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Vandalism of public infrastructure irks Wina

Economy Vandalism of public infrastructure irks Wina

Vice President Inonge Wina says government is concerned with the rampant vandalism of installations and other public infrastructure by some unscrupulous people.

Mrs Wina says this development is unacceptable and retrogressive considering the progress Zambia has made in developing the telecommunications sector in Zambia.

The Vice President was speaking in Lusaka during the handover ceremony of Zamtel Call Centre functions to Client Care Solutions Zambia Limited.

Mrs Wina said damage to public infrastructure is a serious offence which attracts severe punishment and has warned that perpetrators will be dealt with accordingly.

She has since called on citizens to desist from engaging in the scourge as it retards national development.

And Mrs Wina said the handover of the Center is a demonstration of government’s desire to support the growth of local micro, small and medium enterprises.

She expressed happiness with the launch of the new call center company to be managed and operated by young Zambian entrepreneurs, who are former Zamtel employees.

Mrs. Wina has applauded Zamtel Board and Management on their bold decision to release their Call Centre and outsource the service commercially to a team of young entrepreneurs.

Mrs. Wina said Government celebrates the young entrepreneurs for choosing to embrace the call by Government to grow themselves and others through entrepreneurship.
The Vice President has since urged other business entities in Zambia to emulate Zamtel and support Clients Care Solutions.

And Zamtel Chief Executive Officer Sydney Mupeta said the decision by Zamtel to outsource a call center will enhance service delivery to Zamtel customers.

Mr Mupeta said the development will further help in empowering the youths adding that the Company has empowered its employees to participate in the management of customer services as entrepreneurs.

Mr. Mupeta said Zamtel thought it wise to empower Zambians as a way of contributing towards the growth of local entrepreneurship.

Meanwhile, Clients Care Solutions Board Chairperson Malcolm Chabala said the outsourcing of a Zambian Company will not only empower youths but also play a key role in job creation.

Mr. Chabala said the Company has 180 employees and plans to increase the number to 320 as the company expands.


  1. Very soon this old hen Bo Inonge will be gone August is just a few months….wasted years indeed with nothing to show in her homeland. I dont know what it is with Zambian leaders appointed old people look at Malawi which is a shining example of nurturing young leaders!!

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    You should try your best not to take anything trolls say seriously. No matter how poorly they behave, remember these people spend countless unproductive hours trying to make people mad. They’re not worth your time of day.

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  4. I hope Vice President Mutale Nalumango will bring some life to parliamentary proceedings, the current Vice President just gives general answers which anybody can do. For example when this Vice President was asked who paid for PF MPs who illegally stayed in office, she said the question was irrelevant as if it is in her powers to determine which question is relevant and which one is not

  5. This Vice President also said the UPND lost out on the public order act by not supporting bill 10, so how did PF benefit if UPND lost out. Did she mean the usual abuse of the public order act by our unprofessional police

  6. Mutale Nalumango will be a more effective Veep in parliament than the current who just gives general answers to all issues raised.

  7. It pains me to hear and see the infrastructures being vandalized like that and no action is taken to end it. As for me all costs of vandalism should be paid by the ministry of home affairs (the police service) it’s their duty to patrol. The police should be allowed to shoot the thugs who vandalise public infrastructures.

  8. More than half the solar lighting on Lusaka upgraded roads are already vandalised, address these issues rather than tabling bills to stifle internet freedoms

  9. You can’t keep on victimizing poorish as a cause of vandalism. it’s a selfish mentality with some ppl who don’t care and look at good things as beneficial for everyone. I mean just lock up anyone who causes vandal, it’s a serious crime and also even members of the public should be helpful and vigilant to report anyone vandalising public property. Ppl, when are we going to develop as a nation? and also they should issue warming to Ppl who buy the contraband from the vandal that’s a crime as well. A patriotic in the diaspora.

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