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Bokani Soko’s Grandview in Ambulance supply scandal in Malawi

Headlines Bokani Soko’s Grandview in Ambulance supply scandal in Malawi

President Edgar Lungu’s associate Bokani Soko’s Grandview International is likely to face a probe by the Malawi Anti Corruption Commission over an Ambulance supply tender.

Grandview International made headlines in Zambia when it supplied 42 Fire Tenders at a cost of 42 million US dollars.

In Malawi, the Human Rights Defenders Coalition of Malawi has written to that country’s Anti-Corruption Bureau over allegations of corruption in the procurement of ambulances by the Ministry of Health.

In a latter dated, September, 10, 2020, HRDC stated that in their ongoing whistleblower initiative they had received information that they wished to share with the bureau.

“HRDC has seen a notification of ward of a contract to Grandview International of Lusaka, Zambia to supply 35 Toyota Land Cruiser Ambulances. We have received information that the bidders were as follows 1. Toyota Malawi; Toyota Land Cruiser $47,800.00, 2. Nissan Malawi Nissan Patrol $56,241.61; 3. Mike Appeal and Gatto Land Cruiser $61,384.00; 4. Grandview International Land Cruiser $63,000.00; 5. Med Point Dazzie Land Cruiser $64,750.00; 6. Paramount Holdings Land Cruiser $65,000.00; 7. ARK Agencies Land Cruiser $72,000.00; 8. Skywaves Land Cruiser $77,007.36; 9. Good Hope Land Cruiser $112, 281.88,” the letter read in part.

HRDC stated that as stated in the letter,Grandview was on number 4 and over $25,000 higher than Toyota Malawi, and that apart from being cheaper, Toyota Malawi also offered two years of free service of the vehicles.

“Grandview International is also controversial in their home country, Zambia. The opposition leader Chishimba Kambwili is alleged to have referred to the company as the Guptas of Zambia due to their alleged closeness to the Zambian presidency. Grandview is a subject of investigation by the Anti-Corruption Commission in Zambia in their supply of 42 Fire Trucks at $1 million each,” stated HRDC. “Given that Malawian companies were even cheaper, we are surprised that this contract was awarded to a seemingly questionable Zambian company. We appeal to ACB to commence the investigations as soon as possible and that the anti-corruption body will update the nation when the investigations have started.”

The letter was signed by HRDC national chairperson Gift Trapence and national coordinator Luke Tembo.


  1. That’s a country with strong and independent institutions, not the sham, toothless entities we have like acc, con court, ECZ—nothing more than branches of the defunct pf!

  2. We are exporting corruption now! Its amazing how Malawi keeps fighting corruption on our behalf. The Maize supply a few years ago scandal comes to mind.


  4. Malawians are in a way indicating to Zambia that they will not welcome or tolerate business dealings with a Zambian company that is smelling of dubious procurement processing which to Malawians wont be entertained! The sooner Zambia concludes the investigations the better for any other companies wishing to do business with Malawi.

  5. Malawi is still a junior to Zambia. Politically where they’re now, we have already been in the name of Levy Mwanawasa. It’s just corruption that’s killing our beloved nation.

  6. I feel pity for a lot of commentators here. You clearly lack the facts and are quick to make uninformed comments. Go and read tayali the family mans Facebook article on the ambulance issue and educate yourself.

  7. I will never understand why and how poor countries such as Zambia and Malawi would choose not to procure ambulances from a manufacturer such as Toyota whose bid is much cheaper. Instead they go through a no-name intermediary with no knowledge of the product. If time could be turned back, we Africans would be slaves again.

  8. This is so funny Kaizer is asking us to go and read an article by Tayali, a person no one takes seriously and a person paid by the PF to spread propaganda ha ha ha ha. Problem is Kaizer just knows cadre issues, stick in your lane.

  9. Why is a Toyota Hilux more expensive, in Zambia than a Land Cruiser AMBULANCE (not a basic Landcruiser) in Malawi; even when it’s being sold by a crook!
    Ba mambala imwe!

  10. They did it here and and got away with it because of their friend Lungu who even introduced them to the former malawi president who was just as corrupt as lungu so he went ahead with the deal. Now the president there has changed so all this nonsense has stopped. We are waiting for the same here.

  11. Very unprofessional the Malawians – is that the professional way for a professional investigative agency to write an official letter seeking clarification? Too amateurish for my liking. Very silly of them to mention the Zambian Presidency in this Letter. So, if Grandview had presented the lowest bid were they going to be disqualified on the basis of its links to the Zambian Presidency? It seems Malawi is still so behind in professionalism.

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