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Kasama residents urge ECZ to deploy more registration centres

Rural News Kasama residents urge ECZ to deploy more registration centres

Kasama residents have called on the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to deploy more officers at voter registration centres to quicken the process.

One of the residents, Morris Mwale expressed concern at the slow pace, the registration of voters is being done.

Mr Mwale attributed the delays in the issuance of voters’ cards to having one officer at each registration centre.

Mr Mwale said this when Northern Province Minister, Chungu Bwalya visited selected registration centres to check how the exercise is progressing.

He noted that if manpower is not boosted, people will shun away from the process because standing in queues for a long time will demotivate them.

“The work is too much for one person, this is making the process take long and this needs to be addressed as soon as possible,” he noted.

“People have work and other activities to engage in and they have little time to spare to get a voters’ card,” he stated.

And Mr Bwalya said he will engage ECZ officials in the district in order to address the challenges faced by people.

“We want to make the process as fast as possible therefore we will work hard to ensure that everyone is able to get a voters’ card,” he said.

Mr Chungu noted that it is the role of every citizen who has attained the required age of 18 to exercise their right to vote hence the need for people to turn up in numbers and get their voters’ cards.

Meanwhile, Kasama District Electoral Officer, Zakeyo Mbao has appealed to people to remain patient as challenges they are facing in being registered are being addressed.

Mr Mbao stated that the mobile voter registration exercise is being done in stages with each centre given a week, while the permanent station has been created at the civic centre where a team will be stationed for the whole period.

He has since called on members of the public to make use of the voter registration schedule in order for them to know when the registration will take place in their respective communities.


  1. Generally Zambians are the 2nd slowest, maybe because they don’t eat breakfast. Even at Lusaka airport it takes 1 hour to get the fvck out! Anyway let’s go check on that ECZ female.
    She looks beautiful, but look at how disorganized. Why not put trash in that empty box? Clear table, or add more tables to arrange your work.
    I like working by myself, and you would have seen how could register those 200 people in a day. 10 minutes per person.

  2. Nostra mwayenda kuvyalo you now look down on us. Anyway, even you there the owners of those countries you went to inconvenience probably say the same about you.

    As for ecz we plead for you to heed these calls so that you do not disenfranchised the people. We want landslide win so that the cow boy is put to rest for good

  3. Something amiss here. It’s evident there are very few devices for capturing biometrics and the officers are not comfortable with them. Why would ECZ then give only 7 days per centre and expect the rest of the people to go to civic centres ? Can you imagine the congestion that would create.

  4. Statistics and the workings of this compromised ECZ, show that they will not register 80% of those eligible to vote in 4 weeks. It then begs the question – why such a short deadline when you evidently don’t have the logistical basis or acumen to achieve the same? Something doesn’t add up. Elections are in August.

  5. @Kaizer, you are right. Any Zambian employee will agree that we never top the fastest at work. We like fima greetings, talk talk talk. Even in streets or shopping mall, I recognize Zambian by slow walking and greeting every body.
    Look at the only PF presidential, his speech of 1 page takes him 45 minutes to read.
    ECZ why just 1 beautiful female at registration Center?

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