LCC sells Kabwata Market Car Park for 13 years

Kabwata Market
Kabwata Market

Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa has disclosed that a 13 years lease agreement for Kabwata Market Car Park has been approved.

The land is earmarked for development into a public Car Park for Kabwata Retail Centre.

In January, 2020, Time Projects Property applied to LCC to consider leasing to the company part of Kabwata Market Land for the development of a public car park.

The proposed piece of land measures 55m along Burma Road and 35m into the market affecting a total number of 93 traders.

Mr Sampa said the facility is earmarked for re-development under the Develop-Finance-Build -Operate.

Mr. Sampa says the lease agreement which will also be developed under the Transfer Public Private Partnership model and will only be executed once the market traders have been compensated.

Mr Sampa said the developer Times Square Projects will be written a Letter of Consent to compensate the traders as per agreed amounts which were done in liaison with the Kabwata Market Management Committee.

He said LCC made the decision at its 4th Ordinary Meeting held on 24th March this year and the resolutions have been communicated to Times Square Projects awaiting its response.

Mr Sampa said while the Council supports the modern developments taking place at Kabwata market, the interest of market traders is also at the heart of the local authority.

He says the Council has since written to the Ministry of Local Government and is awaiting for their formal green light to proceed with the offer letter and Lease agreement.


  1. LT editors, selling and leasing are totally different things. Unless you mean after leasing there shall be final transfer of f title to the lessee. PF government stripping the national assets and after 2 years we shall hear the lease agreement was actually a sale agreement. Nimwa aLungu Tata! Meanwhile PF must go!

  2. Madilu thanks for correcting our diabolical LT editors. It’s a lease which will earn us revenue. Nothing here to see or talk about. Let the haters continue wallowing in their own pee.

  3. First the illegally got the land for the shopping mall now they want the carpark …where are market shoppers going to park? Next they will come for the market itself…I hope the Kabwata people do the right thing and get rid of the selfish Bo Lubinda.

  4. Next they will come for the market…Kabwata people vote wisely in 2021. Maiko Zulu is there why not give him a chance, Lubinda has got too fat and arrogant!!

  5. Wasn’t this why Zayalo Bill 10 Lubinda was beaten? Land is now the preserve of the powerful, they can even de-gazette and share Forest 27. If you’re poor and not connected you don’t deserve land under the PF. People now get displaced without compensation or alternative. Tongas in Siavonga now have limited access to the Kariba dam because all the river-front has been taken by the rich and powerful. The natives have to climb hill to view the lake and when they trespass it’s at the risk of being shot at or dogs unleashed on them. So much for self-rule!

  6. Play parks, School Sports fields, Garden Parks have all been sold….you put a Chawama President this is what happens. The market will soon be sold

  7. PF are like termites in an orchard eating everything from the roots …the entrance to the Clinic is now hidden all you see is shopping mall vehicles. Even this company must be a Chink company or a front for PF officials. ..but dont worry your Mayor will donate small bags of food for all those SMEs and shops who were there. Next they will sell the clinic and Police station…prison is already sold.

  8. About the buyer: Time Projects Property has a director called Heinrich Malan. Now that could be the cricketer, or that could be a false name. The official website is extremely dubious, doesn’t show the company’s management team or board of directors, and doesn’t show their bankers.

    This is bad and looks bad.

    “Established in 1986, we are a leader in property and asset development and management in Botswana and Zambia.”

    “Director, Heinrich Malan is the man tasked with easing the transition from Botswana to Zambia and following recent acquisitions for PrimeTime Property Holdings Ltd, he’s making sure that Time Projects can hit the ground running.”

  9. Why are we always making decisions that cause more poverty on our people? Why do we favour foreigners at the expense of our own people? Shoprite has taken part of the market and part of the area for the clinic. Now there is no chance of expanding the clinic into any possible level 1 hospital. How do u have a supermarket next to a clinic? Now here u are still grabbing more land from traders. This is surely not only unfortunate but painful too.

  10. Just look at the state of that market , yet traders pay rentals and levies, which seem to all disappear into PF thugs pockets……..

    That is why we need an audit of all markets in the country to try and make them financially serviceable……and get rid of the PF thugs holding marketeers and the public at ransom.

  11. Next year will be the year of draining the swamp. All the PF corrupt creatures hiding under murky waters must be exposed next year, and get thrown out. Too much corruption with these PF criminals. Anybody making dubious deals concerning our national assets with PF bandits risks having them forfeited to the State, once the new administration comes in next year. All corrupt contracts will have to be canceled without compensation. So, if I were you, I would never buy or be leased anything that involves contracts with these PF criminals. If you want to lose your money, keep buying the national assets from corrupt Lungu and his minions. Lungu will escape to Eswatini, and that’s where you’ll have to go to recover your money. Meanwhile, Zambians will have recovered all the land that has…

  12. We went in the streets celebrating the removal of RB not knowing that that was the beginning of our problems. Total failure, no where to hide.

  13. Mmmm let me hope you have not done the deal like that of the Kamwala market saga in which you gave the choncholis a 60 year lease. Zambians what is wrong with us? So where are those traders going to be trading from? They will go into you are creating more problems. Why did not you build a modern Market at Kabwata so that you help de-congest Lusaka city.

  14. I look forward to a day when we as Zambians, whether PF or UPND will unite to defend that which is ours as Zambians. Patriotism is about standing for what is right & in the interest of the majority of Zambians. I for one will never set a foot in that mall

  15. I see the Chinese in the back seat eating popcorns as this new development plan is rolled out, I hope I am wrong but time will tell.

  16. Other the UPND, majority of opposition parties are too timid to speak up against the plundering front….what a bunch of ndeloleshafyes. The Chinese grip is getting tighter bane, just wondering what’s next.

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