealing? It’s clear to see that the stealing is too much in Lungu’s government. We know that you get paid when you say something good about Lungu and his government. My brother don’t even waste your time to support Lungu’s government because it’s now even clear to see it on his face that he is afraid of something. Just look at his face very well and you will see what I mean if you know how Lungu’s face looks like when he is happy

  28. jjP, your line of thought is is civilised. However, what worries me the most is the amount of trust we seem to have for foreign cooperations. Both WEST and EAST. Our position may be likened to a home with marital problems yet the couple is doing nothing to resolve the impasse, each one hoping to go to the neighbours or friends to come and restore order. In the process of restoring order friends look at how handsome the husband is or how beautiful the wife is.
    55 year old as a nation must start to learn to solve our own problems and stop relying on foreign aid, information, culture etc. Yes, we can see what other nations are doing and copy if it suits us. Am saying there is no respect in living on borrowed money and imposed ideologies. That is what the KKs of this world fought for. SELF…

  29. So what if westerners come, what about PF with deforestation by cutting down mukula selfishly haven’t they destroyed the economy?

  30. LT used to be a haven of logical minds. Where have these PF and UPND riff raffs come from. Yes the PF is plundering, and yes the West and East are fighting for the soul of Africa. Unless Africans fights like Ethiopian’s did, it will always be a repeating cycle. Just like the west, China and Russia are also interested in controlling Zambia and Africa’s mineral wealth. They are not your friends.

  31. The Doc is making too much sense.
    The countermessage from the deads is really dead.
    Kindergarten lamentations.

    ECL 2021! Long live ECL, short live Halimuhamed Haz’alqaeda.


  32. So i am supposed to believe this fuy with highly classified information. It shows you work for o p and are trying to put wool over our eyes. Rubbish

    • There nothing classified, this is the common tried and tested theme of failed regimes meant to distract attention from their messing the country up……a tried and tested theme of blaming imaginary imperialists to rouse their supporters


  34. Don’t try Hichilema you will be forced to speak Tonga and Lozi in Government offices, and they are already saying “when our turn comes you Bembas and Ngonis will see . . . . .!” Government will onl be for Tongas to occupy all positions from cleaner to Director like it is at Southern Water and Sewarage Company now. Like it was at ZSIC and Zambia Railways! Those who have hears, those who have eyes, see!

  35. @Thorn in the flesh, appears you have missed your Olanzapine medication to calm you down, Zambia is already sold out to external forces by PF regime. Chinese, Arabs and Americans want a share too. Yenu ya kwa na Bwalya.

  36. Regime change is coming in 2021 through the ballot, kabili you have totally failed, so why do you want to come back – to come and destroy further. Look at inflation, reserves, exchange rate, mealie meal prices, unemployment, unbearable taxes, FIC report and grand thefts – and you want to come back, you must be very stubborn. Muyenda, nangu tamulefwaya – lwendo bane

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