Statement on the allegations of fraud and theft made against me by Mr. Lewis Mosho


By Dr. Fred M’membe

It is very sad that wild and malicious allegations have once again been made against me.

I was last week summoned by the Police in Chinsali, Muchinga, made to believe that my house was taken, with no evidence of wrongdoing by myself, in my village in Chinsali over a year ago was going to be returned.

However, I was today charged with two counts of theft of proceeds of the sale of Post Newspapers Limited property located in Lusaka, sold by the company prior to it going into liquidation.

Those that have brought these charges against me, know very well that I was never involved in the sale of Post Newspapers Limited property and never used proceeds from the same for my personal benefit. These transactions were conducted through banks, thus, records relating to this sale and use of the proceeds are easily available.

These allegations are being brought by people who are stuck in their criminal activities and have thus opted to concoct lies. They have found nothing against me since the liquidation of Post Newspapers Limited and the illegal occupation of my house in Chinsali over a year ago. It is well known that they will not be able to prove these lies. But all this is being done, as the masses of this country are looking for alternative leadership and our party is growing very fast.

With our rising political fortunes, my being smeared with the filth of fraud and theft doesn’t come as a surprise. It was expected. Post Newspapers Limited wasn’t a Kantemba, a briefcase company, it was a big company with professional accounting staff.

It wasn’t possible for any individual person to take that amount of money, let alone for a property sale, without being noticed or traced.

Although I owned almost all the shares in the company, I never treated the assets and liabilities of the company as mine. The finances and assets of Post Newspapers Limited were handled and managed by its accounting staff. And I did not handle the sale of the said property. It was handled by the accounting staff and other responsible managers – and all are still alive.

The payment was made through the bank and so were the disbursements – which I am told were mainly to the Zambia Revenue Authority. All these transactions can be traced from the bank records.

If the police were professional in their dealing with Mr. Mosho’s complaint, they would have gone to the bank to check how the money moved from the buyer to Post Newspapers Limited’s bank accounts. And it could also reveal how it was disbursed from that account. But because of clear political pressure that has surrounded the whole liquidation of Post Newspapers Limited police professionalism, objectivity and fairness have been lost.

They know very well that this case is going nowhere but that does not bother them because their intention is not punish wrongdoing but to politically, morally and otherwise humiliate me.

Will they succeed? No. The Zambian people know very well what is going on and cannot be swayed by such malice, lies and calumny.

They are the thieves, not me.

I challenge Mr Mosho to render an audited account of the assets of Post Newspapers Limited he has collected and sold.

However, this will not deter us from fighting the injustice and inequity that is growing in our country. We will continue to mobilise Zambians to fight corruption, greed and injustice.


  1. That chi notorious PF robber Mosho will suffer like hyena. Theft by PF ministers don’t bother that much, but the way they hire day-robbery to go after private companies is what is troubling.
    Mosho should attempt to go and still at HH Farm, he will see what HH employees are made of.

  2. One day Mosho will be stripped of everything he owns , local and forigne, just like lungu.

    Dr Fred membe , although you are primarily to blame for pushing these PF thieves onto Zambians with your post newspaper ….that does not excuse the banditry of lungu.

  3. Look how quick he is to issue statement.says it all. However I believe you are innocent until proven guilty. So no need to be paranoid. We will wait for court decision

  4. Calm down and let the law do it’s duty. Like Dr Chilufya, we wish you well and hope you come out clean.

    I know it’s distress after the past trials and tribulations, but you will come out of it if righteous.

  5. Ba Kaizar, with due respect is there any issue committed by the current regime or its sympathizers that YOU Mr. Zulu will just analyze objectively and honestly? And by the way, you are just too quick to respond in a biased manner. How about the dictates of your inner conscience? Do you ever listen to that?

  6. The Police no longer investigate cases, they just do what they’re told to. But all these things come to pass. The PF are desperate because they’re now in the corner. A cornered hyena can be very dangerous. They’ll cause more harm before we kick them out. Please stay safe, we need you for the endgame


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