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Bishop Kazhila says he is not guilty, out on bail

Feature Politics Bishop Kazhila says he is not guilty, out on bail

Prominent Chingola based clergyman Bishop Joseph Kazhila has pleaded not guilty to one count of seditious intentions.

Appearing before Chingola Resident Magistrate Stephen Mabona was Kazhila 61, the General Overseer of Life Gospel Ministries International who was arrested on January 24, 2020 for seditious intentions.

Particulars of the offence are that Kazhila, of Chingola’s Riverside did incite violence when he called on residents of Chingola on Kokoliko FM radio station to arm and defend themselves against ritual killers.

He was picked right from the radio station and he has been in custody ever since.

Kazhila has been granted cash bail of K5, 000 in his own recognizance with two working sureties working from reputable organisations after his Legal Counsel Oswald Hatimbula of VN Michelo and Partners had made an application.

The matter was adjourned to February 7, 2020 for commencement of trial.


  1. I knew that mr Kazhila’s his defense team is UPND incline.

    Psychology is always sweeter because gives wide – range of understanding human

    behavior .Its like studying a local map every time I hear catastrophe involving “social

    aspects “.

    UPND if not handled careful with their political ideology will cause many deaths before

    general elections.

  2. @ Mr X. It’s your ideology which is flawed and continue enjoy the fruits of crime. Praise God Pastor Kazhila has been released. May he continue speaking for the hating and oppressed people of Chingola because that’s what God has called him to do.

  3. Mr X..You should be locked up. Its people like you who pose danger to this country. How is the defence team aligned to UPND? Just because its a Tonga name and therefore you pea sized brain concludes its UPND!!! You are a disgusting human being. Coming to the case…what offence did the bishop commit by advising people to arm themselves against ritual killers? Arming themselves could be with a Bible, Some Muti, Annointed water and indeed with a gun or panga. I go to bed armed with a big knife. Will I be arrested for arming myself against ritual killers? Unless ritual killers are protected by government. This is totally insane.

  4. Thank you to Seer 1 and Chishimba Kambwili for speaking out on the incarceration of this man of god Whose only crime was to sound out the residents of the town to be vigilant and be safety conscience in the wake of attacks in the town!

  5. The man of God has done nothing wrong and should be set free regardless of whether he is UPND or not . The evidence is there for you to see that the law and other law enforcemnt agency are now being used to bully and intimidate people speaking for the voiceless . How many PF thugs are walking free on the streets of Zambia for depleting the national wallet and building Mansions in Lusaka and Swaziland ? The list is endless . It looks like it is the police chiefs and ACC that are supposed to be taken to court for failing the Zambian people through gross incompetence and selective justice .Which Zambians in their right mind would think that the ACC can fail to trace the owners of the forty eight houses .It is may be that Sh!t KZ

  6. Eastern Province cadres who beat their information publicity secretary and general secretary are still free and no arrest and this small brain chap is trying to be tribal here by pointing some because of his name that he is UPND. These are the chaps who call others tribalist.

  7. The man of God was wrong and he knows it , because he spoke according to this world system however he should speak as God would like him to speak say things through God’s perspective say through what the word of God says .
    We servants of God should be humble enough to say what God would like us to say to His people and not what we think, that is being unfaithful to our calling and we shall pay for it not only here on earth but before the one who called into His ministry.
    God’s work is not a joke.

  8. So the Bishop advises people to arm and protect themselves against ritual killers, and he gets arrested for giving people that advice? What kind of lunacy is that? How did he incite violence? This makes no sense. Let the Bishop go home. He didn’t commit any crime. If anything, he needs to sue all of you for unlawful, illegal detention. Of course Zambians need to protect themselves against dangerous criminals, if the police won’t effectively do it. What’s wrong with that? Shame on all of you.

  9. Every man and woman of God belongs to God and not any political party we are not the voice of people but the voice of God to the world when we choose to serve man then we turn away from our calling, we are not servants of men but servants of God to a sinner who needs to repent.
    We are answerable to the one who called us to minister for Him, there are enough politicians in this world who can do as politicians do , politicians cannot speak the mind of God because it is not their calling and they don’t spend time in the presence of God they don’t know how He speaks.

  10. He spoke the truth and that became a danger to national security. Speaking the truth about the tormented people of Chingola makes one UPND. Our leadership seems to be on the same side with criminals. What’s wrong with arming yourself when danger is eminent. You can buy a gun and get a license, keep some machetes in the house, pray and keep yourself immersed in Gods Devine protection. People must arm themselves at all time.

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