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The President Failed to Incorporate Attacks on Media by Cadres on Covic-19 Update

Feature Politics The President Failed to Incorporate Attacks on Media by Cadres on Covic-19...

What is the position of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu on the continued wave of attack on media?

Attack on media by PF cadres has been a very hot issue in the country for the past few weeks. The attack is a clear product of the fight against the virus. Despite that, President Edgar Lungu has chosen to ignore to incorporate the issue in his address to the nation on Covid-19.

Per cadres and some top PF officials, attacks on media is an effort to combat Covic-19! They believe media promote division in the national fight against Covid-19.

The speech by the President leaves people wondering. Does the President agree with Muchinga province PF chairman Alex Simuwelu, DC of Mpika Moses Katebe, and the cadres who have declared Muchinga province a no go area for UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and have resorted into storming radio stations? Or he is with Information and broadcasting Minister Dora Siliya who has recently condemned attacks on radio stations hosting UPND President Hakainde Hichilema.

It is clearly seen that the Patriotic Front (PF) is divided over the issue. Hence too important for the President to ignore. Is he neutral on the issue?
The President urged people to remain united, resilient, and patriotic under Covic-19 environment. Underlining the word “remain”, it tells us that President Edgar Lungu believes that the country is united on the fight against the virus.

If Zambia is united on the fight against Covid-19, it implies that attacks on media helps maintain unity.

Hence help answer the question above. Does the President agree with those who have declared Muchinga province a no go area for UPND President Hakainde Hichilema. Those who want to use Covid-19 fight as an opportunity to force people surrender some of their rights. Those who to them attacks on media is an effort to combat Covic-19!

By Venus N Msyani
Concerned Citizen.

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  1. Stop engaging his excellence the president in useless things. He has critical issues to talk about.

    HH always wants sympathy. He wants to be seen like he is being treated unfairly and non-Zambian.

    We know his shallow mind of attracting sympathy from Zambians.

    • 1)Executive – It includes police and other government sectors . 2)Legislature- It includes all the elected representatives of the people. 3)Judiciary- It includes the body of judges and courts . 4)Media- It is the fourth pillar of democracy .


    • HENRY you behave like a cader who have no vision like your president. Wake up and comment truthfully. Prime Tv is closed by PF and they want to close any media which will feature opposition parties. HH has brains than your ECL. Ministers are on the loose he cant control them, they rule Zambia not him. They fight each other, they have no direction because the leader has no vision like you. Tell the truth not lies my brother, Zambia with pf is dead. This time around we want a new leader who will propel the country forward and come out of this credit you have put us in with your visionless pf. Upto now retirees are not paid, Prime tv personnel are out of employment with this covid. Mines are being closed. Upto now no one knows who the owner of the 49 houses. Who is the master minder of the…

  2. I don’t know why you want Edgar Lungu to show leadership when he possesses zero qualities …the man has no control of his ministers who are stealing with impunity.

  3. Violence is the only way african leaders win elections, it is not different here. So expecting an end to violence is like expecting elections to come to an end.

    Being president comes with too many benefits (financial and power) don’t expect those in power to give up that enjoyment easily.

    Meanwhile they have to go in 2021. Let’s think together on how we can liberate ourselves from this hardship.

  4. But I thought Hon Dora Siliya already addressed the issue? That was the government position.

  5. When the party official speaks on who’s behalf do they speak? And when the chief govt spokes person speaks on who’s behalf do they speak? Now it happens that Dr ECL Is heading both the party and govt, the party
    official in muchinga is sayn opposit what the govt official is sayin, who is to blame?

  6. We don’t have a president in Zambia and Zambia is on Autopilot without direction.

    Edgar Lungu is a lame duck swimming everywhere.

    We are back on the drawing ti chat the way forward for ZAMBIA. Let’s stand together and put a responsible leadership with vision.

    Where there is no vision, people perish and that’s the current situation in our country.

    Twente Twente wanu (2021) vote for Bally (HH) the man with vision for Zambia.

    PF must go!

  7. Imweeee……..stop being so gullible….

    The humble one lungu is behind all these attacks , lungu is knows about all political PF violence with his blessings …..

    infact lungu could end all violence and thuggery with one phone call…..but knows his political future relies on the violence.

    Why do you think lungu stood by silent watching all along while his PF thugs were gassing people and innocents were being burnt alive by irate mobs ?
    Lungu was hoping the PF gassing scheme will go to plan , only when forigne diplomats warned him did he show up….

