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Shangombo community urged to send disabled children to school

Rural News Shangombo community urged to send disabled children to school

A member of the Shangombo district social protection committee has said differently-abled children have the right to education, just like other children.

Meamui Lusambo said the community should therefore refrain from hiding their differently-abled children in their homes but instead present them to relevant authorities.

Ms. Lusambo was speaking during a social protection committee awareness meeting in Mukenge area in Shangombo district in Western province.

“As you can see I am differently-abled but I am grateful to my parents for where I am today because they never differentiated between me and my siblings when it came to education or house chores, you can also do the same for your child,” she said.

She has since urged parents and guardians to be the pillar of strength to their children through encouraging and motivating them.

And Shangombo District Community Development Officer, Oster Munsanje, said at the same meeting that the girl child also deserves a second chance to education in an event that she falls pregnant along the way.

Ms. Munsanje testified that she was one of the first people to benefit from governments re-entry policy when it was first introduced in 1997.

She said teenage pregnancy should not be the end of the road to acquiring quality education noting that girls can still go back to school just like she did.

The re-entry policy requires schools to grant girls maternity leave and re-admit them after giving birth to facilitate their education.

She encouraged parents not to marry off their children at a tender age but to take keen interest in their education.

Ms. Munsanje said girls who might have discontinued their education journey due early pregnancy must return to school under the government’s programme called ‘keeping girls in school’ (KGS).


  1. It is good to hear someone encouraging people to send their children to school regardless of their physical and mental conditions. But that is not possible at the moment because our education system is not inclusive and the govt has done very little to address this situation. There is a need to improve our education system in this regard in order to accommodate all the children and especially those who are disabled and always left out to fit in.

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