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No more playing of national anthem instrumentally but should be physically sung – PS

Feature Politics No more playing of national anthem instrumentally but should be physically sung...

Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary, Davison Mulenga has urged residents in the province to ensure that they sing verbally the Zambia National Anthem in order to acquaint themselves with its contents and understand the meaning of the song.

Captain Mulenga has since directed that the national anthem should not be guided using an audio or instrumental but should be sung vocally during government meetings.

Capt Mulenga said he has noted with dismay that a number of people do not know all the verses of the national anthem hence hide in the played audios during meetings.

“Most of us only know the first verses and chorus of the national anthem which we are used to sing. It is high time that we stuck to the guidance that cabinet gave of singing the entire song,” he said.

Capt Mulenga said as a result, people do not understand and know the meaning of the words contained in the national anthem hence the need for it to be verbally sung.

He said the national anthem has meaning to the country and its people, and is among the attributes that makes one to be identified as a true Zambian.

The PS stated that Zambians ought to be proud of themselves and hold dearly the national anthem by singing it with pride and confidence.


  1. Aba nabo…as if he can sing ka? Muzamvela ati “Land of fweka njoyee unipi, vistors in a struggle for reright” What right has this PS got to enforce such a rule anyway? putting a blanket ban is nonsensical. Understandable if in schools collages but certain places like football stadiums the instrumental helps to sign along.

    • Their vocal chords improve and they can sing and speak with more clarity than this PS. They can even sing anti-ruling party songs melodically thus passing the message that we don’t want Lungu harmoniously. Once Lungu goes our livelihood will improve.

  2. Baiche let me tell you, when we were youths in UNIP in primary school, we were beating up people if they don’t stop STILL when singing that national song. Life was brutal, and now these outgoing PF wants the old way.

  3. Is this a new ‘directive’, ‘policy pronouncement’ or suggestion? Is it a requirement and how is it going to be enforced? You can’t direct adults to sing. Maybe teach the verses to the young ones growing up (as we did in school in those years) and hope that they will remember the words in their adulthood.

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