  8. Time!!!! Is it Edgars fault that mines are closing. Did Edgar bring corona? The economy has been doing fine with or no coronavirus. I don’t see why we should change government. Your hatred for Edgar will not take you anywhere. Edgar will again beat Hulk Hull very clean.

  9. @Henry

    You are right. ECL will beat HH again…if the elections are rigged again like last time. Even KBF confessed to the rigging. ECL can’t win a free and fair election and he knows this, hence the harrasment of independent media and opposition parties. Tah!

  10. I really don’t understand why you want the President to comment on every single thing that happens.

  11. WHY DO YOU PEOPLE EXPECT LEADERSHIP FROM BA J0N4 KANSI?? Expecting leadership from [email protected] is similar to expecting a fish to climb a tree.
    This Guy President [email protected] is NOT Leadership material, he is so useless & only fit to be a Tavern D.J, where he sees revellers brawling, but does not get involved, keeps his mouth shut & keeps spinning the Kalindula records for punters to Shana, chapwa!
    Meantime #P.FMUSTGO!


  13. Please understand that clueless Lungu had no input whatsoever in that speech. It’s evidently clear that he was reading what someone else had written for him. We all know by now that ZNBC is largely controlled by the Chinese. And most likely, they have to approve any message that passes through this broadcast station. It’s even possible that they’re now writing messages for him to read. He appeared stiff, lifeless and detached, when he was reading that message. No input of his own. He looked like someone off camera was watching him to make sure he doesn’t add his own opinion in what he was reading. The message was largely vague, self contradictory and full of generalities, no particulars. He talked about the freedom the youth enjoy in Zambia, when the whole world have heard by now…

  14. … that the Zambian youth are getting locked up in Chinese factories. He couldn’t talk about current events that have happened in Zambia, like his corrupt ministers stealing Gold for their own benefit in Mwinilunga, or the Chinese calling Zambians foreigners in their own country, or the locking of Zambians up in Chinese factories, or his hooligan cadres harassing the opposition at radio stations. If you check the definition of a puppet, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lungu’s picture appears there. His ministers don’t even obey him anymore. It’s nothing but a foray in Zambia, with Zambia’s resources getting looted and pillaged everyday with impunity by his ministers. Expecting Lungu to fix our imploding country under his watch, is like expecting him to build a spaceship all by himself…

  15. … and go to the moon. It just won’t happen, because the guy has no will, desire nor knowledge to fix the damage him and his ministers have done to this country. The only thing his party can help us with, is force him to resign and be replaced by someone else. There are competent people even within PF that can do a better job than this guy.

  16. Why are we even engaging with issues regarding Lungu. Lungu is the most incompetent disgrace this nation has endured. He needs to be removed/voted out as soon as yesterday. The damage he has wrought on our country is incalculable. If Trump is the scatter brain of North America, Lungu is a scatterbrain of Southern Africa–or perhaps Africa. Very painful to watch him misgovern such a beautiful rich country.

  17. PF busy dividing the country on tribal lines Muchinga no go area for HH how the President has failed to unite the country.

  18. Muntu ni lungu…VOTE PF for prosperity n development. PF wants to empower Zambians if re-elected to the fullest , so put your money where your mouth is fellas.

  19. A President who is Selective in his condemnation of wrongdoing is a danger to the nation. It’s just like a father in the house who plays favourites. You end up with spoiled children the same way we now have spoiled PF cadres! In the end, victims will just say enough is enough! Lawlessness knows no bounds!

  20. Lusaka Times has now become a UPND mouthpiece and we are tired as Zambians based abroad from the 60’s. Can you just be objective in your reporting and stop always posting most anti Zambian sentiments from anti PF zealots. I question Edgar Lungu and his PF and government. But I am just so tired of this hatred related comments as someone in between tongas and bembas. Block me if you want stupid *****s. Why are you fueling a fire that is already brewing. Go to Burundi and Rwanda if you want to know the evils of what you are inciting. What happened to genuine journalism?Buruya mwe you all.

    • just exit – what is your problem, always vodandauladandaula. Leave your UPND alone, I don’t like UPND too but I never harrass or insult them because we are in a democracy. I even think they can do better than our PF lamentable failure in economic management

  21. Why don’t you ask why Akainde spews nonsense on those radion stations. Why can’t just go and tell people what he will do for them? simple logic. Manje kawalala wa privatization is busy talking about theft and cannot produce any evidence.

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