Provincial expos marketing tool for Zambia-Yaluma

Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister Hon Christopher Yaluma

The government says provincial investment expositions have significantly helped in wooing investments to spur development in the country’s ten administrative regions.

Minister of Commerce, Trade, and Industry, Christopher Yaluma said the investment expos have generated tangible results especially in Central and Luapula provinces where various developmental projects have been initiated.

Mr. Yaluma disclosed that six provincial investment expositions have since been held between 2017 and 2019 out of the planned 10.

The minister was responding to a question in parliament today on the benefits accrued from hosting of investing expos in provinces.

Mr. Yaluma however cautioned that attracting investment into provinces is not an automatic short-term venture but a long-term task that calls for patience, collaboration, and foresight.

He stated that Luapula province led the way in holding the investment expos in 2017 followed by Central and Northern provinces in 2018 while Northwestern, Southern, and Copperbelt provinces had theirs in 2019.

The minister cited the US$600 million investment in an industrial zone in Central province and the US$200 million investment in large scale palm oil processing industry in Luapula Province as some of the landmark investments that have come from investment expos.


  1. This is very true. We can only thank the minister and his ministry for facilitating this very beneficial initiative. I attended some of these expos and I even invested in a company which I cannot mention due to confidentiality clause in my contract

  2. Provincial expos are a waste of time and money. There is no credible investment that is generated from such. Serious investors will invest in a venture where they think the returns will be high regardless of whether there was a provincial expo held or not.

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