Dr Chanda bemoans increase of critically ill COVID-19 patients

Health Minister Jonas Chanda
Health Minister Jonas Chanda

The government says there is an influx of critically ill Covid 19 patients in isolation centers across the country despite a reduction of new infections.

Minister of Health Jonas Chanda attributed the influx to transmissions in communities that are progressing and transforming from mild to severe and critical cases.

Dr Chanda explained in a press statement issued to the media on Saturday that despite recoveries and discharges, new cases of critically ill patients are overwhelming the Covid isolation centers.

“…We continue to see a significant number of critically ill patients in our isolation facilities, with spaces left by discharged patients being taken up by new equally ill patients,” said Dr Chanda.

“This continued influx of critically ill patients into our COVID 19 facilities is reflective of the prevailing transmission in our communities, where mild cases are leading to severe and critical cases…” he added.

The Minister of Heath said the government is doing all it can to ensure it continues to intervene to break the chains of transmissions in communities.

Dr Chanda urged the general public to be alert and quickly present themselves to health facilities early once they develop COVID 19 symptoms.

He said the government will continue to strengthen health systems around the country to address not only the pandemic response but other areas of health service delivery.

The minister said donated health equipment such as health centre kits from UNICEF and SIDA have since been distributed to designated facilities around the country.

Dr Chanda noted that the country has continued to record reduced infections with just 234 cases being detected in the last 24 hours bringing the cumulative total of confirmed cases to 84, 474.

He said despite Eastern province recording the highest positivity of COVID 19 infection with 47 cases, Copperbelt Province recorded 89, with Lusaka coming third with 33 cases, North western 25, Luapula 19, Southern 10, Central and Northern 5 and Muchinga 1 case.

Dr Chanda said the country recorded four new deaths bringing the cumulative death toll to 1,153 deaths, with 633 deaths classified as Covid deaths while 520 have been categorized as COVID 19 associated deaths.

He disclosed that a total of 137 patients were discharged from both COVID 19 isolation facilities and home management in the last days bringing the cumulative recoveries to 80,599.

Dr Chanda disclosed that the country has 2, 722 active cases with 2,550 under community management while 172 patients are admitted to COVID 19 Isolation facilities.

The minister said out of those admitted 124 patients are on oxygen support with 30 in critical condition.

Dr Chanda said the government is finalizing modalities of the national COVID 19 vaccination programme as well as the selection of the appropriate vaccine.

“We are committed to ensuring that only safe, efficacious vaccines with sustainable supply are adopted in our road map”, said Dr Chanda.

The minister urged the general public to continue observing prescribed public health measures and guidelines among them masking up, hand sanitizing, avoiding crowded places especially super spreader events and seeking early medical attention.


  1. Jonas the best thing you need to do is just shut up…last week you were saying that infections are reducing now this..stop sending mixed messages we know you want more donor funding hence to you covid is a blessing!

  2. Just start the vaccination program ASAP with a vaccine that is suitable against the south african variant because the world is moving towards a vaccine passport and in the near future no one will be allowed to cross any border without one and with our import dependent economy that will be a death knell.

  3. One day they say it’s getting better, the next day they say it is getting worse. The people have been put on a rollercoaster ride since the announcement of the first Covid-patient in Zambia. Not sure who or what to believe. I doubt if the vaccine will make things any better.

  4. I continue to warn our people to take extra care and comply with the covid rules. This virus is not over yet. Let us learn from how badly the British and Europeans dealt with it. They died like chickens. Let us be care lest we start whlping again

  5. A few days ago, he said Zambia had more recoveries than any other country in Africa. He also said Zambia was way ahead of America.

    I guess he spoke too soon probably to please his masters. Am sure ba Chilufya is laughing wherever he is.


  7. The government must deal with COVID-19 in a very honest way.

    This is not one of the matters to be window dressed. Only honesty will save us as a people.

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