Dr Kaunda was a significant figure in the history of the continent-UN Rep to Zambia


The United Nations in Zambia says it has received with deep regret and sadness news of the death of Zambia’s First Republican President who was the last surviving founder of the Organisation of African Unity, Dr Kenneth Kaunda.

UN Resident Coordinator in Zambia, Coumba Mar Gadio says the United Nations notes Dr. Kaunda’s contributions to the liberation struggle in Africa that led to political independence in many countries.

Dr Gadio says this is inclusive of the generous support to thousands of refugees escaping conflict in their own land.

She says Dr Kaunda was a significant figure in the history of the continent.

Dr Gadio told ZNBC News in a statement that among Dr Kaunda’s many legacies, the UN remembers and celebrates Dr Kaunda’s decades long support to the fight against the HIV and AIDS pandemic at a time when few were willing to speak out publicly.

She added that Dr Kaunda’s unwavering and high-level leadership helped break down taboos and stigma, and undoubtedly saved many lives.

Dr Gadio says the UN joins the immediate family and the Government and people of Zambia in mourning the passing of a great statesman and son of Africa.

Dr Kaunda served as an Ambassador for the Brothers for Life campaign to encourage more men to be tested for HIV, and in 2018 was presented with a UNAIDS Leadership Award for his remarkable contribution.


  1. We thank you for your thoughts. It really hurts and as zambians we are really hurting. Keep us in your prayers

  2. Dr. Kaunda was incomparably a seasoned politician. No surprise that even when politics are not at play, they appear so. Some people will hurt and hate, but because they are just froth, they will pop like bubbles in the air.
    Legends live long alive and in death. Thanks Dr Kaunda, thanks too, Dr Gadio.

  3. ECL wants to make money out of the demise of KK that’s why the news of the death came first from SOUTH AFRICA.
    This PF *****S always want to fundraise for nothing but enrich themselves.

  4. Unomwaka kuya bebele you pfools,fundraise as much as possible before you’re removed from OUR offices to your chawama cabins.
    We thank God ba “chagwa bewu” did not not bewuka completely but halfway no wonder he when trolling.

  5. Rest in peace KK, you have done a great service to the Zambian people and Africans in general. Let this be a lesson to all current and future leaders that selfless leadership, though hard and sometimes unrewarding, is always better than that leadership which is steeped in corruption , short-sightedness, division and injustice. Go well sir for your name shall forever be part of Zambia’s and Africa’s history.

  6. Without KK, Zambia would not have been were it is now. Kindly mourn our founding father of the nation with dignity. He brought peace and brought us together and gave us free education. He brought all tribes together as one Zambia, one nation. He accommodated all freedom fighters from neighbouring countries till they attained their independence. MHSRIP

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