I have not at any time lifted the directive to adhere to COVID-19 public health measures-President Lungu


President Edgar Lungu says he has not at any time lifted the directive to adhere to COVID-19 public health measures.

President Lungu says the same public health guidelines that the government put in place last year when the country recorded the first COVID-19 pandemic are still in effect.

And President Lungu has urged the Clergy to take advantage of the Church gatherings to remind their members on the seriousness of the pandemic.

The Head of State has further expressed concern at the lack of enforcement of the public health guidelines by the people.

He says it is worrisome that people have gone to sleep and have stopped adhering to the public health measures.

President Lungu says there is need to take a look at what has not been done, in order to ensure that there is strict enforcement of the measures, to curb the coronavirus.

He was speaking at State House in Lusaka this morning when a team of leaders from the Reformed Church of Zambia Synod Moderators from various parts of the country paid a courtesy call on him.

“We allow Zambians to say you can socialise in moderation from Friday 18 hours to 23 hours Sunday the same 18 to 23 hours, Saturday the same 18 to 23 hours but what we are seeing is from Monday morning, bars are open and I don’t remember ever saying that we have lifted these measures, I don’t remember the Minister of Health calling a media briefing saying all these measures are no longer in place,” the President noted.

President Lungu further stated that government cannot close up the community and stop people from congregating, but emphasised on the need for the Clergy to ensure that the health guidelines are adhered to.

“We have allowed congregating. We said that we can congregate but observe social distance, masking up, sanitising and so on but everyone seems to have gone to sleep. Now we are getting figures like 14 people dying in one day which is alarming but we need to take advantage of gatherings like this to remind ourselves my dear brothers and sisters that this job is not only for the Head of State but all of us,” he stated.

“So as we go back to our communities, let us remind people that the coronavirus is still there, it’s real and the strain which has come is more deadly, it’s killing in a shorter instance and it’s taking people suddenly”, the President added.

The Head of State has also urged transport operators to ensure that those who board their transports are masked up, sanitise and that they create enough space for each other.

He has extended the call to everyone operating in markets, supermarkets and shopping malls to ensure that no one accesses their premises without masking and without sanitising.

President Lungu has also urged the local services to play their part by making sure that they bring to book all those that are found wanting.

‘I think that’s how we are going to do it,” he said.

The President noted that the police also need to play their part, the Ministry of Local Government and other institutions such as the Zambia National Public Health Institution must equally test their responsibility.

And RCZ Synod Moderator Reverend Ackson Banda stated that the Reformed Church of Zambia will always work with and support the government of the day.

Rev. Banda noted that the Church and government must only be partners in national development.

“Just as government has the Seventh National Development Plan to drive its developmental agenda, RCZ also believes in sustainable development, public private partnership and peaceful co-existence in the development of the nation,” he said.

Reverend Banda further indicated that the RCZ has continued to play a great role in the provision of health and education services, in various communities across the country, including implementation of poverty alleviating programmes.

He also called for government line ministries and departments for support as the Church continues with its developmental agenda to provide service to the people of Zambia.

“We have worked extremely well with government line ministries to provide service to the people. The Church should not be blind to what government is doing. We fully support you your Excellency for the developmental projects across the country,” the Reverend stated.


  1. The problem is you fail to lead by example. You have been moving from one province to another, holding rallies in the process with huge gatherlings, the vice president was in Western province and look at the peolpe that welcomed her at the airport

  2. Simple instructions given by this great legal mind but it seems people read what they want to read. Can law enforcement agencies firmly deal with anyone found gallavanting carelessly. Bro lusambo is doing a great job

  3. Look at America now, Trump was busy doing politics and even holding rallies. Now the people are dying in large numbers. The same can happen to any nation on this planet. Leaders do not only hold political powers but also lives of the people they lead. You will be answerable to greatest leader of the entire universe

  4. The president is good enough to shoot and kill innocent bystanders – but he can’t instruct his own agencies (police, army, civil service, OP) to ensure people adhere to wearing masks etc. Gayzar Zulu, why can’t you and your gay friends do something? You always know everything better!

  5. Everyone should follow directives except for Lungu – that is how it works. He can continue campaigning and Corona issues don’t come in. Please follow directives snd serve yourselves

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