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Malupenga calls for professionalism in public service in absence of ministers

Feature Politics Malupenga calls for professionalism in public service in absence of ministers

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga has implored government workers to exhibit high levels of integrity, competence and commitment in execution of duties even in the absence of ministers.

Mr. Malupenga called on public workers to continue implementing government policies and not let the absence of ministers create a void.

The Permanent Secretary told public workers to do their best and remain resolute to continue implementing government programs without reservations.

He was speaking at the Labor Day award –giving ceremony for the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services in Lusaka.

Mr. Malupenga described the ministry as the front office of the government and nation at large, thus the ceremony was necessary to review and renew their call to duty in order to effectively contribute to national development.

He added that it was important to appreciate the workers role and contribution to the Ministry as well as the nation at large.

“It is time to take stock of the achievements and challenges we met on the way and how, together we can overcome them in providing quality services to the people of Zambia,” Mr. Malupenga stated.

The Permanent Secretary listed some vital achievements in the ministry among which included enhanced publicity on COVID-19, procurement of motor vehicles for enhanced gathering and dissemination of government information and the launch of media policies among others.

He congratulated the award winning employees for their hard work, including former ZANIS Director Patrick Lungu for his promotion as Permanent Secretary under the Ministry of Tourism and others.

He reiterated government’s commitment to improving the welfare of workers through enhancing the workers’ rights for sustainable development.

Meanwhile, Civil Servants Allied Workers Union of Zambia (CSAWUZ) Information Chairperson Etambuyu Mubita commended the ministry saying that it encourages workers to perform their duties diligently as their efforts are recognized.

Ms. Mubita stated that the moment is a great renewal and refocusing of institutional objectives.

She encouraged those who did not receive awards to even work harder, noting that their opportunity will come.

“This is a momentous occasion in the life of every worker to serve and realise that somebody recognizes the efforts we make individually and collectively in meeting our respective organizational goals,” Ms. Mubita indicated.

This year’s Labor Day was commemorated under the theme promoting industrialization through productivity, decent work and sustainable economic growth amid COVID-19.


  1. This like the Religion Ministry is an irrelevant ministry. Democracies dont have Ministries to supervise journalists. That is for Chinese style autocracies. In a Democracy, the government should not have anything to do with mass communication. Democratic laws should ensure that govt cannot own a newspaper or broadcasting station because government has too much power already and as such should not be given more reign over communication tools. This will interfere with the free flow of Information. Our constitution is being breached by the existence of this ministry.

  2. Mwalupenga should know that there is a Division of Labour between Ministers and Civil Servants. Certain Ministerial functions must cease for the next 90 days. Some of those Functions cannot be done by a Civil Servant without a Ministerial Power of Attorney. Ministers administers Acts of Parliament and not Permanent Secretaries. Permanent Secretaries advise Ministers on Policy. In the absence of Ministers ,Permanent Secretaries should be carefully not to act on Political Directives from State House rather than Law. Should there be a change of Govt Political Cadres like Mwalupenga should be disciplined. Permanent Secretaries should be appointed on merit as Professionals and not Political Cadres. The writing is on the wall.


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