Lusambo Calls for the immediate demolition of a Structure Constructed at Kabwata Cultural Village Land

Lusaka Privince Minister Bowman Lusaka addressing a Provincial Development Coordinating Committee (PDDC) virtual meeting in Lusaka on Friday
File:Lusaka Privince Minister Bowman Lusaka addressing a Provincial Development Coordinating Committee (PDDC) virtual meeting in Lusaka on Friday

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has called for the immediate demolition of what he called an illegal structure constructed at Kabwata cultural village land in Lusaka.
Mr Lusambo said that the Lusaka City Council (LCC) should give him information on how a government’s piece land got allocated to a private developer.

Speaking when he toured the encroached sites in Lusaka yesterday , Mr Lusambo said he will not tolerate lawlessness in land allocation in the Province.

“Councilors everywhere are busy selling land, we don’t know where this anxiety of selling as a fast rate is coming from,” he said

The Minister also toured the Kabwata gym and highland flats car park where he called for preservation for open spaces in the city.

Mr Lusambo noted that the bare land at highland flats along Independence Avenue is not for sale as it belongs to Lusaka city council.

And Kabwata ward six councillor Longa Chiboboka said he is unaware of the construction of a building at Kabwata Cultural Village by a private developer as it did not pass through the council’s sittings.

“We have been accused of this land, which we did not even know the developer, we need you to help us establish how it was sold because this issue never passed through the council, ” Mr. Chiboboka said.

And Deputy Mayor Christopher Shakafuswa said the council had earlier refused to sell the said piece of land because it was sitting on the national heritage land.

Indicating that the issue of allocating the Kabwata cultural village land came up in 2014, Mr. Shakafuswa said the local authority guided that the said piece of land remains government owned to preserve history.

“ Kabwata cultural village is part of the history of Zambia and our national culture” he said.


  1. Who built it? Will they be sanctioned for developing property illegally? Where did they find money to build? Are they paying tax?

  2. This is just cheap politics! why can’t you present a thorough investigation and provide a lasting solution to the problem instead of a knee jerk reaction. You guys need sensitisation on professionalism. That photo of Lusambo in sunglasses portraying a gangster at work exemplifies what’s rotten in our country. Having the audacity to build indiscriminately is a sign of systemic failure with the current land acquisition process. This is just a tip of the iceberg. Soon we will discover that the rivers and lakes have been sold to private developers but just like the 48 houses, the owners will remain anonymous. Why don’t you find the owners and ask them how they acquired that piece of land?

  3. Since you have found the structure, find the owner and ask the questions on how they acquired the land. Actions man should also provide answers to the problem not just reacting for the cameras and a few cheap votes.

  4. Am sure investigations will also point to HH having sold the land. We are so used to accusing him nowadays.

  5. This is just cheap politics …if he truly wants to know he can just pick his phone and call the council and also talk to Lubinda…they have sold every patch of land including children’s play parks.

  6. Why didn’t you challenge the so called Developer when the structure was still at foundation level? You just enjoy demolition illegal structures and create more expenses of getting rid of debris? We have to be proactive than reactive.

  7. Man of the people. The bull dozer . My bro lusambo sends shivers down the spine of the evil upnd diasporans. They know that he is action oriented. Bro lusambo is a serios contender for presidency in future. In fact he will be president before coma induced hh ever steps a foot in state house

  8. I like your zeal to work, however, please learn to consult before you make any decision especially one that affects others. There’s chaos in land management in Zambia because there isn’t a clear procedure for acquisition of land. If LCC has no information then get to the Ministry of Land who are the custodians of land. People don’t just wake up and begin to build, there must be some kind of authority. Alternatively interview the developer, you’ll be shocked by their revelation. There’s obviously somebody bigger than LCC involved. Aren’t you surprised that Lima Ward in Matero has more rated property than Independence Ward which includes the CBD? You’re in charge but you’re also not in charge, that’s Zambia for you

  9. Prevention is always cheaper and better than cure. Demolition costs government a lot of money in terms of demolition equipment that has to be moved to the sight, police officers to protect the demolition squad, the dust nuisance from knocking down the property etc.

  10. Ordering to demolish the structure is no best solution, just near by there are cash washes which obstruct entrance to the cultural village. The best would be to forfeit that property Kabwata Cultural Village and turn it into an office.Resources have been spent and LCC is supposed to come out clean and if found wanting LCC should compasete the developer and turn it part of gym since it is just adjusent. The Lusaka Province why he has his hands on the ground should get to the root of this subject starting at LCC.

  11. The owner of the 48 houses which gave birth to 3 more houses now 51 cannot be found.
    I’m sure this is a similar scam.
    Turn this block into a council office.

  12. They will take some time so that a placeholder owner can be sourced. It beggars belief that the authority did not know about this. Then again why do you want another term wen you cannot see these things before election time ?

  13. Elyo ungalile.

    You reach roof level and they demolish.

    But yes bull dozer it.

    And then evict all new tenants of forest 27. Give the land back to Zambians.

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