Let’s work together in addressing issues affecting communities , TIZ tells Civil Society Organizations

MOU Signing Ceremony between TIZ and office of public Protector
MOU Signing Ceremony between TIZ and office of public Protector

Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) has asked civil society organizations (CSOs) to work with it (TIZ) in addressing issues that are affecting communities.

TIZ Advocacy Officer Rosaria Lungu has disclosed that her organization has since engaged some CSOs in Ndola, Kapiri Mposhi, Mansa, Chongwe and Chipata districts to work together with it.

Ms. Lungu was speaking during a virtue training of Transparency Action Groups (TAGs) and CSOs.

“Our plan is to start working with all CSOs in communities to ensure that efforts are put together on common cases affecting communities. We understand that the government is getting frustrated receiving the same issue from different organizations. We need to network if we are to excel and help people in the communities,” she said.

Meanwhile, TIZ has introduced Advocacy and Legal Advice for Citizens (ALAC) to offer an independent channel for victims or witnesses of corruption and maladministration to report their concerns, proposed solutions and seek legal advice.

Ms. Lungu explained that legal desks will be opened in 10 districts across the country where TIZ has offices.

She added that the centres will also help people who have complaints and information on public service delivery.

“We aims at advocacy to provide free legal advice or practical help to citizens and to increase capacity of public institutions to work with people by receiving and dealing with complaints effectively. We want to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing anti-corruption interventions in the delivery of public services,” she said.

She said the ALAC will work closely with law enforcement agencies to ensure that offenders are brought to book and the cases to a successful conclusion.

And Ndola district TAG Animator Mike Mshanga has stressed that the component which has been introduced is meant for the two institutions to work together for a common goal that will help bridge the gap between community members and the government in terms of information access and reporting issues affecting them.

Mr. Mshanga said the move to work together would help work systematically and help address issues efficiently.

He has since welcomed the initiative by TIZ and said that addressing community issues needed concerted efforts from all stakeholders.

Mr. Mshanga emphasized that the CSOs collaboration with government institutions will effectively bring the much needed public services closer to communities.


  1. This does not care for any zambian. Let them just continue getting paid by their whlte masters for painting every African nation as corrupt. That is how the western world want us Africans to be seen. And here we even have f00lish diasporans who criticize their birth country thinking that they are winning kudos from their masters and yet they are seen as monkeys there abroad

  2. Transparency International, you have heard the President banning PF cadres from showing and giving money in public and also a good section of society has condemned the flashing of money in public. All this does not make sense at all because it means the flaunting of such money which in essence which monies are just bribes is continuing but being done in private. We saw months on end in Kabushi in Ndola how this money was being distributed, we have seen fights for votes go to churches with the ruling party shipping large amounts of money to that area every weekend, this will continue but they will just be doing it in private. I expected a total condemnation from TIZ of this new encouragement of giving out these bribes in private

  3. True ,TIZ please stop ruling party from giving out money at rallies either in public or in private. whether in public or in private is both wrong

  4. Each time one says the truth that the money being flaunted in public at rallies by political parties are actually bribes, Lusaka times moderates such truth, I fail to understand why. What is that money meant to do then. That is why our president has done the right thing to stop it

  5. Its only Kaizars insults which are never moderated, there you are in his comment above he is callings others f00lish but never moderated

  6. The call by the President to PF cadres to stop flaunting money in public is still not okay because even doing so in private is wrong. We saw in Kabushi Ndola where the statements were very clear and without ambiguity that the President has sent us to bring this money. TIZ, please take it up

  7. TIZ, please help us expose the source of this money at rallies, The money has mostly bee seen in Mufulira, Ndola, Twapia, Masala and Kabushi

  8. Shi musonda calling a f00l a f00l is not against the standards of lusaka times. If you are attempting to offload your divisive upnd comments then lusakatimes is doing right to block evil forces like you.

    • Shi Musonda, please don’t even respond to the chap. Zambia is where it is today because of such characters who have brought down the country economically but still want to stand in elections, defies all logic. Even democracy must have logic and decency

  9. TIZ, please follow up on the public money being displaced at rallies. The directive by the president that PF cadres should not flaunt the money in public is still not right because even flaunting it in private is wrong

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