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No child will be left behind in the provision of quality education – President Lungu

Headlines No child will be left behind in the provision of quality education...

President Edgar Lungu has said that no child will be left behind in the provision of quality education.

Speaking when he inspected Kafunkha Day Secondary school in Katete district, Eastern Province, President Lungu said the ruling PF’s agenda is anchored on the people.

President Lungu said what the people of Katete are seeing in the district is an example of the unprecedented development across the country.

“Our development is anchored on the people and development is based on what the people want and we have taken this country to greater heights in terms of development, “President Lungu said.

“We have done our level best, development has no finishing line and for balancing sake, we have to listen to the people, “the Head of State said.

And President Lungu reminded Zambians that even good economies across the world are struggling.

“Even good economies in the world are struggling, what about Zambia,” President Lungu said.

President Lungu inspecting Kafunkha Day Secondary school in Katete district, Eastern Province
President Lungu inspecting Kafunkha Day Secondary school in Katete district, Eastern Province

Meanwhile, Chief Mbang’ombe of the Chewa people of Katete and Sinda Districts of Eastern Province has appealed to President Edgar Lungu for a boarding school in his chiefdom.

The chief observed the long distances between schools in his chiefdom as a danger to girl child education.

He said wide spaces existing between each school pose a danger to a girl child who has to walk long distances to reach the nearest school.

The traditional leader made the appeal when the Head of State paid a courtesy call on him at Kafunkha Day Secondary School, in Katete yesterday.

“There is no boarding school in my chiefdom and the day schools in the area are widely spaced, disadvantaging the girl child due to distance,” he said.

President Lungu inspecting Kafunkha Day Secondary school in Katete district, Eastern Province
President Lungu inspecting Kafunkha Day Secondary school in Katete district, Eastern Province

Chief Mbang’ombe also appealed for teachers’ houses in the schools around his chiefdom as most are forced to commute making it difficulty especially in the rainy season as some roads become impassable.

And President Edgar Lungu assured chief Mbang’ombe that Kafunkha Day secondary will be turned into a boarding school to accommodate the girl child while plans to construct a boarding school in the area will be initiated as land is readily available.

“We will work towards constructing a boarding school here at Kafunkha Day Secondary school, the head teacher has told me there is plenty of space here, so in terms of planning we will change. So we will work together to make this a boarding school, so that the girl child is not left behind in accessing quality education,” he said.


  1. Empty promises after empty promises. Edgar China Lungu seems to forget that he hasn’t achieved anything in the six years he has been in power. And now, two months before the election, he makes the same empty promises as four years ago. But this time around the Zambian people will not be taken for another empty ride!

  2. Mr Lungu charity begins at home. Educate your cadres and those who have your ear like Bowman Lusambo. You are not fooling us this time around.

  3. How many children are on bursaries for him to utter such a statement? You get somebody who scraped off allowances for the students and make her a running mate sure? Will the students populace vote for her? This one will be hard for you sir. BP is likely to shup up after they declare you a winner in disbelief and running mate takes the mantle. Winning is very hard for you sir without the support from con court, ecz, Zambia police and so forth.

  4. Bitterness is bad ba under5, Pf is practical, look at the achievements from 2011 to now. Ba under5 stop yo witchcraft of opposing everything. What pf government promised the people of Zambia in 2011 most of them have been done..Alas ba under5 you have no idea of how the system of government functions. Sit down ba under5..

  5. As a man who was raised in village and went to school on an empty stomach I agree ba president. Thank you for caring so much. You always put this country before yourself. Very kind and thoughtful leader unlike that privatisation thief.

    Good morning field ruwe I know you and your ugly wlfe are reading this


  7. The number of children especially girls are enrolling in the schools, it is proof that the education sector has improved under #ECL.

  8. Anyone can conduct a survey, they will find that the rural children are now getting a better education, and even rural girls are keen to get the knowledge. This was very rare to find in the past before Mr. President.

  9. UPND cadres spreading violence, beating PF members and police. Whereas, President Edgar Lungu’s government committed to improving the lives of Zambians. Citizens!!!! Vote wisely in the August elections.

  10. Not only children, President Lungu also emphasized education for all. Even for the business sector especially for agriculture, he has initiated training, seminars and workshops to groom their skill and provide detailed knowledge about the respective sector. That is why our agriculture sector is also growing beautifully…

  11. We are forever grateful to President Lungu for the incredible development in the education sector. He is one of a kind man!

  12. Bull$Hit. This thief has never told the truth and never has he in his life led with dignity and humility.

    Once a crook/thief always a thief. This nigga needs to be sent to prison

  13. Sontapo: “Ubomba Mwibala Alya ifya Mwibala Alya”, PF Burning Markets,Gassing Citizens, Corruption, Lawlessness, mismanagement of the Economy, Hard Economy, No respect for the Constitution, Rule of Law, Good Governance and Human Rights violations. There is nothing to vote for in PF. Another 5 years of ECL Misrule will be suicidal for Zambians. Forward with HH and UPND Alliance. HH aka Bally will fix it.


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