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Chinese ambassador says Coronavirus is under control, pledges full support for Zambian students in China

Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Li Jie
Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Li Jie

Chinese ambassador to Zambia Mr. Li Jie has said that all efforts are being made to prevent, control and contain the outbreak of Coronavirus which has so far claimed 361 lives across the globe.

Some of the preventive measures that have been put in place are to have Chinese nationals in Zambia who traveled for holidays in China to quarantine themselves for two weeks amidst continued screening when they arrive back in Zambia, Mr. Jie told journalists at a press briefing this afternoon.

Other preventive measures he mentioned were intensified screening at all points of entry to prevent and reduce possible transmission of the Coronavirus.

As he also announced that Visa applications to China have decreased, the ambassador further advised Zambians planning to travel to China to adjust their travel plans in the wake of the epidemic.

“Please let me emphasize that for Zambian and other foreign nationals in China, the Chinese government will fulfill its international obligations, settle their reasonable concerns in a timely manner and ensure their safety with a reasonable attitude.

He assured that China has the full confidence, capability, and resources to win the battle against the virus with concerted efforts, scientific containment, and targeted policies under its strong leadership.

In regards to Chinese nationals living in Zambia, Mr. Jie said continued efforts are being made to remind the local Chinese nationals, communities, institutions, and enterprises to pay close attention to the development of the epidemic and carefully monitor their health conditions and take all necessary precautionary measures.

“The embassy has established an effective mechanism of communication with the Zambian authorities including health foreign affairs and immigration. We understand and support proper and necessary measures taken by government concerning the epidemic” he said.

Ambassador Jie assured that China is ready to work with Zambia as well as the international community to safeguard regional and global public health security.

As of today, a total of 17,335 people have been infected with Coronavirus, of which 152 are foreign nationals with 361 recorded deaths.

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  1. Ambassador we thank you for your support. We are keen to continue having warm relationships that benefit both China and Zambia. The intelligence I got today is that things are getting better and we have registered many zambian in China and know where 99 percent of them are located. We continue to engage with them. Kz

  2. The shameless PF regime of one absolutely lazy man Edgar Lungu as if the Chinks dont have alot on their plate you want them to look after your people because you can not be bothered…you think Chinks care about a few black Africans. You have K3 billion to throw away to build overpriced police houses but no time for looking after your own people. You have money to spend that laughing moron Freedom Sikazwe for check ups you can not send the Ambassador to see the students, i mean you are happy to brag about these sponsorship funded by host countries but have no time to chip in when its necessary.
    What a bunch of shameless nincompoops busy in Chilubi handing out people money their own money you stole from them!!

  3. It is a good statement from the Chinese Ambasodor and one should believe the promised support. In addition sustained awareness be undertaken especially with Zambians physically working with anyone who recently traveled out of the country, to quickly to report to authorities.

  4. Corrupt african leaders tactics when they are planning to rig the elections , again and again, they bring confusion in their countries, like staging of ritual killings in Zambia and rumours of vampires in Malawi etc… Their Citizens start suspecting and killing innocent fellow country men , then the police and soldiers start pretending to bring order by intimidating their fellow citizens with more violence ,and causing fear and confusion amongst their people

  5. China must be applauded for the effort they are employing to contain the virus.Imagine closing down a city with 11 million people. In the West , that was going to attract a lot of litigation to the authorities. because of the so called human rights and freedom of movement. Well done China.

  6. Mr. Ambassador we don’t want your people to come here, let them stay in China until this virus is under control.

  7. The virus is still growing and has now spread globally. China itself is worried it’s affecting their economy with most first world nations having closed their borders to China. If it hits Zambia that would be very unfortunate because alot of people are going to die. Don’t expect this guy’s who can’t even control cholera to know what to do. At this time you would have expected the nation to burn flights and passengers from China. Bali ndwi

  8. We grateful for every goodwill given regardless of anything else. China Zambia , like any relationship is not a perfect one, but there is the bigger positive aspect to it. There is a lot we can learn from China and other countries. To me, the problem is not the West or the East, but our attitude as African’s. Let’s have a positive mind set. Blaming others for almost every challenge won’t help. Let’s have a positive mindset. Let’s have the resolve that we can even play a great role in tackling the complex challenges that confronts the global community. I believe that; with enough systematic positive approach, passion, hard work, endurance and strategic interdisciplinary collaboration even a global health problem like Corona viruses can yield to human will and become history in just a…

  9. I believe that with enough;systematic positive approach, passion, hard work, endurance and strategic interdisciplinary collaboration, even a global health problem like Corona viruses can yield to human will and become history in just a few years. In my view a microscopic organism can not or shouldn’t defeat the most complex creation in the universe; the human brain. China just uses what we all have ( the brain and hands) to be where they are interms of development. I believe we can be better than we are.

  10. Comment: Why are other countries removing their people but Zambia says cannot remove them from there because when they come they will still quarantined? Is Zambia more intelligent than the countries that have done so?

  11. How can he say under control when new cases are still on the rise? We are now talking of nearly 50,000 cases and 1000 fatalities and still counting. While it’s good to want to be optimistic, it’s wise to be realistic!

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